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    27 Things For When You’re Stuck At Home And Super Bored

    As the saying goes, home is where the boredom is.

    1. A Baby Yoda puzzle that essentially proves that the human heart is made up of 500 pieces, and those 500 pieces make up this tiny creature's perfect face.

    2. A journal with 300 writing prompts ranging from things like "Write about a moment when you felt proud of yourself" to "Describe your ultimate sandwich," because there's no better for some self-reflection than when you're bored at home.

    3. Plus a set of eye-popping fine point pens designed for planners and journals, so you can keep your ink as fresh as all your ~thoughts and dreams~.

    4. A mini waffle maker that will churn out adorably-sized, perfectly cooked-through waffles, but will also do a mean hash brown, panini, biscuit, and even (gasp) PIZZA. If you've got time to experiment at home, make that time Waffle O'Clock.

    5. A '90s-themed Cards Against Humanity pack to give your deck a much-needed refresher, featuring era-specific gems such as "Freeing Willy," and "Liking big butts and not being able to lie about it."

    6. A ridiculously popular "cat dancer" toy so both you and your furry friend can break a sweat indoors chasing after it — and, of course, chronicle the absurd shenanigans for Instagram. Do it for the LOLz, y'all. We could all use 'em.

    7. Or a lightweight, indoor-friendly roller toy for dogs so they can play fetch in the house without wreaking four-legged havoc.

    8. A stunning paint-by-number set that comes with everything you need, including all 16 acrylic paints in the scene and three different brushes. Plus at the end you'll have a gorgeous piece of art to frame! Van Gogh better watch his back.

    9. A plant-your-own-pizza garden which yes, is technically for children, but aren't we all children in the eyes of our lord and savior Pizza Rat? Besides, this is a ridiculously easy way to get into growing your own herbs, with an end goal we can all get behind.

    10. A pack of mini rainbow scratch art notes that will transport you back to your youth so fast that you will suddenly have a craving for Goldfish crackers and apple juice so aggressive it CANNOT BE IGNORED.

    11. A 16-pack of Korean face masks made with vitamin E and collagen so you can while away your hours watching Netflix and get the post-mask glo up of your Instagram dreams.

    12. A rechargeable electric lighter so you can use your time at home to light your way through that aggressive collection of Bath & Body Works candles under your bed without worrying about the flame being able to reach the wicks.

    13. A glare-free Kindle Paperwhite that also happens to be waterproof, so you can spend as many hours as you want reading in the bathtub without fear of capsizing To All The Boys I've Loved Before.

    14. Plus a comfy bath pillow – it will suction straight to your tub, for those of us who plan to be emotionally suctioned to the tub for however long it takes for Netflix to ask you if you're still watching.

    15. A five-year journal that has you write one line a day, so eventually you can look back on your ~journey~ every time a year passes — there's never a better time to start than right the heck now.

    16. A beginner's embroidery kit for adults, so you can have something soothing to do with your hands while you binge yet another Netflix series full of murder, murder, and a side of ... well, murder. (At least now your stitching will be tighter than the main suspect's alibis!)

    17. OR a beginner's crochet kit, which comes with all the basic tools you'll need, plus detailed instructions for over 30 different simple projects like blankets and beanies and scarves. Once you get the hang of this you'll be the coziest punk in town.

    18. A book of New York Times crossword puzzles to keep your brain sharp — you can ease into it with the simpler Monday puzzle book, then work your way up to the more challenging Friday puzzle book, until eventually reaching the Bowser level: the Sunday puzzle book.

    19. A 74-piece cake decorating set for beginners that will take you from zero to Cake Boss in no time flat. This kit isn't messing around — it comes with 12 (!!) decorating tips, textured scrapers, pastry bags, and even a turn table for your cakes so you can get smooth, even lines on the first try.

    20. A collapsible microwave popcorn maker that doubles as a serving bowl, so you can have buttery sustenance as you fall into a Netflix hole so deep it probably doesn't have a bottom.

    21. A spooky skull-shaped ice mold so you can break up the monotony of your drinks with some *bone-chilling* ice — or use them for a new hobby! These are also great for making soaps, birthday candles, chocolate, and fondant, covering all your miscellaneous undead needs.

    22. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey, a miracle condiment you can add to any boring "blah" meal you're making at home to instantly make it taste like the nectar of the gods.

    23. A set of adorable hanging cat spoons, because nothing will cure boredom quite like having these precious little beans popping out of your coffee cup.

    24. A beginner's guide to calligraphy that is far more thorough and specific about technique and ink types than other versions, and will have you writing inspirational messages to your friends and drafting fancy invitations to your dog's birthday party in NO time.

    25. A Nintendo Switch Lite you can pop all the Nintendo games in your library onto, with a lightweight design and a loooooong battery life so you can happily enjoy your games without disrupting anyone else you're sharing the space with (unless, of course, they wanna link their Switch Lite with yours for multiplayer games and really get the party started).

    26. A pair of game-changing wireless noise-cancelling headphones so you can either go into full ~flow~ when you're trying to get work done, or immerse yourself in a meditative podcast if you're trying to chill.

    27. A copy of Gmorning, Gnight!: Little Pep Talks For Me & You, a treasure of a book made up of all the short, quirky, and deeply moving motivational tweets posted by Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, and illustrated by artist Jonny Sun — a perfect read for when you need a lil' pick-me-up.

    You doin' a little dance in your house after hitting "add to cart" on these boredom-busting gems:

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