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    12 Kits To Help You Make Your Own Booze At Home

    Time to D-I-Wine.

    1. A make-your-own-wine kit so you can recreate iconic scenes from Scandal with five bottles of home-brewed red from the comfort of your own couch.

    2. A homemade gin kit that includes a whole garden of glorious botanicals to make your own personalized "sloe gin," whether you prefer the sweetness of juniper berries or the zest of lemon peel.

    3. A Northwest Pale Ale beer brewing kit perfect for anyone who likes their beer a little woodsy and malted, with plenty of (hippity) hops.

    4. Or a Long Play IPA craft beer making kit for the beer drinker who wants to lean into spring with floral aromas and caramel and toffee tones.

    5. *ORRR* an American Lager craft beer making kit that will yield a deliciously golden, malty beer with a just a little bit of bitterness to balance it.

    6. A make your own hard seltzer kit so handy that when you take a pic of yourself sipping it at the window, you'll caption it, "White Claw whomst?"

    7. A fruit wine making kit that lets you play with any fruit you happen to have on hand to craft the perfect sweet springtime wine straight out of your favorite new orchard: your kitchen.

    8. A wine barrel (with personalization options!) that comes complete with everything you need to start brewing your own decadent Cabernet Sauvignon.

    9. A personalized whiskey and rum barrel so now whenever someone is like, "Hmmm, what is this smoky top note I'm tasting?" you can be like, "Probably the pizza rolls I burned, because I MADE THIS MYSELF!"

    10. Or a spirit-aging barrel you can use to make Apple Brandy, Irish Whiskey, Kentucky Bourbon, Malt Euro Scotch, Spice Rum, or Tennessee Whiskey (woof, is anyone else out of breath?).

    11. An "Ultimate Homebrewer's Kit" for true beer connoisseurs with a superior, long-lasting design so you can brew larger quantities again and again with the same surefire results.

    12. A pumpkin ale home brewing kit, because you know what? Time is an illusion and the Gregorian calendar is a joke. I had pumpkin spice Cheerios for lunch yesterday. Sometimes the heart just wants what it wants, y'all.

    You cheers-ing to your delicious results after becoming a master home brewer:

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