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    31 Sweet Things To Send Friends You're Missing During Lockdown

    Just in case they didn't get enough of ya on Zoom this week.

    1. A whipped body scrub with an orange cream smell that's basically summer in a bathtub, so your friend can make like Sheryl Crowe and ~soak up the sun~ ☀️.

    2. 52 Lists For Calm, a journal for friends who might be feeling a little overwhelmed right now, and want an orderly, comforting way to unwind.

    3. A fully customizable face mask you can upload your own images and text on, so you and your friends can all match from afar.

    4. Or a custom pattern face mask available in hundreds of different (personalizable!) patterns, so you can get your friend one that matches their unique style.

    5. A personalizable "because social distancing" wineglass perfect for all the Zoom happy hours y'all are having together.

    6. A personalized social distancing mug for friends you were already keeping in touch with from far away, because no matter the miles or the circumstances there is truly no experience more bonding than taking your morning coffee to the face.

    7. A calming lavender "Quarantine & Chill" candle to help ease whatever it is stressing them out the most right now — a tall order, seeing as it can change every 15 minutes, but this candle's up to the task.

    8. An all-purpose social distance card you can send to friends to let them know you're thinking of them in a way slightly more personal than your usual "u up?" text (to swap fruit from each other's Animal Crossing island's trees, of course).

    9. Or an "I Miss Being Less Than Six Feet Away From You" card any friend you used to get to see on the reg will appreciate (shout out to literally ....... all our friends).

    10. A travel bottle of 🌸flower power🌸 hand sanitizer that will have them feeling fresh as a daisy, and is the perfect size to have on hand in a purse for quick runs to the grocery store.

    11. A Friends photo frame mug you can slide a pic of your friends in — a way of saying 🎶I'll be there for you 🎵even when you gotta say it from afar.

    12. A super soft Baby Yoda T-shirt to add to their new daytime pajama collection that is, quite truly, a big social distancing mood.

    13. A 25-pack of Baked By Melissa's iconic mini cupcakes with a "Thinking Of You" message for any friend who could use a lil' sweetness in their day right now.

    14. A bottle of Bee's Knees Spicy Honey for your foodie friends — it's made with crushed chili peppers to add juuuust enough heat to their sweet, whether you're drizzling it on freezer pizza, dripping it over ice cream, sweetening a cocktail, or taking it to the face with a big ole hunk of cheese.

    15. A set of Jane Austen tarot cards your bookish friend can use to give everyone readings over FaceTime (could it be there's a tall, brooding figure walking through the foggy moors in your future?? Only time and the cards will tell).

    16. A beautiful printed glass water bottle to remind them to stay hydrated, because for the time being you can't be there to bully them to do it yourself.

    17. A personalized pillowcase you can adorn with each other's faces, so you can still cuddle (read: draw Sharpie mustaches under each other's noses) no matter where you are.

    18. A microgreens growing kit for beginners that also happens to be *perfect* for small spaces with low lighting, for any friend going a little stir crazy who needs some nature in their lockdown digs.

    19. Or a set of decorative vines for friends who are missing the great outdoors, but not ready to commit to full-time plant parenthood just yet.

    20. A set of temporary friendship tattoos you and your friends can put on the inside of your wrists so you'll think of each other every time you're washing your hands and singing your favorite 20-second bops.

    21. The Little Book of Self-Care for Cancer, one of a series of self-care books tailored to people's signs, so they can unwind however the stars intended (*crosses fingers that "watch Netflix in the bathtub" is included*).

    22. A quarantine ice cream spoon so they'll think of you every time they're chilling with the only two figures we're un-socially distanced from: Ben & Jerry.

    23. A sloth tea infuser, since most of your friends are all spending their days ~hanging around~ the house anyway.

    24. A set of Mickey Mouse popsicle molds perfect for freezing juice, ice cream bars, or even ~boozy ice pops~, so your friend can elevate their quarantine afternoon snacking game.

    25. Glossier milk jelly cleanser that'll help keep their skin hydrated and glowing for one of my personal new favorite quarantine-themed pastimes: taking a FaceTime call, but secretly watching your own face in the screen for half of it.

    26. A gorgeous and long-lasting glass pie pan for the friend who is blessing everyone's timelines with their nonstop baking adventures, so they can have their pie and 'gram it, too.

    27. A mystery Harry Potter bag clip to inject a lil' excitement in your friend's day — they can get one of 10 beloved characters or icons from the series. Basically a Sorting Hat, but for super cute keychains.

    28. A personalized view finder so even when you're far from view, your friend can take a quick glance in this and feel instantly transported to your past shenanigans together ❤️.

    29. A set of reusable Mickey and Minnie Mouse ice cubes to take their quaran-cocktails to the next level (and tbh, free up some freezer space that we all know is better used on tater tots and pizza rolls).

    30. A Birchbox x BuzzFeed limited edition beauty box, which comes with all the skincare, haircare, and beauty bargains they need to make FaceTime a time for their face to shine.

    31. A teensy "hug" pocket pebble they can tuck into a jacket pocket or purse or even keep on their nightstand, so every time they stumble on it they'll think of the next time they get to hug ya.

    Your friends FaceTiming you after getting one of these lovely lil' gifts:

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