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    Psst — You Can Get Any 3 Of These Products And Still Spend Less Than $20

    *Adds Baby Yoda cookie cutter, satin scrunchies, and fine tip glitter gel pens to cart*.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A sweet little s'mores-themed ChapStick collection to get delicious summer camp vibes in a snap.

    A chapstick case with milk chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker flavored chapsticks

    2. A set of three glitter gel pens with a smooth glide and *just* the right amount of subtle shine to put an extra bit of magic in everything you write.

    3. A glossy Harry Styles poster photo print of different songs from Fine Line, complete with their Spotify codes for IMMEDIATE ACCESS to "Watermelon Sugar" at all times.

    A model holding the photo-sized prints, which feature photos of Harry Styles to go with each song

    4. A handy reversible dishwasher magnet to prevent anyone in your home from inevitably yelling "ARE THESE CLEAN OR DIRTY??" right in the middle of a Zoom call with your boss.

    A magnet with floral watercolor that says "clean" on one side and "dirty" on the other

    5. An "Among Us" composition book you can use also use as an alibi — you couldn't be the impostor! You were journaling* the whole time!!

    Notebook with illustrated Among Us avatars all over it

    6. A Baby Yoda cookie cutter that takes "he's cute enough to EAT!!" to a whole other level.

    A bunch of Baby Yoda-shaped frosted cookies

    7. A set of two teensy pastel soap sheet dispensers perfect for when you're on the move — just add water, and one of these will suds right up so you can get your hands squeaky clean.

    Model holding a green pocket sized dispenser full of soap sheets

    8. A Rosé Apothecary wine label so you can get some much-needed Schitt's Creek vibes in your life, even if you're "into the wine, not the label."

    A pink wine label that says "rosé apothecary" and looks like the logo from the store on Schitt's Creek

    9. A set of six satin scrunchies designed to hold back your hair without damaging, pinching, or snagging. Your regular hair bands are shaking.

    10. A temporary tattoo from a shop with whoooole bunch of different designs, so there's bound to be one that'll match your vibe.

    11. A soothing milk and honey bar soap made with raw honey, olive oil, organic goat milk, vitamin E, and essential oils to ensure your skin will always ~bee~ well-nourished.

    A white and yellow streaked bar of soap imprinted with bees and honeycomb patterns

    12. A set of three stainless-steel playing card-shaped bottle openers you can slide right into a wallet. You can either spread them out in your bags or be a pal and gift your spares.

    A model popping a cap off a bottle with an ace of spade-shaped bottle opener

    13. A set of pretty pastel dermaplaning razors you can use to take care of those lil' unibrow hairs that keep dodging your tweezers or work whatever face fuzzies you might want to take care of in a gentle way.

    14. A whole bunch of Friends-themed stickers to stick all over your laptop and/or mail to your friends with reckless abandon. (If you have not started lawlessly sending stickers to your friends in quarantine, congratulations, you're about to find a new favorite hobby!!)

    Stickers with quotes and images of iconic moments from Friends

    15. A pair of bonkers cozy slipper socks your feet will be extremely grateful for all winter long.

    A pair of red and black plaid slipper socks

    16. A thick clear lip gloss that glides on without getting so sticky that half your hair ends up in your mouth the second you get hit by a gust of wind, and will give your lips the perfect gleam of your Instagram dreams.

    Reviewer with glossy lips holding up the lip gloss

    17. A sweet illustrated bookmark so pretty you might catch yourself getting distracted from your book to stare at it.

    18. A small selection of European chocolates that'll let your tastebuds take a fancy little vacation without leaving the couch.

    Small rectangular pieces of chocolate in a white box that says "merci"

    19. An itty bitty Beauty & The Beast book, because sometimes you'll be out and about and need your Belle fix IMMEDIATELY. Enter this tiny pocket-friendly version to save the day.

    20. A teensy tissue box home with "smoke" coming out of its chimney that's so darn precious you'll want one in every room.

