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    37 Retro-Inspired Items You’ll Actually Use A Lot

    You'll be genuinely shocked TikTok hasn't blown up this mini retro-style smoothie maker's spot yet.

    1. A retro radio tissue holder so old-timey precious that you'll be a little bit?? EXCITED??? For allergy season??? Because you'll get to spend quality time with your favorite piece of home decor. 🎵 

    a small pink retro radio shaped box with a tissue sticking out
    dark green version of the container

    Psst — this is compatible with tissues from a small cube box, or just tissues pulled out of the box, not a full size one! 

    Promising review: "It's adorable! I currently have it filled with tissues from a small cube box. Works great! Perfect addition to my teal and gold bedroom decor!" —Michelle W. 

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99 (available in three colors). 

    2. A retro-style smoothie maker that honestly has a lot of audacity being that cute AND that functional?? It blends in either a LITERAL MASON JAR or a plastic portable sports bottle you can pop right off and drink from. But don't you dare underestimate this cute little bean — it can crush ice and blend frozen fruit like nobody's business. 

    Promising review: "Wow. I have been through many high end blenders that have broken or just didn’t cut it. Well, I am so amazed at this blender. Perfect size for my smoothies and so easy to use. I love how you simply twist on the lid and turn it on. It blends so nicely and doesn’t leave my protein powder on the sides like my old blenders do. It crushed ice and blends up to a perfect consistency. I’ve never written a review on here before but I am amazed at this!! Not to mention it’s so cute on the counter!" –Casey

    Get it from Amazon for $34.98 (available in two colors).

    3. A portable Bluetooth retro-style keyboard to instantly fashion your tablet into a chic mini laptop when you're on the move. You're about to make a *lot* of friends at Starbucks asking you where you got this little gem. 

    A pink retro style keyboard with purple and yellow keys next to a tablet screen
    Reviewer typing on a blue version

    Promising review: "I've been seeing retro-style typewriter keyboards on TikTok for a while now. I aways thought, 'That looks pretty cool!' Decided to look on here and found this one. I just got it today and so far has been working great! I had no problems connecting the keyboard via Bluetooth, and the clicking of the keys is really nice, one of the reasons why I wanted to get this." —dee

    Get it from Amazon for $35.99+ (available in 11 colors). 

    4. A pair of retro-inspired smiley face slippers because, in the words of all those plucky orphans in Annie, you're never fully dressed without a smile!! Reviewers love these super plush, durable slippers for putting a literal ~pep in their step~ at the beginning of the day. 

    Reviewer in white close toed slippers with yellow smiley face emojis on them
    Reviewer in white slippers with blue smiley emoji on them

    Promising review: "So comfy, so worth it. I have been eyeing these slippers for some time and finally ordered them. When they arrived, they were in a vacuum sealed bag and I was concerned and confused because they felt so hard. As soon as I removed them from the packaging, they fluffed up and felt sooo comfortable. They’re soft and feel great especially with the rubber sole!" —Natasha

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99 (available in women's sizes 5–12 and five colors). 

    5. strawberry milk carton vase to remind you of the good ole days when the milkman dropped off milk at your door every week instead of you squinting at seven kinds of oat, almond, and electromagnetic force milk in the fridge aisle every week. (I made that last one up ... but for how long????)

    A white milk carton shaped vase with illustrated strawberry on it that

    Promising review: "I fell in love with this vase. It’s so cute and came out looking exactly as pictured. I use it for decoration. Perfect aesthetic for my room." —Jennuh

    Get it from Amazon for $24.95

    6. A set of Barbie martini glasses that were featured in the iconic film, so now you can dissociate from the end of a long week of Capitalism (TM) by pretending you took a car (and a space ship and a bike and a snowmobile) to Barbieland. 

    two pink double-walled stemless martini glasses, one in hot pink and one in pastel
    A model holding the hot pink glass

    Dragon Glassware is a family-owned, California-based small business that specializes in custom glassware. 

    Promising review: "These are wonderful. Feels great in my hand. All glass. Beautiful colors. Would also make a great gift. The Barbie logo is on the bottom of the glass. Recommended to be hand washed." —K. Scott

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $34.99 (also available in clear and iridescent colors). 

    7. A nostagia-inducing mini popcorn maker so *everything* in your kitchen is popping — not just the corn, but the adorable color scheme. 

    This gizmo pops up to 12 cups of cooked popcorn at a time — just make sure to have a bowl under it to catch it! 

    Promising review: "Great popcorn maker. Just make sure you have a large container in front of it when the popcorn starts flowing. Very easy to operate and awesome item in a retro theme kitchen." —Sassy Dimple

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99 (available in three colors). 

    8. A sandproof, waterproof checkered picnic blanket for all your whimsical beach days and impromptu park picnics. Each of these can fit two to four adults, plus it folds up with a lil' carrier handle for easy transport! 

    Promising review: "My girlfriend and I had a lovely picnic together at the beach using this blanket. The two of us easily fit on this mat with plenty of room for our lunchbox and other items. It is rigid enough to not press into the sand, yet comfortable to sit on. It matches my picnic lunchbox design, which is part of why I chose this blanket. Sand was easy to brush off, and folds neatly." —DS

    Get it from Amazon for $14.95+ (available in three styles and two sizes). 

