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    41 Problem-Solving Products For Anyone Who Wants To Feel In Control Of Their Life

    2020 you is going to be so intimidated by 2021 you and this portable dual laptop monitor attachment.

    1. A six-outlet wall charger designed specifically for larger chargers that also comes equipped with two USB fast-charging ports *and* a night-light, so you can finally organize the jungle of wires under your desk once and for all.

    A wall outlet charger with a nightlight and several large chargers attached to it plus two USB cords

    2. A poop bag dispenser with a flashlight so you'll never have to play guessing games at night with the *one* substance nobody ever wants to play games with. It also comes preloaded with 15 waste bags and attaches easily to your dog's leash!

    3. A sparkling-wine saver that will keep your bubblies bubbling so you can pop your prosecco any day of the week and know you won't have to waste one single drop.

    A model sealing and then pumping the saver cap on a bottle of wine

    4. A set of eye-popping fine-point pens designed specifically not to bleed through pages, so you can color code your planners and journals to your deeply organized heart's content.

    Fine point pens in 18 different colors

    5. A rechargeable hand warmer complete with double-sided heat and three different heat settings you can adjust to your environment, whether it's "walking in a winter wonderland" or "everyone in this house is deeply divided on what a regular human temperature is, MOM."

    6. A structured face mask designed not to suck fabric into your mouth, giving you full coverage but also full rein to do things like sing, project your voice across a field, or even exercise a little more easily outdoors.

    A model in a structured blue face mask that sits off the mouth and nose but still covers it

    7. A Bluetooth transmitter that'll instantly connect your wireless headphones to anything that has a headphone jack, like the TVs at the gym or on airplanes or even your Nintendo Switch. Now you can finally listen to Tom Nook go "ghjkhkajfdkj" in peace.

    Model at the gym with airpods and the device

    8. A memory foam seat cushion for your tushy so effective at relieving pressure from your tailbone and back that you can decide any chair in the house is your work-from-home chair now, no matter how determined it looks to bug your spine.

    Gray memory seat cushion fitted on a rolling chair

    9. An internet-beloved time-marked water bottle you can get in a bajillion different colors to remind you to stay hydrated during the day and know exactly how much you drank.

    10. An adjustable, portable standing desk so you can decide where you want to perch for the day and still have your setup at the exact level you need it to be, whether you're at a desk, a counter, or sitting by a low surface.

    Reviewer image of a laptop propped on an adjustable metal stand on a desk

    11. A sunrise simulation clock to trick your human brain into thinking you're already dappled in the light of a bright, sunshiny day when you wake up, even if you're up before the sunrise or nowhere near a window.

    A sunrise alarm clock in three stages of lighting up from dim to brighter to brightest over the course of a half hour

    12. A pair of sleek touchscreen-friendly gloves designed with rubber grippers on the palms so you'll never drop your phone on a cold day.

    13. A home organization printable to guide you from room to room in your house, giving you an efficient and *much* less stressful way to tackle each mess in your house, one step at a time.

    PDFs of checklists for rooms like kitchen, bedroom, and laundry

    14. A necklace detangling clasp so you can layer your favorite pieces over an outfit the exact way you want them without having to pull them apart like bickering siblings at the end of each day.

    15. A pair of hooks for your AirPods to stop them from slip n' sliding right out of your ears, then onto the sidewalk, then somehow rolling into traffic, then under the wheel of a Ford Explorer, and — well. If you're constantly readjusting your AirPods cuz you have sweaty ears like mine, you get the gist.

    16. A portable dual monitor for your laptop so you can go all "Professor X" on your work flow no matter *where* you are — a real perk now that a lot of people are working remotely.

    A laptop with a small black monitor attached to the existing monitor on a desk

    17. An auto shut-off outlet to save you from the dreaded "Did I turn off the ......... " at all hours of the day — this powers down anything plugged into it within 30 minutes, just in case.

    18. A reversible satin bonnet you can customize to your exact hair (*and* aesthetic) needs — not only can you pick the colors, but also the size of the bonnet, which has an adjustable elastic cord and stopper to make sure it stays secure on your head.

    Two reversible satin bonnets in black and blue

    19. A seat gap filler so you can focus on driving and never again have to sacrifice a beloved french fry and/or phone to the abyss between the seat and the console.

    A black seat filler wedged between a seat and car console

    20. A pair of affordable winter boots that actually deliver on traction — these anti-slip soles have made me, a certifiable Clumsy Individual, feel a lot more steady on my feet walking in the snow and icy pavement.

