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    27 Basics From Amazon So Timeless You'll Wear Them Again And Again

    "What on earth am I going to wear?" —extremely not you, now that you're equipped with these classic-fitting coats, shoes, and tees.

    1. A standard faux-leather moto jacket you'll have to save for days you're feeling especially social, since everyone who sees you will be like, "Um, WHERE did you get that??"

    A model in a black zip up faux leather jacket with an asymmetrical front zip closure and belt at the bottom

    2. A pair of skinny jeans to effortlessly style with shoes in any season, whether it's a sneaker summer or an "I'm never taking these Ugg boots off" winter.

    Model in a pair of high waisted, dark denim skinny jeans

    3. A windproof fleece-lined softshell vest perfect for when you need warmth but don't want any added bulk — a true closet staple for walkers or runners on brisk, windy days.

    Model in a blue zip up vest with pockets and a high collar

    4. A knit beanie made from 100% cotton so soft and warm on your noggin that it will quickly become your new standard for quality hats.

    Navy knit beanie with rolled cuff

    5. A lightweight merino wool quarter-zip sweater to solve all your strategic layering woes for good — this is a perfect go-to for days when you need a little bit of extra warmth.

    model in a black quarter zip sweater

    6. A lightweight crewneck tee with a relaxed fit, because every wardrobe needs that *closet's kiss* perfect T-shirt to round it out, and this one's just the ticket.

    A model in the white t-shirt

    7. A cozy mock neck sweater in a classic oatmeal heather color that is so soft and cozy it will quickly outrank all the other sweaters in your closet.

    8. A zippered fleece you can use as a jacket or layer as a comfy base with a coat, making it the sleeper hero of every season.

    Model in a gray full zip fleece jacket with pockets and a high collar

    9. A pair of polarized cat-eye sunglasses, because truly, what is a more timeless trend than quietly judging people from behind your oh-so-chic lenses?

    Black polarized cat eye sunglasses with gold rims

    10. A two-pack of relaxed fit V-neck tees perfect for layering under flannel in the cold and tossing over bike shorts in the heat.

    11. A single-breasted shawl collar pea coat to reliably tie together all of your "yes, I am a professional" type outfits.

    12. A pair of high-quality high rise performance leggings, because why get leggings compressive enough to exercise in and leggings cozy enough to chill in when you can get a legging that does BOTH?

    Model in a pair of gray leggings

    13. A mid-rise jean with a casual-yet-professional vibe you'll always be grateful to have as an option on those days when you can't decide what to wear.

    14. A silky V-neck midi slip dress so versatile that your closet is basically salivating with all the potential — cute little T-shirts underneath it in summer! Thick patterned tights in winter! Flats when you're in a ~mood~ and combat boots when you're in a MOOD! You catch all my drifts.

    Model in the black version of the mid-length silky dress

    15. A fitted baseball cap that comes in so many colors you're bound to find your signature one and put it to good use on days you need a little shade (or a little downtime from dealing with your hair).

    16. A classic long belted coat you'll be especially grateful for in transitional weather — it's thick enough to keep you warm, but lightweight and versatile enough not to overheat you.

    17. A sherpa-lined denim jacket with an old school vibe that makes it a forever kind of staple, especially since it'll keep you warm as heck.

    model in dark denim button up sherpa lined jacket with collar

    18. A pair of white lace-up sneakers so you'll always have something trendy and comfortable on hand to pair with all your favorite jeans and dresses.

    A model in the white lace up sneakers

    19. A lightweight cardigan, aka a "just in case" cardigan — you know, the kind that takes up almost no space in your purse, but is extremely handy to have at the ready if the temperature drops.

    A model in a black button up cardigan

    20. A soft-brushed flannel button-down with a cozy but structured fit to make it a cold weather staple from fall through spring.

    A model in a grey heathered button down long sleeve flannel shirt

    21. An affordable Chelsea boot that'll play nice with pretty much all of the denim you own and then some.

    A model in a pair of camel ankle height chelsea boots

    22. A standard silk neck tie tot prove your closet staples don't have to be boring — this comes in so many fun prints you may be tempted to get one for every day of the week.

    23. An elegant cashmere sweater you can — praise be to the laundry gods — put in the washing machine without sacrificing any of its shape or softness.

    Model in a black cashmere crewneck sweater

    24. A super soft short-sleeved terry dress set to become your new warm weather staple — a particularly handy one, since it also transitions well with cardigans and jackets when it's just a lil' chilly.

    Model in above-the-knee length grey heathered short sleeved dress with crewneck

    25. A slouchy sweater so you'll always have a quick, easy outfit option — you can easily elevate it by tucking it into something high-waisted, or go for a more casual, loose weekend look with leggings.

    A model in a white sweater with slight balloon sleeves and a crewneck tucked into pants

    26. A silky slip skirt, because it escapes nobody's attention that this simple little number never seems to go out of style.

    a model in a black silky mid-length skirt

    27. A sophisticated pair of buckled mules that aren't just an excellent staple, but are also *wayyy* more comfortable than more expensive brands, so you'll actually put them to good use.

    Reviewer image of black mule shoes with a decorative metal buckle on the top of the foot

    When you get so excited about your new basics you accidentally try them all on at once:

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