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    Just 37 Products For Annoying Tasks That Impatient People Will Appreciate

    If you want to get to sleep faster, cook pasta faster, and clean your toilet faster, then behold your new BFFs.

    1. A nifty shaving bib that suctions itself to the mirror and helps trap beard hairs before they hit the floor, saving you the time and effort of collecting the hair that missed the sink every morning.

    A model trimming their beard with a plastic "bib" that suctions itself to the mirror, catching the hair

    2. A super-soft Makeup Eraser to wipe makeup right off your face with nothing but water and a gentle scrub — I've been using one for two months now and it has *drastically* cut down my makeup-removing routine.

    A reviewer with half their face with makeup, and the other half makeup free after using the eraser

    3. A beloved microwave pasta cooker that's really the embodiment of "a watched pot never boils" — now you can skip all that wait time and get right to the eating. All you have to do is put water and dry noodles in it, hit the microwave buttons, and strain it right out of the container. Noodles on noodles, y'all.

    A model straining water out of a transparent rectangular cooker full of pasta

    4. A set of itty bitty dermaplaning razors you can use to take care of those lil' unibrow hairs that keep dodging your tweezers or work whatever face fuzzies you might want to take care of in a gentle way instead of going through a whole shaving cream-razor-prep routine.

    5. Or a painless battery-charged hair remover you can simply glide over super fine hair like the hair above your lip or between your brows instead of going all out prepping a bunch of wax.

    6. An acetone-free soak-off gel nail polish remover you simply apply directly on top of your nails like an extra coat of polish — it bubbles up and shrivels the gel polish, making it easy to remove without all the hassle of going back to a salon or the whole aluminum foil bonanza of other at-home kits.

    7. A dream balm made with calming herbs and essential oils like lavender, chamomile, mugwort, and valerian to help you nod off to dreamland in a timely manner instead of playing mind games with yourself for a full hour before conking out.

    A Dream Balm in a round purple container

    8. A dual hair dryer and brush to dry your hair as you style it and give your 'do an incredible amount of volume and shine in wayyyy less time.

    9. Or a well-loved diffuser attachment for drying curly hair — it's built with an extra-large design for quicker drying, and 360-degree air flow to diffuse hair evenly and gently, so hair can maintain its natural curl and bounce.

    10. A hands-free shopping bag carrier with some real Santa vibes — this lets you connect all your grocery bags together and haul 'em up in one go instead of going back and forth from the car three times.

    11. A pet hair removing stone so effective at quickly pulling up pet hair from the most ingrained, inconvenient spots in your house you might get a little spooked and wonder if it's magic.

    12. A bottle of Goo Gone for quickly removing all those mysteriously sticky, tough-to-scrub stains, like toothpaste or shampoo residue or the adhesive left on your windows or cars from sticker decals.

    13. A portable paw cleaner with soft silicone bristles to help gently remove mud and dirt from your doggo's paws without doing the whole toweling off song-and-dance every time you reach the front door. All you have to do is add a little water to it, insert your dog's paw, twist, then pat the paw dry and repeat.

    dog's muddy paw next to a pic of the same paw clean

    14. A home organization printable to guide you from room to room in your house, giving you a time efficient and *much* less stressful way to tackle each mess in your house, one step at a time.

    PDFs of checklists for rooms like kitchen, bedroom, and laundry

    15. A power scrubber brush you can attach to a DRILL (!!) that basically does all of the hard grime-busting for you, so you can tackle all the hard water stains and mysterious grime in your bathroom in a jiffy.

    one of the brushes attached to a drill next to a shower pane with half still fogged up and the other super clear

    16. A set of Bottle Bright tablets so you can tackle all those caked-on stains in your bottles, travel mugs, and even coffee makers without scrubbing them into eternity and watching half your life go by.

    a before image of the inside of a stained mug, a during image of it with soapy water, and an after image with it clean

    17. A TubShroom, a little gizmo you can stick in your shower drain to catch all your hair and remove it all at once instead of crouching down and yanking at it for dear life (a lovely visual image for you, y'all are welcome!).

    reviewer image of hair caught in the white tube-shaped TubShroom

    18. A super quiet, lightweight, portable electric pet nail trimmer that even the most easily spooked pupper or resentful cat will appreciate — its gentle vibrations make the whole process less alarming to their lil' brains, and easier on pet owners, so you can get the job done in minutes instead of negotiating with your cat for an hour.

    White wand-shaped nail grinder showing three different settings for different sized dogs and nails

    19. A set of brush-and-flush toilet tabs made with baking soda that'll fizz up in your toilet for 10 minutes and make it super easy for you to brush away the gunk when it's your turn to do the bathroom.

