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    All The Best Deals At Wayfair Right Now

    Up to 75% off items like standing desks, air fryers, easy home storage options, and more.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    It’s BuzzFeed Deals week, aka a full week dedicated to telling you about all the best sales, discounts, and promotions that the internet has to offer! We’re making it easy to find the most exciting bargains in fashion, beauty, home, and more from your favorite stores.

    Here are all the awesome deals in kitchen, home, outdoors, and storage you can score at Wayfair right now:

    1. 49% off a height adjustable standing desk that quite literally has your back — especially if you're someone who works from home and is reeeeally starting to feel the ache of sitting on your butt eight or more hours a day.

    A red standing desk propped on a table with two monitors on top of it

    2. 58% off a Staub bakeware set built to stand the test of time *and* the test of whatever you're cooking in it — these are nonstick, dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and easily stackable for storage. I can practically hear the future lasagnas and brownies calling your name.

    Two Staub baking dishes with blue exteriors, white interiors, and handles on the side

    3. 29% off a compact air fryer you will fall in love with so fast that it'll pay for itself and then some — this lil' bb uses rapid air technology to perfectly crisp anything from veggies to potatoes to chicken wings in a mere 20 minutes, all without using any oil.

    An air fryer device with a removable drawer at the bottom your can open to insert food into, and panels at the top to control cooking time and temperature

    4. 38% off revolving spice rack complete with 20 matching jars already labeled and filled with spices — truly an item so functional that you'd bring a small tear to Ina Garten's eye.

    The metal revolving spice rack with clear jars with black labeled lids sitting five to a row

    5. 36% off a simple white desk you can seamlessly add to any bedroom or room in your house without taking up too much space, but still giving you somewhere organized to focus.

    A white desk with silver legs and three little drawers

    6. 56% off a set of soft, lightweight sheets that are aggressively beloved (seriously, these have over 27,000 five-star reviews on Wayfair!) and will, in the words of Demi Lovato, keep you "cool for the summer."

    A set of purple folded sheets

    7. 63% off a six-quart, four-in-one multicooker with 10 different basic cooking settings that can make anything from *deep breath* soup, fish, chicken, braised meats, stews, chilis, rice, potatoes, bread, and CAKE.

    The multicooker on a kitchen counter next to a meal prepared in it

    8. 29% off a duvet cover set that comes in dreamy colors, from dusty lavender to chambray blue to almond, so your bedroom will feel like an oasis.

    A white duvet set on a bed

    9. 60% off zippered under-the-bed storage containers so you can take advantage of extra space when you're putting away clothes every season (sleep tight, all the tie dye tanks we bought this summer).

    Four rectangular zippered storage bags with clear tops and brown edges and handles on all sides

    10. 43% off a compact gold bar cart to add both some ~whimsy~ and sophistication to your living room, whether you're using it to stash wine or books.

    A gold wheeled bar cart with the sides shaped like circles

    11. 21% off a three foot tall mini fridge complete with a mini freezer — ideal for dorms, anyone who wants a "beverage fridge," or just a smaller option for a home office or for guests to be able to use in a pinch.

    A white mini fridge propped next to a desk

    12. 20% off dreamy outdoor lighting to make your porch or deck space look like something out of a fairy tale once the sun starts to set.

    13. 43% off a wooden storage bench for anyone who is very much over tripping on all the shoes collected at the door, and wants a sneaky, sophisticated place to stash 'em.

    A wooden bench with deep concealed storage under the seat

    14. 57% off a set of five glass storage bowls in different sizes, so you'll always have one that's juuuuust right for storing leftovers — no more wasting plastic or aluminum foil to get the job done.

    Five glass bowls in different sizes with red tops

    15. 41% off a stainless steel electric tea kettle for anyone who drinks tea in the morning like it's their job. This handy gadget is a perfect addition to your kitchen or even your bedroom, if you want some snuggly tea in bed.

    A copper colored electric kettle with a handle and spout

    16. 19% off an over-the-door shoe organizer, because it's time. Look at your shoes, look at your life. It could all be so much easier to navigate your closet than it is right now.

    A clear plastic over the door hanger with space for 12 pairs of shoes

    17. 73% off a colorful area rug to make your living room your happy place.

    A large rug on the floor of a living room with a Persian-inspired, distressed pattern in bright colors

    18. 45% off a Cuisinart tabletop coffeemaker that knocks out ten cups in one go — perfect for large families, or just highly caffeinated smaller households that need a little more pizzazz than that first cup.