    A white tissue box shaped like a house with a chimney that a tissue is coming out of, propped on a table

    21. A ridiculously popular "cat dancer" toy so both you and your furry bud can become the next TikTok sensation after filming all the shenanigans it will cause.

    22. A pair of goldfish-in-a-bag earrings — all of the cuteness of having two fish, and none of the "oh no, which one of them ate the other" when one's missing from the tank when you get home. (I'm not okay!!!)

    23. A pack of mini rainbow scratch art notes that will transport you back to your youth so fast that you will suddenly have a craving for Goldfish crackers and an Avatar: The Last Airbender rewatch so aggressive it cannot be ignored.

    24. A travel-sized whipped shower frosting so even those of us without bathtubs can feel decadent as heck while we're getting our suds on. Each of these comes with three unique layers of soapy ~frosting~, in so many combos that it might actually make your mouth water.

    A pink, blue, and white layered "pink flamingo" shower frosting jar

    25. A package of Mickey! Mouse! themed! Goldfish crackers!! Y'all. Now the magic of Disney isn't just in your heart, but also in your stomach ❤️.

    26. A headband with lil' kitty ears way more gentle for holding your hair back while you're doing your makeup or face masking than a hair tie.

    A reviewer with a face mask treatment on and the white kitty ear headband holding back their hair

    27. A hydrating rose sheet face mask made with rose extract, pearl extract, and collagen to give your skin a dewy glow.

    A pink sheet mask case with roses on it

    28. A set of adorable hanging cat spoons, because truly, is there a more purrrfect weekend breakfast companion than one that will stir your coffee and your heart?

    29. An adorable key cover if you have keys that all look a little bit *too* alike, or need to differentiate your house keys from other people's (woof @ that one time I took my roommate's keys to work!!).

    A black silicone cat on a keychain

    30. A sleek, compact reusable straw keychain so you can help save the world, one ridiculously chic accessory at a time.

    31. A versatile ribbed beanie with a sweet little pom-pom that proves the Venn diagram of being cozy and being cute is, in fact, a circle.

    Model in gray ribbed folded over beanie with white pom pom

    32. A tie-dye face mask so cute that whoopsy daisy, you might just buy it in every color.

    33. Plus a dainty face mask chain so you can keep your face mask on your person when you're driving between errands or eating.

    Small beaded face mask chains in nine colors

    34. A set of faux pearl bobby pins to instantly elevate any look to the point where you'll have to whisper "FASHION" at yourself whenever you catch your reflection in a mirror.

    Model with five bobby pins in their hair with faux pearls on them

    35. A set of heart-shaped measuring spoons with sweet little messages on them, so you can figuratively *and* literally bake from the heart.

    Four heart-shaped measuring spoons with messages like "a pinch of patience" and "a dash of kindness" on them

    36. A keychain hand sanitizer that comes with a ~surprise~ animal, so every time you sanitize your hands you can say hello to a little friend!!

    Mini hand sanitizers in animal shapes, including a bear, panda, owl, dolphin, flamingo, and unicorn

    37. A Disney-themed dessert sticker to adorn your laptop, water bottle, or planner. Warning, though — once you start following this shop's updates, you might never stop Disney dessert-ifying your stuff ✨.

    38. Essence's Lash Princess mascara that'll make your eyelashes feel like butterflies. This clump-free mascara is so buildable and long-lasting that it might just replace all the other go-tos in your lineup.

    A reviewer with long lashes holding up the mascara

    39. A reusable net grocery bag so chic that your produce might start to develop a *bit* of an ego about it.

    A person holding the net grocery bag filled with oranges

    40. A set of bag clips in the shape of little woodland creatures whose faces definitely have a "heck yeah, it's time for a midnight bowl of Cheetos" vibe to them.

    A variety of animal-shaped clips on bags

    You at your teensy little reusable straw when it arrives:

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