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    28 Products For All Those Little Problems You've Been Low-Key Ignoring

    For when you've got 99 problems and pretending they don't exist is the biggest one.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of light-dimming stickers, so you can finally stop shoving your pillow over your eyeballs whenever you tilt your face toward one of the LED lights blasting their glow like tiny UFOs in your room at night.


    They come in a pack of all different sizes, so you can find the perfect ones to match your gizmos and finally get a good night's sleep.

    Promising review: "I wish I'd had these for the last 15 years. If you have electronics in your bedroom and hate the light they put out, this is what you're looking for. Now all my chargers are nice and dim, my Bluetooth audio device no longer guides ships safely to shore, and I can leave my amplifier on a sleep timer without planes headed into the nearby international airport mistaking it for runway lights." —J.G. Kerns

    Get a set from Amazon for $4.49.

    2. A "wine wand" to remove sulfates and histamines from your vino, so you can stop telling yourself that it's just a "headache" when, in fact, you are an adult hungover from one (1) glass of two-buck Chuck.


    Promising review: "What a difference these have made in my life. With my allergies it was impossible to enjoy a glass or two of wine with out nasty side effects: Stuffy nose, red face, and headaches. Now I can have a glass of wine and not have to dart to a package of Benadryl! Makes a great gift. Even thinking of splitting a box into stocking stuffers. Each wand is individually wrapped. Have purchased these several times and will continue to do so." —KellyH

    Get a set of eight from Amazon for $19.99.

    3. A headband with lil' kitty ears way more effective at holding your hair in place while you wash your face than your usual tried and true practice of attempting to shove it into your bra straps to stay dry.,

    Promising review: "I'M SO HAPPY WITH THIS HEADBAND!!! I'm new to the skin care game and I've been trying to make myself get into a regimen. But I have really long hair and I hate tying it up because of the creasing, and my other headbands fall down/don't hold my hair back/start to hurt after a while (the workout headbands especially don't hold back my bangs because they are essentially one pice of rubber band). This headband is cheap, cute, stays in place, doesn't damage your hair, is thick enough to keep bangs/long hair out of your face and DOESN'T HURT ... like literally one of the best things I have bought from Amazon." —Taylor

    Get it from Amazon for $4.70.

    4. A pair of wireless noise-cancelling headphones to drown out the apocalyptic sounds of your desk mate opening their Sun Chips bag in your open office instead of passive-aggressively wincing your way through lunch.


    Plus, the charge on these is no joke — in Bluetooth mode, they get around 30 hours of play time!

    Promising review: "Look, I can't compare these to Bose, because I've never tried them before — or any other $300 pair of headphones. However, these are fantastic for me. I work in an open office environment and sometimes the level of noise spikes from ambient to distracting to intolerable (you know how there's always that one person in the office louder than everybody else? I sit next to five of them). The very first day, my colleague and I looked at each other and nodded, it's time for noise cancelling headphones — so I did some research, read some reviews, and bought two Cowin E-7's for us. Having never tried active noise cancelling before, I have to say I'm impressed. For me, it puts a strong damper on the background noise. Now if people are talk-yelling loudly, of course I can still hear them, which is great because if someone yells FIRE! I'd like to know about it. But I'm streaming my Boston sports radio and my Pearl Jam and clacking away while my noisy keyboard to get some revenge to those who don't have noise-cancelling headphones like these." —Boston Kris

    Get them from Amazon for $69.99 (available in five other colors).

    5. A set of bed bands that will lock your fitted sheets neatly into place so you can stop shoving the loose corners under your duvet whenever you're too tired to remake your whole bed in the morning.

    Promising review: "I have a pillow top and pillow bottom queen sized bed that is a little too small for king sheets and with queen sheets I have battled to keep the sheets from popping off. I have tried everything! I was about to try to customize some king sheets because it was so frustrating. Then I saw this product advertised on Facebook in one of those posts about the amazing products that people love. So I figured it was worth a try. It works. I was shocked. My sheets have not popped off once. I ordered this in February and it is May now---and they have not popped off once! They used to pop off EVERY .... SINGLE... NIGHT. To say this is life changing is not an exaggeration. Such a relief to be able to sleep through the night without ending up in rumpled sheets." —TinkerbellAPixie

    Get a set of four from Amazon for $12.99.

    6. A size adjuster for loose rings, because truly whomst on this earth has the time to go all the way to a jeweler and have a stranger squint at their finger?


