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    32 Kid-Friendly Products People Are Swearing By In Quarantine

    Sometimes you just gotta wrap the whole fam in a burrito blanket while roasting marshmallows on an indoor s'mores maker from the comfort of your bed tent.

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    1. An assortment of international snacks so you can take a whole trip around the globe without ever leaving the living room.

    An assortment of snacks in crackers, cakes, and cookies

    2. A 24-pack of colorful dual tip pens kids can use as a fine tip or a marker — perfect for journals, coloring books, planners, or any other project for school or for fun.

    3. A hand-operated mini drone for that "just got my Hogwarts robes" feeling — this mini drone levitates in the air after you gently toss it, and you can use your palm to control its direction. If you place your palm directly under it and move your hand up, it'll rise like you're a legit magician.

    A kid with the blue mini drone hovering above their hands

    4. A rock painting kit for both kids and adults — this is not only great for getting your eyeballs off of your screens for a little while, but a fun opportunity to leave happy little rocks around your neighborhood with sweet messages for anyone passing by ❤️.

    5. A Wi-Fi-connected movie projector that easily converts any wall, both indoor and outdoor, into a personal theater. Once you sync it with a device like your phone or laptop, you can use it to project your fave Disney movies, at-home workouts, and even to play video games outside after the sun goes down.

    6. A compact mini donut maker for some bite-sized quarantine treats — truly, can you think of anything in this universe more delicious than a warm homemade donut?? I'll wait.

    7. A waterproof and portable inflatable lounger so easy to use that it'll feel like you found a cheat code for life — you literally just hold onto it and snap it into the air, letting the wind fill it up. Boom, instant cozy chair in any socially-distanced spot you can find.

    8. A wireless, Bluetooth-enabled karaoke mic you can sync with speakers, players, or singing apps on your phone and live out your Von Trapp family dreams in the comfort of your own home.

    Reviewer image of a rose gold mic showing the volume and echo controls

    9. An Amazon Echo Show 5 enabled with a camera screen for calls, so you can keep the whole fam connected for some socially distanced cross-country chats without all the hassle of figuring out how to wrangle Facetime, Zoom, or a zillion other platforms. Basically, it's an easy way for younger family members who don't know how to use tech to keep in touch with older family members who might not have as much access or knowledge of it, since it's all voice-enabled.

    A person on the screen of an Amazon Echo Show 5 on a video call with their family from the other end

    10. A frozen yogurt and ice cream maker you can use to make your own ~personalized~ ice cream flavors in 20 minutes or less. Brb, stuffing mine to the gills with enough candy to make Willy Wonka shudder.

    11. A game of Throw Throw Burritos, a combination card and dodgeball game that will help both kids and adults burn out some pent up energy — and maybe crave those microwaveable burritos in the freezer like whoa.

    The game box, which shows two plush burritos inside

    12. A majestic, ginormous unicorn sprinkler for the backyard that will make your house the most magical one on the whole block 🦄.

    reviewer image of the inflatable unicorn sprinkler with water shooting out of its horn in a backyard

    13. A flameless indoor s'mores maker complete with two marshmallow sticks and storage for all your ingredients, so the fam can take their marshmallow-and-chocolate destinies into their own hands.

    14. A Color Wonder Baby Shark activity book so you can find something for the kids to ~doo do doo do do doooo~ without making a mess — the markers *only* work on the paper in the activity book, so kids can't color on the walls or the table or the power bill you left out (TRY THOUGH THEY MAY!!).

    A reviewer image of the activity book

    15. A set of fairy lights you can use to add some whimsy to a space you might be getting a little tired of by now, or just make for the most magical blanket fort accessory of all time.

    A long string of fairy lights draped over a window curtain

    16. A truly iconic tortilla blanket so that everyone in the family can achieve the greatest aspiration of them all: becoming a human burrito.

    17. A mini waffle maker versatile enough to do way more than its main job — if you're waffling on the waffles, you can also use it for hash browns, paninis, biscuits, and even (gasp) PIZZA. If you can dream it, you can mini waffle it.

    An open mini waffle maker with a fully cooked heart-shaped waffle inside

    18. A set of sensory fidget toys perfect for both kids and adults who are looking for quiet, discrete ways to stay focused during long Zoom chats and socially-distanced learning.

    19. The Floor Is Lava, an interactive game based on everyone's favorite recess pastime for both kids and adults. You set up foam pieces on the floor of the room and spin the dial to see which ones are "safe" to jump to (because otherwise, well ... 🔥).

    20. A bed tent that may prove to be the real MVP of quarantine. On a practical level, people who have been moving and shifting within their families because of the pandemic can use it for privacy in a quick pinch; on a fun level, parents are using it for kids to have ~indoor camping~ experiences, or just a fun space they can feel like is all their own.

    21. An ice pop mold complete with a funnel, 50 sticks, and 50 bags so you can make your own personalized ice pops and take them with you on the go for all your summer picnics.

    22. A soft kid-friendly face mask with gentle ear loops designed to fit ages 2-14, with a variety of fun prints like dinosaurs, hearts, ladybugs, and zoo animals.

    Three face masks, one with zoo animals, one striped, one with dinosaurs

    23. Plus a soft silicone ear-saver and mask-extender to help give a more comfortable, personalized fit on kids' face masks with elastic straps that don't *quite* fit their small faces. This also helps prevent earache from wearing masks all day, and is designed not to get tangled in hair.

    A model wearing a mask that is pulled together around the back of their head by the silicone ear saver, which has three different toggles on the back for sizing

    24. A set of jumbo sidewalk chalk so you can make the whole neighborhood your canvas by setting up fun games or sweet messages for friends' birthdays on their driveway from a social distance.

    25. A unicorn slime making kit, because truly the most universal human experience is that deep down inside we all just want to stretch out a big ole glop of bright pink glittery slime.

    26. A mini trampoline for indoor *and* outdoor use, so everyone can blow off steam during the day by unleashing their Tigger.

    Reviewer image of the small trampoline with blue cover at the edges

    27. A Baby Yoda puzzle that essentially proves that the human heart is made up of 500 pieces, and those 500 pieces make up this tiny creature's perfect face.

    28. A set of liquid chalk markers you can use to decorate the windows of your house or car — perfect for all the drive-by and parade celebrations for weddings, birthdays, and graduations!

    29. A family-friendly backyard sprinkler for some socially distanced pool shenanigans without ever having to pack a single bag into the car.

    A circular waterproof pad with holes all around it for water to spout out of once someone installs a hose into it

    30. A paint-your-own stepping stone kit so everyone in the family can decorate their own and give the front yard a little personalized flair ☀️.

    Model painting a sun shaped stone

    31. A foam pogo jumper kids can use both indoors and outdoors to jump to their lil' heart's content. It's also great for balance, hand-eye coordination, and, of course, complete and utter shenanigans.

    four kids on different colored foam pogo jumpers

    32. A collapsible microwave popcorn maker that doubles as a serving bowl, so you can make yourself popcorn so warm and salty that your Friday movie nights will feel like you're smack dab in the middle of a theater.

    Everyone in the fam bonding during quarantine like:

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