    9. A glamorous (but delightfully lightweight!) vintage-style luggage set, because the airport is nothing if not a stage for you to pretend you're a 1940s movie star who fell out of a time machine. 

    Blue rolling trunk and briefcase with accents of of a cream beige color
    white version with the briefcase open to show pink lining

    Each set comes with a rolling suitcase with telescoping handles and a matching briefcase. 

    Promising review: "If you’re debating whether to get them, do it! They look far more high-end than the price you pay for them, and they’re sturdier than I’d hoped. My daughter also has a set in another color, and she flew to and from Hawaii with them (and their covers) with success. I can’t say enough good things about this set. In fact, I plan to purchase the larger piece for air travel, now that I know that they hold up well, and are roomy and secure." —Lance and Yolanda

    Get it from Amazon for $209+ (available in three sizes and 11 colors). 

    10. A handy, aesthetically pleasing kitchen measurement conversion magnet for the avid baker who is like, "Avoiding math, but make it fashion." This pretty little magnet will make sure your pretty little head doesn't have to break itself with equations the next time you bake. 

    Levain & Co is a small business that specializes in kitchen conversion charts and kitchen tools. 

    Promising review: "I bake often (following recipes on the internet) and usually have to convert some of the ingredient amounts. I’m glad I got this — super helpful, especially because it has the conversions for different ingredients. It’s also very cute! It’s not too big either which is a plus." —Jasmine

    Get it from Amazon for $11.95

    11. A pair of bell bottoms that are — thank the denim gods — decidedly coming back into style mid-2023. This is *the* pair to snag, according to reviewers who can't get enough of the chic, comfy elastic high waist! 

    close up of reviewer wearing the bell bottoms
    reviewer wearing the bell bottoms

    Promising review: "LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I am a big fan of flare/bell bottom jeans. I loved them back in the '90s and early '00s and I still love them. I was a little apprehensive to buy these because of the elastic waist but I did it anyways, and bought two pair because I need flares back in my life again. Once I tried them on, the elastic was out of my mind. They are a little long but that's how I like my jeans. Favorite jeans ever. I will wear them probably every single day this fall and winter season. And spring as well. Probably summer too. Buy them. You won't regret it." —Shell

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99+ (available in women's sizes S–4XL and 28 colors/washes).

    12. A pair of cat-eye sunglasses for an instant edge to any outfit that says, "I'm the main character of this sidewalk now, buster." (Or possibly say, "Yeah, I bought these after seeing Margot Robbie wear a pair in Barbie, what of it??") 

    Reviewer in black cat eye sunglasses
    Reviewer in tortoise pattern cat eye sunglasses

    Promising review: "I don’t like the larger shades, so these are perfect for me. The lenses are not so dark that they distort what I am looking at. I love the design look without the designer price." —Lydia Harrison

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99 (available in nine styles). 

    13. An absurdly precious electric can opener/knife sharpener that will become the quiet MVP of your kitchen when you need it, and a subtle aesthetic HERO sitting pretty on the counter when you don't. 

    Promising review: "I was looking for a basic simple can opener with a bit of style…this one is it! Works very well, opens cans smoothly. Also the color is perfect!" —Jennifer Cooley

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99 (available in seven colors). 

    14. A retro-style 3-in-1 toaster so adorable that you might take for granted that it is also QUITE MIGHTY, with a two-slot toaster, a mini non-stick griddle, and a capacity to cook six (!!) eggs at a time. Both the toast *and* the machine are popping off. 

    Blue toaster with two slots and a side with a grill and an egg cooker

    Promising review: "After three previous toasters my wife finally has found one she loves, yeah!!! We live in a tiny house and this is an awesome little appliance. The hard boiled egg function is by far the simplest and best you will ever find. Very well packaged for shipping and received quickly. Perfect match for our other retro appliances." —Old school

    Get it from Amazon for $59.99

    15. A vintage-style denim backpack to give off a real "I'm in a coming of age film trying to find myself, making a ragtag group of friends along the way" vibe to your look. Or, you know, give you a cute place to stash your odds and ends on the way to work. 

    Model wearing a faded blue denim backpack with a zippered front pocket
    The backpack laying on the cement next to a model

    Promising review: "I had a difficult time finding a backpack for overnight stays and day trips. I didn't need laptop storage, just a few clothes and toiletries. I finally found this denim backpack which is perfect. Just the right size and room for my needs. The only improvement I'd like is slightly larger outside side pockets. It can be done, but it's a struggle to get a water bottle in them." —jayares

    Get it from Amazon for $26.99 (available in 39 styles). 

    16. A mini tabletop fan so you can stay cool literally *and* figuratively while plugging away at your desk. This cutie has two speeds and tilts so you can get the air flow at the precise angle you need, and gives off just enough of a steady hum for a soothing vibe at night. 

    Small white round retro style fan on a desk
    The same fan in blue