    Promising review: "I’ve been holding off on getting my ring resized and decided to do something temporary till then. These are perfect! They came with a bunch of different sizes and you only use a small amount of the one you need. If I end up needing it tighter again I can swap it out for a larger coil. They are really easy to put on and I hardly feel it at all on my finger. I’m not sure how long they will last because I haven’t had it for long but it comes with enough extra that it would be easy to swap out if they don’t hold up." —charet

    Get a 12-pack in two sizes from Amazon for $6.99.

    7. A mug warmer to keep your coffee piping hot long after you brew it, so you don't have to settle for lukewarm beans when the trip to the office microwave seems too harrowing to manage.

    Promising review: "This works perfectly and saves me a trip back to the microwave to warm up the last half of my coffee, tea or hot chocolate. I admit to being partially lazy, but who wants to drink half a mug of cold beverage when you're engrossed in the last chapter of a good book or the last 10 minutes of the game on television? The bottom of my ceramic gets very warm, so be mindful of that, but it's not a big issue." —SJaneH

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99.

    8. A backseat hook perfect for purses and groceries, so you don't have to drive 10 miles under the speed limit to stop your seltzers from flying into your poor unsuspecting fruit every time you drive back from the grocery.


    Promising review: "I thought this might be one of the silly things I sometimes fall for. Nope. These are awesome. I keep one on the driver's side headrest and the other on the passenger side. I prefer to use the passenger one, because I can reach into my purse from the drivers seat, but if I've got extra people in the car, it's nice to have the flexibility to keep my purse on either side. Also, they fit very snugly and are tough. My purse easily weighs 20 pounds, and it never looks like they're strained." —Kendra

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $7.95 (also available in black).

    9. A set of velvet hangers that cling to your clothes more firmly to stop them from slip n' sliding to the bottom of your closet, where there may or may not be a small mountain of clothes forming. Plus, they're built with a thin design that will dramatically free up space.

    I've used these for YEARS now after I bit the bullet and bought 60 of them, and they not only did everything they promised, but they've held up super well. Plus, nothing makes you feel like you have your life together more than hangers that actually match.

    Promising review: "Love these hangers! I have very limited closet space and it's amazing how many items I can hang up in my tiny closet. The hangers are thin so they don't take up much space. Four of these hangers take up as much space as one plastic hanger. They are covered with a velvety covering so that once I get the clothing properly aligned on them, the clothing stays put. I don't have to worry about strappy tops falling on the floor or hanging oddly on them. They stay put. Also, these hangers don't leave puckered fabric on the sleeves (like you can get from other hangers). These are the only hangers I use in my closets. I have the multiple pant hangers and the shirt hangers also." —Cindy Sumner

    Get a 30-pack from Amazon for $16.49 (available in five colors).

    10. A roll-on migraine stick made with peppermint, spearmint, and lavender oils that a ton of people swear by to take the edge off their headaches. This > white knuckling it through your workday like the on-fire "this is fine" dog.

    Promising review: "This stuff is my go-to fix when I feel a migraine coming on. I suffer from sinus headaches and migraines usually once or twice a week. This product I put on each temple, under my nose and on my wrists when I feel the pressure starting and it cuts the pain to a minimum. It seems to stop the worst pain before it has a chance to start. Thank you for a great product! I will buy again and again!" —Brenton1985

    Read BuzzFeed's review of the migraine stick for more deets!

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99.

    11. A mini steamer for your clothes that heats up in literally a minute and a half, so you can stop doing that thing where you hang your shirts up on the door while you're in the shower and pray to the fabric gods that the wrinkles magically disappear.


    Promising review: "I have never successfully ironed anything in my life! I have only attempted to iron something once so I constantly live in wrinkled clothes....or I did. Now with this amazing steamer I don't have to worry about that anymore, and it's so quick and easy to use! Fill with water, warm, and point at clothes that need some work done. It's so quick too that I am able to use it quickly before leaving for work. Plug it in and it instantly begins to heat the water and then takes only moments to steam out the wrinkles. It also comes with a travel bag and mit for safety! So glad I bought this!! Now I will look way more put together!" —Sarah Smith

    Get it from Amazon for $25.97.

    Check out BuzzFeed's full review of this mini steamer for more deets!!