    Lemon verbena-scented toilet tabs

    20. Plus a pumice stone to get rid of those stubborn toilet rings like *snaps fingers* THAT, even if they've already thwarted your efforts with the toilet brush.

    21. A detangling brush with an easy-to-hold handle that's so effective on all hair types that it's amassed over 14,000 5-star reviews on Amazon — people swear by it for detangling fast without pulling and damaging hair, so you'll win back those ten minutes you usually spend going "ow OW ow ow" in front of the mirror each morning.

    22. A dual-sided device cleaner with two sides — one with an antimicrobial-treated cleaning solution to clear off the grime, and another with a soft polishing buffer to make it gleam — so you can get that quality *shine* in mere seconds instead of wiping down the screen a zillion times.

    23. A natural, sustainable loofah you'll be soooo glad you invested for in scrubbing off tough stains much faster than weak sponges — especially since you can customize by size and density, perfectly tailoring it your housecleaning (or body care!) needs.

    Stack of ivory colored natural loofahs in a basket outside

    24. A rapid egg cooker so you can cook a week's worth of breakfast eggs in a matter of minutes, whether you want a good old-fashioned hard boil or like 'em a little runnier. Breakfast just got a WHOLE lot faster every day of the week.

    An egg cooker with a transparent dome plastic top, where six eggs are cooking inside

    25. A Squatty Potty, one of those internet-famous stools you can put at the base of your toilet to prop your feet up on while you ~go~. The placement helps align your colon to make the process a whole lot easier and faster — like, 20 seconds compared to several minutes! — so you don't end up watching all of TikTok while you're waiting yourself out.

    A model sitting on the toilet with their feet propped up on the white stool underneath it

    26. A jewelry helper to clasp your bracelet for you in record time, instead of spending a full five minutes doing a bunch of wrist wiggles and straining your thumb like your hand's been possessed by a ghost.

    A reviewer using the helper to clasp their bracelet with one hand

    27. An "Angry Mama" microwave cleaner that uses vinegar and water to blow hot steam into your microwave oven and loosen up all the old food and stains in a mere seven minutes, and help clean up any future microwave shenanigans, too.

    The Angry Mama figurine posted next to a clean microwave

    28. An smudgeproof eyeliner stamp so you can finally get the perfect cat-eye on the first go without having to ~wing it~ (read: wasting eight cotton balls, half a bottle of eye makeup remover, and all of the minutes you were setting aside to make your morning coffee).

    29. A silicone baking mat for your sheet pan, so you can roast big batches of veggies with all your favorite sauces and seasonings without greasing up a whole pan and doing a massive scrub of it later.

    A reviewer's vegetable and mozzarella sticks cooking on a sheet pan

    30. A pineapple cutter that will peel, core, and slice up your fruit in a matter of seconds, so you can stop ~pining~ for your pineapple and start adding it to your dishes for an unexpected tangy twist.

    A cored pineapple next to perfectly chopped fruit

    31. A PhoneSoap, which is a compact gadget that kills up to 99.99% of bacteria with UV light in just a few minutes, sanitizing little objects like their phone, keys, eyeglasses, and even face masks instead of scrubbing them down by hand or doing a load of wash.

    Phone being put into the compact rectangular PhoneSoap machine

    32. An iRobot Roomba E5 to effortlessly keep those floors spotless without ever lifting a finger — these are self-directed, so you can preset a schedule for the Roomba to just start cleaning your floors each week, even if you're not home. It even learns your schedule and habits and adapts to make your life easier 😭.

    33. An electric potato peeler that whoops, just got a permanent spot on your counter. Not only does it effortlessly peel potatoes, but it can handle pretty much any peeled produce you throw at it, from apples to kiwis to oranges to tomatoes. (To be clear, though, your highest priority should *always* be mashed potato-ing.)

    34. A set of plant-watering globes with some adorable whimsy to cut down on all the watering for your plant babies — these release water slowly into the soil and keep them watered for several days for you.

    Glass bird-shaped watering globes in soil

    35. A self-scooping litter box so you'll only have to deal with it once every few weeks. Bonus: it also monitors your furry friend's health using motion detectors to log how often they ~go~.

    A cat exiting a purple domed litter box

    36. A pair of shredder claws to carve all your meats up faster than Wolverine can blink, sparing you and your measly fork from getting in a lengthy tug-of-war.

    37. A dryer and washer-friendly sock coupler that'll spare you the treasure hunt of trying to pair all your socks together at the end of every load of wash (and the angst of knowing that, like Romeo and Juliet, they were destined to be torn apart).

    Two plastic rings with snags to hold socks in place

    You kicking back and relaxing after all that time you saved:

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