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    27 Starter Kits For Fun Hobbies That Are Super Easy To Learn

    đŸŽ¶This could be the start of something new đŸŽ¶

    1. A set of calligraphy pens in six rich colors that comes with its own instructional booklet for the casual user, and will have you writing inspirational messages to your friends and drafting fancy invitations to your dog's FaceTime birthday party in NO time.

    2. A set of cat-themed tarot cards purrrfect for first-timers, complete with a guide on how to pull the cards and how to interpret them. You'll be doing readings for everyone from yourself to your BFF to your actual cat by the end of the week.

    3. A DIY pickling kit to unleash the infinite world of Things You Didn't Know You Could Pickle, from tomatoes to asparagus to garlic to...sorry I just need a second my mouth is leaking.

    4. A starter set for yoga complete with all the basics, including a yoga mat, a yoga block, and a stretching strap, so you can tune into free yoga classes you gain access to with the set. Achieving mindfulness and flow indoors? Bring it om.

    5. An at-home alcohol infusion kit that comes with everything you need to become a cocktail wizard from the comfort of your own couch — I'm talking spicy pineapple tequila, blueberry lavender gin, spiced orange whiskey, the whole shebang. Your bar cart is salivating.

    6. A DIY glowing slime kit so you can Instagram your own version of Slime Time Live and start blessing the feed with oozy woozy goopy gloppy S L I M E.

    7. A make-your-own cheese set with everything you need to learn to make mozzarella and ricotta, aka the two most important food groups.

    8. A personalized jewelry making kit, because someone's going to have to step up to the plate and start new trends once we start un-social distancing, and it might as well be you.

    9. A starter's weaving kit to make gorgeous pastel tapestries and help il-loom-inate you to what just might be your coziest hobby yet.

    10. A Kombucha brew kit that comes with everything you need to perfect a basic version of the brew and set you on the path to making the baddest 'booch in town.

    11. A DIY hot sauce making kit with guided instructions to help you start tailoring your *chef's kiss* perfect sauce, letting you experiment with spice levels and flavors with guided recipes so later you can go forth and make hot sauces all by your spicy self.

    12. A bath bomb kit that teaches you how to perfect your own uniquely colorful and sweet-smelling bath bombs and tempt you to never leave the tub again. (Dry land is for squares!!)

    13. A beginner-friendly embroidery kit that comes with everything you need for a first project, so soon enough you can have a threaded garden all over your bedroom walls.

    14. A microgreens growing kit for beginners that also happens to be *perfect* for small spaces with low lighting, so you can have your plants and eat them, too.

    15. A wheat beer making kit to make Afternoon Wheat beer with a ~floral~ aroma, a thematically appropriate toast to spring and to the beginning of a delicious new hobby.

    16. Or a whiskey *and* rum making kit complete with its own cask that you get to cure like a real pro, and different essences so you can tailor your drink to your palate (not making any promises that I won't try to make my own Fireball, tho).

    17. A DIY puffy sticker book complete with material to make your first 60 (!!) puffy stickers, because nothing says "chaotic good" quite like puffy stickering your entire universe, from your laptop to your fridge to your own face.

    18. A felt succulent kit to ease you into the ridiculously adorable glory of hobby felting, and also give you the smug joy of being a plant parent without the burden of actually having to, y'know, keep them alive.

    19. A soap DIY kit so you can basically become a sentient Lush store and start sending out cute handmade soaps with different mix-ins and delightful scents to all your friends.

    20. A candle making kit complete with beautiful buds for infusing that will give your biggest competitor, ~Serenity By Jan~, a run for her money.

    21. A beginner's butter churner complete with a recipe book so you can finally become the captain of your own condiment ship. Your fridge will be full of so many butters (raspberry butter! truffle butter! CHOCOLATE BUTTER!) that there won't be enough bread in the world to satisfy you.

    22. A murder mystery box kit to give you all of the hands-on fun of sleuthing through grim and compelling clues without all the uh, general badness of actual murder.

    23. A tie-dye kit because honestly, we've all been waiting for the moment we just *snap* and tie-dye every piece of fabric in our wardrobes in glorious Technicolor, and there's no time like the present.

    24. A beginner-friendly 14-piece cake-decorating set complete with a piping bag and stainless-steel tips, so you can go from zero to Great British Bake-Off in no time flat.

    25. A polymer clay beginner's kit full of instructions on how to make little figures you can round up near your computer so you can still have "coworkers" greet you at your desk every morning.

    26. A folded book art kit starter set that will elevate your wedding gift-giving game so astronomically that you'll have to block out all the spring and fall weekends next year for all the invites you'll be swimming in.

    27. A terrarium essentials kit that comes with everything you need to start building the perfect itty bitty homes for your succulents, so they can be as cozy in quarantine as you are.

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