    12. A durable set of space-saving vacuum storage bags so you can finally store all your extra bedding and winter clothes in your closet instead of fruitlessly shoving them back in every time they topple off the top shelf onto the floor.


    Promising review: "THESE ARE LIFE-CHANGING. The package came quick to my door with 5 storage bags. They even give you a hand pump to use in case you're taking the bags camping or just don't have a vacuum handy. I tested the pump to see how well it works — perfect! HOLY COW I have half my closet back! I would have more room but I left out a few blankets we regularly use. I used three bags to store ALL THE items including three large pillows and several thick blankets and comforters. I will most definitely be buying more, these are fantastic!!!" —Knastay

    Get a set of six from Amazon for $29.99 (available in three sizes).

    13. A hair finishing cream for taking care of those little wisps and flyaways that don't quite make it into your ponytail — a far better solution than shoving a baseball cap over your head and calling it a day.,

    Promising review: "I normally have a lot of baby hairs around my ears that won’t go up or back into a ponytail so I’ve hated wearing ponytails. But for my job I have to have my hair up. Hairspray never quite did the trick. I saw this stuff and decided I needed to give it a go. It is AMAZING. I swipe this stuff through and it lasts all day. And it doesn’t dry to a crunch like hairspray. Plus, I don't look like a grease ball! If you have problems with those little pesky hairs or have a dancer this stuff would be excellent!" —Jaycee

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

    14. A set of dishwasher cleaning tablets you can pop into a cycle with your dirty dishes to wipe out all the extra grime and that funky smell, all without ever having to touch a sponge or any other kind of cleaning utensil.

    Promising review: "We have very hard water in this area, and though my dishwasher is supposed to be self-cleaning when you use the right detergent (which I have been), it's been getting gunkier and gunkier and a couple of months ago the rinse aid dispenser stopped filling properly. When I looked that up, the online advice said that can happen if it gets too dirty and gave advice on running the dishwasher with vinegar and other tricks. But I saw this and, being pleased with Affresh's machine cleaners I'd used on my clothes washer, decided to try it. It worked AMAZINGLY, in ONE try. My rinse aid dispenser immediately started working good as new again, and my dishwasher is the cleanest it's been since we got it! Love it!" —Mouriana

    Get a six-pack from Amazon for $11.98.

    15. A makeup brush shampoo specifically designed to get all the gunk of your leftover foundation out, sparing you the indignity of buying yet *another* set of new brushes because you didn't keep up with cleaning them.


    Promising review: "This cleanser is great! It fully removes all makeup from the brushes without leaving them feeling beat up (I'm not the most gentle when it comes to cleaning brushes). I use a thick foundation that soaks heavily into the bristles, but this removed it all. At first I thought it was a bit thin, but after using it, a little bit goes a long way. It has a nice lather, but very nicely & easily rinses out. I use this with the MelodySusie Big Size Brush Cleaner scrubby from Amazon. I was able to clean my brushes much faster than normal, and I feel more confident that I got all the makeup off the bristles. This has a very slight (not strong at all) scent of grapefruit. It's refreshing without me having to worry about it irritating my face or leaving a fragrance left on my brushes."

    Get it from Amazon for $11.52.

    16. A self-grooming cat toy so your cat can have a time ~feeling themselves~ and you can have an even better time putting off vacuuming for another week.,

    You can easily mount this toy to a flat wall or a corner using the adhesive strips included, and even comes with a little bit of catnip you can put in it to initially attract 'em.

    Promising review: "My cat Gambino Bambino would let you brush him bald!!! He loves to be groomed and comes running whenever the brush comes out. Though we love to accommodate, I know he wanted more. He was constantly rubbing his cheeks and ears on the corner of our walls to get even more scratching. I finally came across this product and knew he would love it! It took a little convincing but once he got a hang of it he’s been loving it! We have one in the living room, one in the kitchen, one at the top of the stairs and one in the guest room! He is having a great time!!! Very easy to put together and place on the wall." —T. Mangiacarina

    Get it from Amazon for $3.33.

    17. A TubShroom you can stick in your shower drain to catch all your hair before you need a plumber to un-clog it, thereby saving you from the worst task imaginable: making a phone call.

