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    26 Things For Anyone Stuck At Home With Their Family

    A Baby Yoda puzzle, an indoor s'mores maker, and games on games on games — we've got you covered.

    1. A collapsible microwave popcorn maker that lets you pop kernels so gloriously fresh that your whole family will think they just blinked themselves into a movie theater.

    2. A Bluetooth-enabled record player so everyone can take turns at each family meal either playing their favorite hits on vinyl, or bopping out to the Spotify playlist ~Mellow Pop~.

    3. A Baby Yoda puzzle that even the fam's the littlest padawan and most seasoned Jedi will be delighted to piece together.

    4. A book full of rainbow scratch art pages so the older members of the family can have a ~blast from the past~ and the younger set can discover the glory of scratching every inch of the paper off to find the full rainbow.

    5. An underwater disco light for the tub so you can party indoors by turning bath time into a veritable toddler rave.

    6. A kids' scratch-off book poster that essentially doubles as a childhood reading list — every time you read one of the 100 classic books on the poster, you get to scratch it off to reveal a little doodle. Now you'll never finish a book as a family and wonder what to read next!

    7. A Darth Vader ice mold just to put a lil' dark side flair into everyone's morning OJ — or, better yet, to melt chocolate down and refrigerate for a unique homemade candy mold.

    8. A set of Table Topics cards perfect for sitting around the dinner table or spending a rainy afternoon on the couch together. Each card comes with a thought-provoking question for everyone to take turns answering, and with six different themed sets to choose from, it'll grow with your family.

    9. A Frozen 2 Monopoly game so the entire family can journey through Arendelle, the Enchanted Forest, and ~Into The Unknown~ together while streaming the movie on Disney+.

    10. A DIY chocolate truffle kit that comes with all the mouthwatering ingredients you need for everyone in the family to have their own perfect, personalized truffles — you can even make them vegan!

    11. A bottle of odor-banishing Poo-Pourri, so nobody in the family ever has to come out of the bathroom and be all, "Uh, maybe give it a minute."

    12. A Super Mario-themed UNO deck, because UNO is so indisputably the perfect family card game that putting Mario and Princess Peach on them is the only way to improve it.

    13. A headphone splitter to mitigate some noise for those times when half the family is desperate to stream Moana for the 145th time and the other half of the family is like, "I've been staring at the edge of my tolerance, long as I can remember..."

    14. An illustrated Disney Princess cookbook that includes everything from Ariel's Sea Turtle Cupcakes to Rapunzel's Frying Pan Eggs, so you can all quite literally eat like ~royalty~ together.

    15. A Play-Doh garden set in tons of fun colors so everyone can let their imaginations run wild making lil' flowers and watering them with itty bitty Play-Doh strands.

    16. A set of vine-covered fairy lights to dress up the enormous blanket forts that, much like a cozy black hole, seem to be swallowing more of your blankets and pillows each day.

    17. A game of Family Charades that comes with six themed decks, so you can swap them out depending on how many generations are ready to rumble.

    18. A mini waffle maker so you can jazz up that boring afternoon snack time with chocolate chip-filled heart-shaped waffly perfection.

    19. A beginner-friendly 14-piece cake-decorating set complete with a piping bag and stainless steel tips, so everyone can reenact scenes from The Great British Bake-Off together and share the glorious (or less-than-glorious) results.

    20. An indoor s'mores maker so you can pull all the sleeping bags into the living room for an indoor campout and grill some 'mallows from the comfort of your own home.

    21. Plus a set of Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, because everyone knows that s'mores taste best when served with a side of spook 👻.

    22. A Question-A-Day journal for the whole family, so you can each answer certain questions each day and go back and revisit them in the years to follow, and see how much everyone in the family has grown.

    23. A set of Apples to Apples, a game of matching funny adjectives to random noun cards that can escalate REAL real fast, depending on your sense of humor.

    24. We Rate Dogs: The Card Game, which only slightly defeats the point of a "game" because the whole family will agree that with all these perfect puppers in hand, we're all winners here.

    25. A set of long-distance lamps you can use to stay in touch with family members who aren't at home with the rest of you. If you tap yours, theirs will light up wherever they are, so it'll be like you're right there in the room with them even when you're a bajillion miles away. Take that, space-time continuum!

    26. A copy of Gmorning, Gnight!: Little Pep Talks For Me & You, a treasure of a book made up of all the short, quirky, and deeply moving motivational tweets posted by Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda that are so universal that every member of the fam will feel them in their hearts.

    You after surprising the fam with these fun things and having an indoor part-ayyy:

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