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    Looking For A Great Deal? These 21 Things Are On Sale For Less Than $20 At Forever 21 Right Now

    'Tis the season for sunshine and summer steals ☀️.

    If you're in the mood for all things cute, fresh, and cozy, I got excellent news for ya — Forever 21 has a *bunch* of sales going on right now.

    For a v limited time, you can snag ~hot summer deals~, PLUS get extra savings for the holiday weekend — use the code MEMORIALDAY2020 to get 20% off when you spend $75 or more, 30% off when you spend $85 or more, or 40% off when you spend $150.

    A model on the Forever 21 site

    Here are some cute summer-friendly finds you can snag at Forever 21 for less than $20 right now:

    1. A pair of striped pull-on shorts so getting dressed in the morning can be ridiculously easy *and* ridiculously cute.

    A person wearing the drawstring shorts in shades of white, blue, and purple

    2. A set of 20 versatile, eye-popping mini hair clips, because we all could use some rainbow vibes in our lives right about now 🌈.

    A bunch of brightly-colored tiny hair clips scattered on a surface

    3. An airy strapless leopard print smocked-bodice maxi dress just begging to be lounged in on all summer long.

    A model wearing the dress

    4. A sheer cloud tie-dye blouse, because if you're gonna get in on the tie-dye trend this summer, you might as well be comfy, too.

    A model wearing the collared, button-up, long-sleeved blouse with drawstrings at the bottom hem

    5. A cheerful floral smocked-hem shirt that'll put a spring in your step every time you wear it.

    A person wearing the top with a pair of jeans

    6. A ruffled floral fit and flare cami dress your future self will be *extremely* grateful for when that summer heat comes rolling in.

    The dress, which is ruffled at the V-neck collar

    7. A pair of high rise metallic biker shorts to add some always welcome glam, whether you're pairing them with a loose tee or a cropped cami.

    A model in the shorts and a cropped cardigan

    8. A lightweight thermal top perfect for cozying up when the AC gets a lil' too strong.

    A person wearing a long-sleeved thermal with a front pocket and drawstrings at the hood with jeans

    9. A floral ribbon scrunchie to instantly elevate your hair on those days that the humidity comes for it and won't stop coming.

    A person showing off their ponytail from the back, where the two ribbons from the scrunchie are cascading down with their hair

    10. A cheeky ribbed cami bodysuit that will pair perfectly with all your high-waisted shorts and skirts.

    A person in a spaghetti strap ribbed bodysuit tucked into a high waisted skirt

    11. A semi-sheer cuffed sleeve T-shirt to add a touch of romance to the summer staples in your closet.

    A model in the shirt with white denim pants

    12. A pair of tapered geoprint pants with an elastic waistband that are basically, "Pajamas, but make it fashion."

    A person wearing high-rise geoprint pants with a crop top and sandals

    13. A pair of pink-tinted sunglasses so you can serve looks while you're looking through them.

    The sunglasses, made with transparent plastic and an ombre pink tint

    14. A sweet layered heart charm drop necklace you'll get so much use out of it might just become your signature ~look~.

    A close up of a person wearing a necklace with three chains, a short one with a heart, a medium one without a charm, and a third long one with a drop charm heart at the bottom

    15. A pair of wide-leg glitter pants for anyone whose summer fashion is getting heavily influenced by their Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again rewatch.

    A model wearing the high-waisted pants with a cropped shirt

    16. A straw tote bag that will become such a mainstay that you'll permanently transfer your wallet and most beloved Chapstick in it for the summer.

    A straw tote bag with a big circular handle resting on the ground

    17. A billowy flounce cami with adjustable straps that will make you feel as breezy as a butterfly.

    A front view of the top against a white background

    18. A chic straw fedora hat to keep those lovely cheeks of yours safe from the sun ☀️.

    A model in the hat, which has a wide brim and black ribbon trim

    19. A pair of striped paper bag shorts with a sweet little drawstring bow at the waist for some extra cute flair.

    A person wearing the high-waisted shorts with a crop top

    20. A ruffled floral skirt so dreamy that you'll probably have to do at least three spins in front of the mirror every time you put it on.

    A person wearing a ruffled, knee-length, formfitting high-waisted skirt with flower detailing

    21. A striped gauze-y jumpsuit with short sleeves and a breathable neckline that has a major "sunny stroll on the beach" aesthetic.

    A person wearing the jumpsuit, which has a drawstring waist, a V-neckline, and pants that fall above the ankle

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