    Promising review: "I hardly ever write reviews but this thing is so amazing I had to share. With every shower I take, I shed a TON of hair and (as you can see from the picture) stick it to the wall so that no hair goes down my drain. I thought this method was working out well but my drain was continuing to stop up. I figured it must be my sister's fault since I was so good about not letting any hairs go down the drain, but I went ahead ordered the Tub Shroom after seeing advertisements on Facebook. I got this thing and after only two showers, it collected a crap ton of my hair that I didn't catch. It really is so easy to install and wipe away the hair, exactly like the videos. Awesome invention and I'm super happy with this purchase!" —Megan K.

    Get it from Amazon for $12.97.

    18. Too little, too late? Try a drain snake you can funnel into your shower drain that honestly works a little *too* well at unclogging hair. (Gross, but still better than the phone call thing!!)


    Promising review: "I’m so excited to finally have a bathroom sink that drains!! Since moving into my apartment, my bathroom sink and bathtub took forever to drain. I bought multiple de-clogging solutions but they didn’t assist or help much with the problem. When my bathtub was taking over an hour to drain I decided it was time to try these out! After receiving it I went to work, within minutes it pulled out so much hair in both drains. It’s disturbing/disgusting yet weirdly satisfying because now my sinks drain!!" —DebSD

    Get a set of three from Amazon for $5.99.

    19. An undated budget planner that is far less stress-inducing than putting a hand over your eyes and checking your bank account balance between your fingers once a month.


    Plus, this planner is realistic about sticking to your goals, accounting for all kinds of things you might have forgotten — there's legit a whole section just for holiday shopping. It also comes with motivational stickers, aka the most scientifically sound way to ever get things done.

    Promising review: "I'm new at attempting a budget. It only took me 54 years to figure out it was a good idea. I have been extremely pleased with the three different Clever Fox planners that I own, so I decided to go with this budget journal/tracker. I am so very glad I did. I find it extremely user friendly and simple to use; I don't feel overwhelmed at all. It is extremely well made, and I love the paper quality. The purple is so pretty! If you're new to budgeting like me, or an old hand at it, I think you'll be very pleased with this one." —K. Howard

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in 18 colors).

    20. A hanging tool organizer for all those odds and ends you perilously shoved into a closet or left chilling at random places in your garage, swearing you'd get to them ~someday~. Well, friend. Today's that day.


    Promising review: "Repeat customer! I purchased one to organize the garden tools (rake, hoe, cultivator, shovel, etc.) in our garage and by alternating the tops of the tools up/down, was able to fit them neatly in the holder. Liked it so much, going to install another next to it for the other items. The hooks are a nice feature to hold our gloves and a simple plastic bag to hold things when needed." —Rob C.

    Get it from Amazon for $17.97.

    21. An earwax removal kit, so you don't have to wait until your yearly physical for your doctor to be like "um WHOA" and fix it for you. This is quicker, easier, and will be a huge relief for those of us waxy individuals who sometimes wake up in the morning with an ear so fully clogged up that it feels like you're underwater.

    Y'all, this stuff is no joke — you can check out the earwax removal kit customer reviews to see the GOBS it is taking outta people's canals.

    Promising review: "I’ve been waking up deaf in one ear recently and didn’t know what to do. It drove me nuts and I tried and tried to stick things in my ear to dig anything that I could out, which probably made it worse. So I finally did some research and found this, which is pretty cheap, and decided to try it out. And I am SO glad I did. I got an M&M size nugget out of each of my ears! I can hear so well now that it’s actually tripping me out a little bit. How I used it: I bought the box that comes with the rubber bulb syringe. This wouldn’t have worked if I didn’t have that. I laid down on my side and put the Debrox in my ear until it felt like my ear was full, then I just let it soak in there for 20 minutes. I flushed it out with water that was hot, but not enough to be uncomfortable with squirting it into my ear canal. I flushed it as hard as I could, and in all angles. I had to do this 30-40 times before the nugget came out, so just be patient. I did my left ear first and didn’t get much out so I thought it didn’t have anything in it. But then I did my right ear and got a nugget. You will know when your ear is completely cleaned out because the water won’t stay in your ear, and obviously your hearing will immediately be improved. That’s how I knew I had to do my left ear again, and then I got another nugget. So just be patient with it and try it multiple times if needed. Definitely get this if you’re having problems with earwax, it is so worth it!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $5.60.

    22. A cushioned comfort mat designed to alleviate pressure from your poor feet when you're standing in one place for a long time, so you don't have to invest in orthotics to spend a Sunday in the kitchen trying to live out your Great British Bake-Off dreams.


