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    Lowe's Labor Day Sale Is The Perfect Excuse To Refresh Your Home For Fall

    Sweet discounts on everything from cozy outdoor furniture, electric power washers, grills, and soooo much more.

    Excellent news for you and your abode — Lowe's Labor Day Savings and Deals event is already in full swing, and includes everything from appliances to outdoor furniture to grills power equipment to seasonal decor!

    Screenshot of all the different home and outdoor categories on sale

    Here are just a few steals to add to cart while ya can:

    1. A gray antique-inspired bathroom sink vanity complete with a tip-out storage tray and a matching backsplash, giving your bathroom a well-organized but decidedly vintage touch.

    a dark gray single sink vanity with a white top, a top drawer, and a cabinet

    2. A ridiiiculously ~handy~ handheld cordless electric leaf blower so you can take advantage of its lightweight, compact design and high efficiency motor to show all the dead leaves in your yard who's boss. (Hint: it's you.)

    Model holding handled cylindrical leaf blower to move a pile of leaves

    3. A three-piece patio conversation set to make all those sunrise and sunset talks outside the house that much cozier — between the eucalyptus wood frame and the white water-resistant cushions, it's super versatile for different decor setups, too.

    Two white chairs with a matching small square table between them

    4. Or a gorgeous five-piece outdoor set so comfortable that oops, you might just have to add "backyard naps" to your list of hobbies. This features all-weather wicker and water- and mold-resistant cushions so it'll stand both the test of time *and* your nap drool.

    The set, which features dark brown wicker and beige cushions

    5. A sturdy three-burner gas grill that's truly just an investment in making sure you have top-notch burgers, hot dogs, and grilled veggies at your disposal at all times — this is designed with rust-resistant material *and* includes full-size shelves for extra prep space, giving you extra bang for your buck.

    compact black freestanding grill with wheels on one side and extra shelf space on either side of the grill

    6. A cold water electric pressure washer so darn efficient at tackling heavy-duty cleaning like driveways, patios, and the sides of your home that you'll be tempted to send videos of it in action to everyone you know.

    Model using the green accented vacuum-shaped pressure washer's hose to clean the side of a home

    7. A gas patio heater you'll be *soooo* grateful you thought to buy when your heart says "sit on deck with a cozy book and a cup of tea" and your body says "Uh, but it's 40 degrees outside."

    A silver umbrella stand-shaped patio heater

    8. A Google Nest Smart Thermostat that might make you want robots to take over the world — this ~learns~ and adapts itself to your preferred temperatures, making it your ideal temp when you're home and conserving energy when you're not. Bonus — it can also be controlled remotely via Wi-Fi.

    9. A Wi-Fi enabled outdoor spotlight camera you can mount next to the front door to get a clear picture of the surrounding area in 1080p HD video at both day *and* night. It features two-way audio so you can communicate with people at the door, will send you tailored notifications and alerts, and plays nice with most home devices like Alexa and Google Assistant, too.

    A compact white mounted camera on a door with a spotlight on

    10. A sleek antimicrobial toilet with a power wash capability that uses pressurized water to keep the bowl clean with every flush. It's also designed with minimal curves and crevices, making it easier to clean all around.

    the white toilet in a bathroom

    11. A sophisticated satin gold pendant light to instantly elevate your kitchen and dining space and give it the kind of modern edge that will make you feel like you're rubbing elbows with Instagram influencers.

    A drop down satin gold pendant light with upside down umbrella design

    12. An enormous 11-foot patio umbrella to protect you from sun and other pesky elements as you luxuriate outside reading your book and sipping your iced coffee. Bonus — this has built-in LED lights on the inside to use at night!

    A large beige angled umbrella on a stand covering a couch

    13. A unique and oh-so-sleek curved kitchen faucet with an easy-to-use pull down handle you'll love for the design, but looooove for its spray pressure — it's designed to clean dishes 50 percent faster. Bonus? It's also spot-resistant, making cleaning that much more of breeze.

    Curved faucet spraying into a sink

    14. A 216-piece Craftsman standard tool set that's basically a "must-have" in every home, complete with a ratchet & wrenches set, allen wrench set, socket wrench set, and accessories that will guarantee the next time something in your home needs fixing, you're up to the task.

    The tool set with three pull out drawers organizing the supplies

    15. An extra-large gear shelving unit you can set up freestanding or mount against the wall as an easy, organized storage solution for your car supplies, cleaning tools, gardening tools, and so much more. This is about to be your cluttered garage's new BFF.

    A metal open door cabinet with three shelves holding weather gear and supplies

    Be sure to check out the rest of Lowe's Labor Day Savings and Deals for more great home and outdoor finds now through Monday, September 6!

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