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    31 Affordable Environmentally-Friendly Products Reviewers Swear By

    Including unbreakable plates, a shampoo bar, and suuuuper soft undies.

    1. A set of three adorable, machine-washable Swedish dish cloths that are super absorbent and designed with a cross-hatch pattern for easier scrubbing. Each one of these can replace over a DOZEN paper towel rolls. The Brawny paper towel man is shaking.

    A person washing lettuce with a Swedish dishcloth

    2. Or a roll of reusable bamboo paper towels designed to replace six whole human months of them, since each one is washable and reusable up to 120 (!!) times.

    A person washing a mini watermelon suspended on a bamboo paper towel, demonstrating its durability

    3. A set of reusable silicone Stasher bags you can get in a ton of different sizes to help significantly cut down your plastic use, saving both your money *and* the environment. Plus, these work in more than just the fridge — they're freezer- and microwave-safe, too.

    A transparent aqua Stasher bag full of fruit

    4. A pair of period-proof underwear with full leak protection that'll significantly reduce your use of pads and tampons, even if you're only able to replace them with these for just a day of your period.

    A model in black period underwear

    5. A set of delightfully rainbow reusable metal straws complete with a traveling case and cleaning brush, so you can not only replace disposable straws, but do it with ~style~.

    12 rainbow tinted metal straws in four different shapes, a cloth case, and two straw-cleaning brushes

    6. Or a sleek, compact reusable straw keychain, so you can help save the environment AND make it that much easier to find your darn keys when you're rooting around for them in the abyss of your purse.

    7. A moisturizing semi-matte lipstick that's also vegan, paraben-free, nontoxic, and cruelty-free, and comes in so many tones you're bound to find your ~perfect nude~.

    A model wearing the "Peach Please" color lipstick

    8. A set of lightweight, degradable wheat straw plates that are also — much like Kimmy Schmidt — unbreakable.

    A set of three beige, pink, and pale blue dinner plates

    9. A sleek compost bin you can keep next to your kitchen sink, with an easy-grip handle and a flip lid that prevents odors from wafting out (I'm looking at you, banana peels).

    A white compost bin full of vegetable pieces

    10. A set of see-through mesh produce bags so you don't have to waste plastic using the ones in the grocery store.

    Three mesh bags full of fresh fruit

    11. An eco-friendly laundry detergent you'll especially love if you have sensitive skin — it's made with natural, organic, and biodegradable ingredients (and even comes in a compostable bottle!).

    A paper bottle with citrus laundry detergent

    12. A set of long-lasting Bee's Wrap food wraps that not only prevent food waste with a body warmth-activated wax sealing that keeps produce and leftovers fresh, but will save you money on one-use plastic alternatives, too.

    13. A bamboo cutlery set that rolls into a tidy carrying case, so you can take it with you on camping trips or just keep it in your bag just in case (in this world of many delicious ice creams, you'll never regret having a spare spoon on hand, TBH).

    The bamboo set laid out

    14. A bamboo face mask that's not only made with sustainable materials, but might actually help solve some of your summer mask problems by keeping you cooler in the heat.

    A model in a red face mask

    15. A set of five reusable, machine-washable, rip-proof grocery bags to replace your use of plastic and paper bags. Plus, they fold into neat little squares so you can easily keep them in your car, purse, or bag!

    A reviewer image of one of the bags laid out with four other bags still folded into small squares

    16. A pair of ethically-sourced underwear made with super-soft, earth-conscious Tencel fabric, which is produced sustainably from wood pulp.

    A model with dark skin in nude lingerie to match her skin tone

    17. A set of reusable wool dryer balls to consistently lessen the drying time of your clothes, *plus* soften fabric, help prevent wrinkles, and pick up all the pet hair that has become an accidental accessory to all your outfits.

    A person putting a wool dryer ball in with the laundry

    18. A set of chemical-free, naturally-activated charcoal and bamboo air freshening bags you can use to eliminate odors in your home.

    A small pyramid-shaped deodorizing bag perched on a couch in front of a dog

    19. A set of adorable animal-shaped silicone tea infusers to cut down on your single-use tea bags and the wrappers they come in.

    20. A vegan, ethically-sourced shampoo bar that comes in a compostable wrapper, so you don't have to use plastic bottles anymore (this one bar is enough shampoo to replace *three* of them, in fact).

    A bar of "sweet and spicy" shampoo to add volume

    21. Plus an eco-friendly, compostable shower container to extend the life of your shampoo, conditioner, or regular soap bars by helping them dry faster after use.

    A blue shower container with two bars of soap in it

    22. A set of biodegradable, compostable toothbrushes with soft charcoal bristles so you can have shiny teeth *and* a shinier planet.

    A reviewer image of a bamboo toothbrush

    23. Plus a set of biodegradable dental floss picks, for those of us who have been relying on the plastic ones to get in all those toothy nooks and crannies.

    A pack of mint dental floss picks

    24. An assorted variety pack of compostable coffee pods that include Espresso Roast, Hazelnut, Colombian, and — be still my heart — Donut Shop 🍩.

    A person holding a "Columbian Supremo" coffee pod

    25. Or a pour-over coffee maker made of glass, cork, and a permanent filter — now you can have a *chef's kiss* perfect cup of coffee without any waste.

    A transparent pourover coffee maker with coffee inside

    26. A set of reusable, organic bamboo makeup remover pads you can pop right into the washing machine in a laundry bag that comes with them.

    A stack of makeup pads at the laundry bag

    27. A set of biodegradable, compostable sponges made with plant-based fibers that are hecka durable and won't scratch the surfaces of whatever you're cleaning.

    A person using the sponge on a mug, a dirty bowl, a pot, and holding it up to show the porousness of it

    28. A recycled gift wrap embedded with wildflower seeds the recipient can use to start their own lil' garden, so they're basically getting two gifts in one 🌻.

    A set of wrapping paper in blue, purple, yellow, and pink

    29. A chic vegan cork "leather" slim cardholder you can easily slide into a pocket (that is, when you're not showing it off).

    Small cardholders in dark teal, sand, maroon, and burnt orange colors

    30. A set of reusable swabs designed to be the last ones you'll ever need, whether you're using them on your ears or to touch up your makeup.

    A reviewer image holding the case with two Q-tips, one with a pointed edge and one with a rough edge

    31. A set of compostable mailers for anyone who is sending lil' gifts to friends or runs any kind of small shop or business out of their home.

    A mailer that says "Hey! I'm a 100% Compostable Mailer" on the front

    You discovering it *is* easy being green:

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