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    Psst, Florida — DoorDash Is Offering $10 Off Your First Order

    Good evening to the 56,000 page long Cheesecake Factory menu only.

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    Ah, everyone's favorite time of day — What The Heck Am I Supposed To Eat For Dinner O'Clock. Well, tonight's decision *might* be a little easier, because DoorDash is giving BuzzFeed readers in Florida $10 off their first order of $25 or more.


    The deal is applicable in all areas of Florida excluding Miami. All you have to do is enter the code "BUZZ10" at checkout between now and October 11, and BAM. More money for more delicious things.

    If you're looking for some familiar faves, DoorDash has everything from Panda Express to the Cheesecake Factory to Chipotle.

    A piece of chocolate cheescake

    Like, if there's a chain you love, the odds are SIGNIFICANTLY in your favor that DoorDash has it.

    BUT if you're stuck in a food rut and need some inspo?

    In Orlando, you could try Hungry Pants, a ~plant-curious~, LGBTQ+-owned restaurant serving up everything from Cauli Tots to a CLT (curry lime tempeh + L + T) to vegan pumpkin chocolate chunk blondies 🎃.

    A vegetable dish with noodles, cucumber, and mushrooms

    Tampa has Yummy House, an award-winning Chinese bistro offering dim sum, authentic Chinese dishes, and seeeeriously awesome lunch deals, and was recently named one of the "25 Most Iconic Restaurants" in Tampa Bay.

    A seafood pot

    In Jacksonville, you can hit up 5th Element, an Indian grill with traditional fare like chicken tikka masala and vegetable samosas, plus an ENTIRE menu of breads, and even a kid's menu if you've got little ones!

    An overhead view of rice, seafood, and meat dishes
    5th Element

    And in Tallahassee, you can hit up Great Plates, a Black-owned restaurant specializing in Southern Florida fare like their popular seafood mac and iconic dishes like Dem Wings, chicken and waffles, and Eggrolliana.

    Fried chicken

    Wherever your taste buds lead you on DoorDash this week, don't forget to use "BUZZ10" through 10/11 for $10 off your order of $25 or more. Happy eating, y'all!


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