    21. A roll-on migraine stick made with peppermint, spearmint, and lavender oils to help you soothe away those vague headaches that keep stopping you from tackling your to-do lists.

    Reviewer holding small roll on stick

    22. A natural, sustainable loofah you can tailor to a tee — the seller lets you customize by size and density depending on your exfoliating, body washing, or general housecleaning needs.

    Stack of ivory colored natural loofahs in a basket outside

    23. A set of affordable, highly popular (seriously, these have over 80,000 5-star reviews!) wireless Bluetooth earbuds to give you full range of motion, whether you're doing an at-home workout and need to keep the music down or you're trying to take a call without getting wires tangled in your face mask. Heck, you can even take these in the shower.

    24. A bunch of Miracle-Gro "food spikes" that will basically turn you into a god by letting you bring all your plants back from the brink of death. (Bonus: it'll continuously feed them for 30 to 60 days!)

    Model pressing small green pellet into potted plant

    25. A mug warmer to keep coffee piping hot long after it's brewed, so you can regulate its temperature all morning long instead of lugging it to the microwave.

    A mug of coffee on top of a black round heated small plate

    26. A set of adhesive cable clips you can stick to your desk to keep your charging cables locked in one convenient place, so your desk will no longer look like a maze designed for an existentially-fraught bug with all the wires crossed on it.

    Peel and stick clips that cinch a charging cord and hold it in place on a desk

    27. A soft silicone ear-saver and mask-extender that works overtime on problem-solving — not only does it take some of the pressure off your ears, but it helps make a more personalized fit on masks with elastic straps that aren't the right size, so you get a perfect fit every time.

    A model wearing a mask that is pulled together around the back of their head by the silicone ear saver, which has three different toggles on the back for sizing

    28. Plus a personalized face mask holder so you're never scrambling on the way out the door to find one — or worse, find one and aren't *quite* sure whether or not it's yours.

    A wooden sign that says "Masks" in white script with five small hooks and names above them

    29. An all-natural deodorant balm made with aloe, kaolin clay, and illippe butter — ingredients that help moisturize skin while absorbing excess oils — to finally banish all the residue and skin irritation from your regular brand once and for all.

    two ounce round container of deodorant balm

    30. A TubShroom, a little gizmo you can stick in your shower drain to catch all your hair before it clogs up your pipes and becomes a living nightmare. The hair coils around it to make it even easier to remove, making it both handy *and* semi-horrifying!

    Hair coiled around a cylinder shaped white silicone TubShroom

    31. A set of Sea Bands, which target an acupuncture point on your wrists meant to help reduce nausea. Basically, if you're someone who has motion sickness, morning sickness, migraine nausea, or even nausea brought on by cramps, this may the be thing to take you from 🥴to 😊.

    Reviewer with gray band on their wrist

    32. An earwax removal kit, so you don't have to wait until your yearly physical for your doctor to be like "um WHOA" and fix it for you. This is quicker, easier, and will be a huge relief for those of us waxy individuals who sometimes wake up in the morning with an ear so fully clogged up that it feels like you're underwater.

    Reviewer holding up the small bottle of ear wax removal aid

    33. A ring size adjuster for loose rings, so you can get the *precise* right fit without spending precisely way too much money to get your jewelry resized.

    34. A Java Sok, aka a reusable iced coffee cup insulator you can use to keep your drink cold *and* your fingers from freezing off. I know some of y'all are the type who are still chugging iced coffee in the snow and I humbly offer you this method to continue your stubborn behavior all winter long.

    35. A Squatty Potty, one of those internet-famous stools you can put at the base of your toilet to prop your feet up on while you ~go~. The placement helps align your colon to make the process a whole lot easier and faster — like, 20 seconds compared to several minutes! — so you don't end up watching all of TikTok while you're waiting yourself out.

    A model sitting on the toilet with their feet propped up on the white stool underneath it

    36. An smudgeproof eyeliner stamp so you can finally get the perfect cat-eye on the first go without having to ~wing it~ (read: wasting eight cotton balls, half a bottle of eye makeup remover, and all of the minutes you were setting aside to make your morning coffee).

    37. A glare-free Kindle Paperwhite that not only can hold thousands of books, but will let you read them the *chef's kiss* way you like best — you can customize with all your favorite fonts and layouts, and organize your virtual shelves to your precise standards. Bonus — its charge lasts weeks (plural!!), and it's waterproof, so you can take this bb in the bathtub 🍷.