    Promising review: "We purchased the large size to go in front of the sink to the corner of where the cabinets reach the stove. With two small children, I spend most of my day doing dishes and cooking. It's the perfect size and has made such a difference on my back and feet. It is thick, not like the decorative ones at other stores, so it actually does make a difference. The rounded corners are great so we don't trip on it. The grey is a nice earthy grey which will fit any decor. Our dog walks on it often and so far no nail holes! Highly recommend." —S. Jackson

    Get it from Amazon for $39.97+ (available in nine colors and three sizes).

    23. An iced coffee sleeve for you lawless folks still chugging cold java all year long and INSISTING, for whatever reason (stubbornness? pride??), that your digits aren't freezing off. We all know the truth and the truth is that you probably need this to protect your fingers from yourself.,

    Promising review: "I adore this product! I have two for my car, one in my house, and bought two for a friend. Works perfect for a large McDonald's Coke now that MdD's has started using sweaty uninsulated plastic cups. I like to sip on a drink for hours, and this keeps the ice from melting for a very long time, and also keeps my hand from getting wet every time I pick up the cup. Also keeps a bottle of water cool if you drop it down into one in the car, and fits a lot of other fast food cups as well. Will probably buy more of these since I love them so much!" —Toni Blake

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95 (available in 17 colors and three sizes).

    24. A pair of lacy thigh bands so you don't have to pull trig on buying a bunch of expensive, wedgie-inducing compression shorts when you want to flounce around in dresses., Amazon

    I own a pair of these, and unlike me showing off in aforementioned dresses, these STAY PUT. There are little grippers on them that lock them in place, but are gentle enough that you don't even notice 'em.

    Promising review: "These are fantastic! I work overnights and wear dresses regularly to the office, I've been using the deodorant style anti-chafing rubs and wanted a longer lasting option. Ding Ding ladies!! This is it! So comfortable I fell asleep in them! No marks, no uncomfortable 'digging in.'" —A. Spencer

    Get a pair from Amazon for $16.95+ (available in six sizes and 17 styles).

    Check out BuzzFeed's video review of of these thigh bands + other things to fight thigh chafing for more deets!

    25. A bitter-tasting clear nail polish that will help you kick your nail-biting habit so thoroughly that you'll finally be able to face the manicurist at the salon again.,

    Promising review: "It's a miracle! I am 45 years old and have tried every product over the years ... my mom used to put everything imaginable on my fingernails to keep them out of my mouth, my grandma tried to pay me to grow my fingernails out, but still here I was at 45 with horrible nails. This has been a miracle. I can't describe the taste but will just say that it makes me not want my hands anywhere near my face." —Laurie C.

    Get it from Amazon for $15.50.

    26. A cable clip you can stick to your desk or your nightstand to keep your charging cable locked in one convenient place — a true relief from trying to tug them out through the genuine knot of cables that's been steadily getting more tangled under your desk.


    Promising review: "It was always a pain to reach down the side of my bed to reach my chargers, not to mention the wad of cables I’d have to sift through just to charge my phone. I finally searched for a solution and came across these. They’re great! They’re really easy to stick on and they stay in place. I haven’t had an issue of them falling off. Whenever I need to charge a device they’re right next to me, easy to reach and untangled. I definitely recommend!" —Nelis Perez

    Get a set of six from Amazon for $6.97.

    27. A set of bed risers that will open up extra storage space, so you can finally take all those bulky odds and ends you've been ignoring in your hall closet and do what the universe always intended for humans to do: indiscriminately shove it all under your bed.

    Promising review: "I'm so happy with these bed risers. They were delivered in a jiffy and have stackable add-ons to make the bed even taller! Perfect for under bed storage and being pregnant! Hip-height bed is the way to go! Thank you!" —Sydney

    Get a set of eight from Amazon for $17.99.

    28. A bedside caddy so you can finally give your laptop a HOME instead of falling asleep with it next to you on the bed every night like a 13-inch metal teddy bear.


    Promising review: "I love this caddy - it fits snugly between the mattresses and has never fallen out. I put my Kindle and iPod with ear buds in here, so I can easily find them without knocking things over on the bedside table. It's sturdy, and seems to be lasting well in the 6 months or so that I have used it - still looks like the day I got it. Great purchase!" —K.B.

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

    You dancing through your space now that everything is running exactly the way it should be:


    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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