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    26 Cute Face Masks You Can Buy Online

    This spring, you can wear your heart on your sleeve *and* on your mask.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Hey there! By now you've seen the CDC's guidelines recommending people wear nonmedical face coverings in public (and know whether or not they're mandatory in your area).

    Two cartoon people wearing masks

    1. A set of ~surprise~ assorted floral and patterned masks to keep your spring rotation fresh as a daisy.

    2. A set of two face masks with lil' hearts on them for anyone who wants to want their heart on their sleeve *and* on their mask.

    Reviewer in black face mask with subtle red heart on the right top side

    3. A sweet embroidered BaubleBar face mask for an elevated look that doesn't skimp on safety.

    A model in a black face mask with embroidered flowers

    4. A sweet little speckled face mask so you can keep your neutrals but still get a little playful with it.

    Model in white face mask with black speckled

    5. A set of reliable solid print face masks from Walmart, which carries them both in bright, pastel, and more basic colors.

    A model in a lavender face mask

    6. A set of Old Navy face masks, which come in *SUCH* a massive variety of cute prints for children and adults that you might end up perusing the site for days.

    7. A three-pack of Madewell face masks inspired by some of their prints, so you can mix and match with your favorite denim.

    A gingham face mask

    8. A set of Levi's iconic bandana print face masks for anyone tapping at their imaginary watch like, "Uh, summer? Would you hurry it up already?"

    9. A set of Target face masks in muted, sophisticated prints to instantly elevate any Power Outfit you decide to wear them with.

    three masks, one in olive green, another in black with brown dots, another in white with dark blue and brown floral

    10. A music-themed face mask you can get in different bands' styles to rep for all the best songs on your summer bangers playlist.

    A model in an AC/DC face mask

    11. A five-pack of spring-themed Athleta face masks a lot of reviewers swear by for breathability and a snug fit.

    12. A fully customizable face mask that comes in several sizes and *dozens* of themed fabrics, from pop culture icons to holidays to every hobby under the sun.

    Model in a gray face mask with white writing

    13. A set of assorted paisley print masks in grays and purples so you can straddle that line between "professional, but not super boring" like a champ.

    14. A ~surprise~ face mask in a bold print you can wear year-round — each mask is custom-made, so you won't know which of the beautiful prints you're getting until you open it.

    Masks in various colorful prints

    15. An anti-fog accessible face mask with a clear window — these are originally made to benefit the deaf and hard-of-hearing and ASL interpreters, but may also be a good gift for teachers! Especially those teaching younger kids who rely on social cues like smiling and expression more than older kids who understand what the masks are in place for.

    A model in a blue face mask with a transparent window for their mouth

    16. A set of comfy cotton face masks that reviewers don't just love for the cute prints, but because they're good "all-day wear" masks.

    17. A D.bleu.dazzled face mask to add a touch of bling to your look while still keeping you comfy and safe.

    A black face mask with bedazzled message that says "fancy"

    18. A sweet little floral Kate Spade face mask made in a print from the brand's Fall 2020 collection.

    A model in a pink floral face mask

    19. A set of playful Bonobos face masks to encourage you to mix and match your prints this spring, whether they're on your body or your face.

    20. An "I Woke Up Like This" face mask for anyone who's still managing to twirl on their haters, even from six feet away.

    A black mask with pink caps lock words "I woke up like this" in the middle

    21. A Sailor Moon-inspired face mask to remind us all of our daily routines: nap, fight against the forces of evil, snack, nap, repeat.

    Purple face mask with pink stars, yellow moons, and white bunnies

    22. A two-pack of cheerfully bright Rothy's face masks perfect for anyone who's tired of inhaling the fabric on their face masks all day.

    BuzzFeed writer in a pink face mask

    23. A set of three Tory Burch face masks made from seasonal prints, with all the proceeds going to various charities. (You may have spotted these on Oprah's Favorite Things last year ❤️.)

    Model in an orange floral print mask

    24. A Cotopaxi face mask in the brand's signature bright colors to put a lil' pep in your step.

    BuzzFeed editor in bright seafoam green mask with purple, yellow, and orange edges

    25. A wine print face mask so when someone asks which they'd prefer to drink tonight, they can be all, "Maskato." (Sorry.)

    A beige mask with cartoon white, red, and rosé wines

    26. A hand beaded Swatch Hub face mask that will, quite honestly, put the night sky to shame.

    A BuzzFeed writer in a navy blue face mask with sewn on gold star sequins

    Psst — a few little mask tips before you go!

    Three face masks hanging from Command hooks on the wall

    If you're looking for even *more* mask recommendations, though, I've also assembled a MASSIVE list of the best places to buy face masks online, including faves like Aerie, Old Navy, and Target, as well as a ton of cute Etsy shops ❤️.

    Just remember — masks are not a substitute for social distancing! You should still maintain a minimum of 6 feet of distance between you and other people when possible, and continue washing your hands and avoiding touching your face. Stay safe!