    A sleek stainless steel coffee machine with buttons and a display for the time on top and two spots to brew coffee, one for a large carafe (included) and another tall enough for a travel mug

    19. 63% off a bObsweep PetHair robotic vacuum cleaner with mop attachment, because this is one area of your life you'll be *more* than happy to give the robots control over.

    A disc-shaped robot cleaner working on a hardwood floor

    20. 76% off an elegant gold end table that will give your space some subtle art deco vibes.

    A cylinder-shaped gold end table with metal circles all around the base holding up the top, with books and flowers on top

    21. 33% off a Novogratz platform bed frame to figuratively (and literally) elevate the look of your room, *and* provide you with some sneaky under-the-bed storage options.

    A bedroom with a bed propped on a white-painted platform bed frame with spokes with round finials in the middle of them

    22. 37% off an electric fireplace that is, quite frankly, a Big Autumn Vibe. You can either turn it on to emit heat, or just have it on heat-free so the fire aesthetic can add some coziness to a room.

    A small electric fireplace with fake wood on fire in it and wood paneling on the sides in a living room

    23. 27% off a duo of cereal dispensers, which yes, is extremely handy and convenient in terms of keeping your cereal fresh and accessible, but more importantly will make you feel like your kitchen is a fancy hotel with free breakfast.

    Two silver cereal dispensers with clear storage vessels for the cereal and twist knobs to dispense it

    24. 20% off an antibacterial drying mat that will especially come in handy when you're washing items too delicate for the dishwasher, and want something to cushion them (and prevent weird marks and smudges!) as they dry.

    A gray drying mat with dishes laid on it

    25. 74% off a wooden anti-microbacterial bread box complete with a slide-out storage drawer for a bread knife, so you can treat yourself to fresh bread *and* get personalized, perfect slices every time.

    Wooden bread box with a slide up and down compartment and a small drawer underneath for storage

    26. 49% off a gorgeous reversible quilt set that'll make your bedroom look like its own beautiful garden.

    A duvet decorated with pastel flowers

    27. 51% off a mid-century modern style nightstand with distinctive angled legs and plenty of room in its two drawers for all your midnight snacks.

    A square-shaped wooden nightstand on angled legs

    28. 29% off a mauve velvet headboard for a fun but sophisticated twist to your bedroom decor.

    The headboard staged on a made bed

    29. 48% off a gold accent chest with drawers for storing the loose odds and ends in your bedroom, and giving everything around it a glamorous feel.

    A subtly shiny gold cabinet, approximately the height of a nightstand, with three drawers with art deco-esque designs and reflective mirror panels on them

    30. 20% off a gray wash console table, because you are a proud plant parent to succulents who deserve to be elevated in your living room next to some quality lamp light.

    A gray wash wood table behind a couch and approximately the same height as the couch, with a level on the top and bottom for displaying decorative pieces like lamps and books

    31. 44% off a supremely comfortable, weather-resistant wicker sectional seating couch for all your summer lounging needs.

    A large cushioned wicker outdoor seating couch in seven pieces that can be arranged in different ways, including a square table in the middle of them

    32. 30% off a statement-making salad bowl for family dinners, made so beautifully that it may just live on the kitchen table whether it's full of croutons or not.

    A wood grain finished salad bowl with matching spoon and fork serving utensils

    33. 47% off pillow inserts in standard sizes, so you can easily and more affordably swap out pillow covers depending on the season or whatever you're feeling at the moment.

    White pillow inserts in square and rectangular shapes

    34. 68% off an an elegant upholstered bench for your living room, or th eedge of your bed bed — ideal not just for adding some character to a room, but for propping up all your favorite books and rotation of throw blankets.

    A white upholstered bench in a living room

    35. 20% off a set of two floating planters to make your bedroom or workspace feel more open and relaxed by letting a lil' bit of Mother Nature in.

    Two white triangular planters hung by gold diamond-shaped frames

    36. 32% off a black floral area rug that is, first and foremost, a Mood (TM) — the kind that will tie together a room in a way that is both subtle and dramatic at the same time.

    A large black rug with white and gray distressed detailing

    37. 34% off a cheerful glass door accent cabinet you'll put to good use displaying your prettiest plates, books, or dinnerwares, because why buy pretty things if you're just going to hide them in a drawer?

    A yellow cabinet with glass window doors

    You can check out the rest of Wayfair's deals this week for more useful and stylish finds!! Happy shopping, y'all.

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