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    19 Face Masks You Can Get For Kids Right Now

    They can rock out with Star Wars faves, Disney princesses, and Spider-Man, just to name a few.

    By now you've probably seen the CDC's new guidelines recommending people wear non-medical face coverings in public, including kids — noting that face coverings should not be placed on children younger than 2.

    Here are some reusable, machine-washable masks and face coverings for kids you can order online right now:

    1. A cotton face mask in a bunch of fun solid colors that ships the same day you order it.

    2. A variety of Star Wars printed masks that come in kid and adult sizes and ship for free.

    3. A made-to-order face mask in superhero and Disney prints that uses face measurements to ensure a custom fit.

    4. A Frozen 2 face mask for all the kids out there on their 54th rewatch (solidarity, my dudes).

    5. A brightly-colored cotton mask with options for matching with the whole family.

    6. A superhero face mask you can choose based on whether you're Team Spidey or Team Superman (read: Marvel or DC).

    7. A cotton face mask that comes in over a dozen prints kids will love, from Toy Story to Batman to Peppa Pig.

    8. A set of four Star Wars face masks featuring everyone's new favorite critter — Baby Yoda.

    9. A triple layer cotton mask with a mesh filter inner layer for extra protection.

    10. A Pokémon face mask that comes in so many patterns that you'll wanna mask 'em all.

    11. A unicorn face mask to add a lil' bit of magic to their day.

    12. A Super Mario Bros. face mask with a filter pocket and nose wire to help y'all take on some Koopa turtles.

    13. A Harry Potter face mask perfect for future Hogwarts students that includes wiring at the nose area for extra coverage.

    14. A solid color Vistaprint mask that comes with a pocket specifically for kid-sized filters.

    15. Or a patterned Vistaprint mask to shake things up a bit (which also includes a pocket for kid-sized filters).

    16. A Spider-Man face mask with a filter pocket and nose wiring for slinging webs without slinging germs.

    17. A two-layer cotton mask that comes in over 60 patterns, including space, dinosaurs, Mickey Mouse, and preeeeetty much every animal under the sun.

    18. A set of four Marvel face masks so they can suit up just like their favorite heroes.

    19. An set of four Disney princess face masks that pair perfectly with all the Disney movie marathons happening right now.

    The kids in your life seeing all these cool mask prints:

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    20. A pack of five Old Navy face masks that come in fun, assorted prints.

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