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    42 Affordable Things To Make Your Space Feel Way More Personal

    2021 is the year for your "cute home decor in the background of your Zoom call" flex.

    1. An eye-catching handmade moon phase garland perfect for anyone whose vibe is celestial first, everything else second.

    A gold garland strung above a bed with moons in waxing and waning phases strung along it

    2. A set of popular fairy lights that will instantly brighten a dim room up in an unconventional way — it even comes with eight different light modes, including a *twinkle* mode, with a controller attached to the lights so you can easily switch between them.

    A dark window with sheer curtains and yellow fairy lights strung up illuminating it

    3. Plus a set of LED light strips that lets you customize the color, brightness, and timing of the lights, and control it through an app on your phone. Why settle for an ordinary TV when you can make it look like a Fancy As Heck TV??

    4. A set of floating shelves perfect for adding some dimension to the room *and* giving you a place to display all your Funkos and knickknacks.

    A set of three rectangular floating shelves in different sizes in a gray light wood installed on top of each other on a wall

    5. A set of corduroy pillow covers so you can switch up the color accents on your bed or cozy up your old reading chair (which, thanks to these, just became your napping chair).

    Pillows with pastel pink corduroy covers on them

    6. A leather tissue box to make your regular tissue boxes look oh-so-chic and set a sophisticated tone for the whole room.

    A black marble leather tissue box cover with gold hardware and a tissue coming out of the top

    7. A truly iconic tortilla blanket so that everyone in your household can achieve the greatest aspiration of them all: becoming a human burrito.

    8. A set of three adorable, machine-washable Swedish dish cloths you can get in all sorts of different patterns to match your kitchen's vibe.

    A person washing a knife and fork with a square-shaped Swedish dish cloth with happy cats printed on it.

    9. A digital download of WFH-themed wall art with some *Zoom's kiss* level sass to give you something to look forward to when you post up at your desk for the day.

    10. A statement wall decal that's preeeetty much a godsend for renters — all the joy of having a gorgeous design on the wall without any of the explaining why the paint doesn't match to your landlord later.

    A wall decal shaped like a pink and ivory cluster of flowers stuck to a wall

    11. Or a pack of constellation wall decals perfect for anyone whose aesthetic is positively cosmic 💫.

    Little gold minimalist stickers with star and constellation shapes on a wall

    12. A night-light projector with customizable options to make your entire ceiling look like the night sky or calming ocean waves, instantly making any room in your house feel like the inside of a space odyssey movie.

    13. A set of minimalist wall hooks so you can show off all your cutest and quirkiest accessories instead of making them hide unappreciated in a drawer.

    14. An eye-popping small neon sign you can install on your wall that comes in a *bunch* of cute messages and designs, whether your room is an oasis or, as I like to call my own pink bedroom, a Hello Kitty dungeon.

    15. A set of customizable modern labels for rooms all over your house, because what is a bathroom or a pantry if not an opportunity to showcase your Personal Brand?

    Two bottles of shampoo and conditioner with minimalist white labels

    16. Plus a set of stainless-steel and glass soap dispensers so you can streamline the entire look.

    A customer review photo of four soap dispensers in their shower.

    17. A set of photo clip string lights so you can print out all your favorite memories and relive the magic of them every time you wake up or fall asleep ❤️.

    18. A mini retro-inspired Bluetooth speaker you can set on your desk or your kitchen counter to do all your sound-related bidding, whether it's playing your Work Jams playlist on Spotify (read: just a whooole bunch of Beyoncé) or taking calls.

    Mini retro-looking radio speakers in blue, green, and pink

    19. A toilet night-light for the rave vibes that, quite frankly, your otherwise boring toilet deserves. A bonus is that you can also navigate the bathroom at night without stubbing your toe on 86 things.

    A toilet glowing blue

    20. A tiered plant stand so you can add a relaxing focal point to any room (not to mention a Proud Plant Parent flex).

    A wooden plant stand with five tiers and places for

    21. A sophisticated tile backsplash to give your boring kitchen some personality at a fraction of the price and *none* of the commitment — the adhesive is easily removed if you change your mind or are renting.

    22. A Baby Yoda dishwasher magnet so cute that washing the dishes will be your new favorite chore. This lil' bub is reversible, so you'll always know whether the dishes in the dishwasher are "clean" or "dirty" and avoid any dirty dish-related mishaps.

    23. A bunch of teensy macaron boxes for a delightful upgrade to many rooms in your house, whether it's storing pills or trinkets or just staring at them looking all fancy and French on your bedside table.

    Tiny macaron boxes holding pills and jewelry

    24. A light-up essential oil diffuser and humidifier perfect for getting any room in your home to your *precise* standard, from the scent (might I recommend a soothing lavender??) to the humidity level.

    25. A boba tea light complete with ITTY BITTY BOBA on the inside that actually roll around — perfect for anyone who has their local boba place's menu memorized to a tee.

    A small light shaped like a glass of bubble tea with a smiley face on it

    26. A set of peel-and-stick staircase stickers so you can feel like you're going on a thrilling adventure every time you actually just need to go upstairs to grab your computer charger.

    27. A zodiac sign ring dish to add a little bit of ~twinkle~ from your very own star sign to your nightstand.

    The small dishes in yellow, pink, and blue with zodiac constellations and the zodiac sign name

    28. A luxe velvet swivel desk chair to add a touch of vintage sophistication to an otherwise modern setup in any room of the house. (Also, desk chairs that spin > all desk chairs ever.)

    29. A monogrammed cheese platter with deep grooves perfect for crackers, olives, grapes, and most likely your tears when you behold how beautiful it is displayed on your kitchen counter.

    A dark wooden cheese platter with a groove in the shape of a "Z" with food inside

    30. A lightweight vinyl line art planter to add some distinctive shine wherever your space needs it most.

    A white plastic planter with line vinyl design in rose gold of a person with their head resting in their hands

    31. An adorable We Rate Dogs daily calendar to brighten up your day every single time you sit down at your desk. What? Did we do?? To deserve dogs????? 😭

    A daily tear off calendar with a picture of a cute dog on it and a little blurb about it

    32. An edgy skull pen holder (or little planter!) so you can get the vibe that teen you always dreamed of: sophisticated, but make it goth as heck.

    33. A mid-century modern side table that is also — be still my millennial heart — a secret Bluetooth *speaker*, so anyone who walks into your home will know that you are the Designated Spotify Playlist Maker for life.

    The speaker side table displayed next to sofa in a living room

    34. A set of quirky peel-and-stick floor tiles so you can get the *precise* vibe you want for your bathroom or kitchen — these are water-resistant, washable, and don't require any special tools to install, so it's as simple as it is chic.

    35. A set of sheer drapes so you can get your full woodsy, ethereal aesthetic without the whole "now I have to maintain a living thing" aesthetic.

    The sheer drapes with what looks like green vines running down either side on a window

    36. A record/magazine/Cool Stuff holder that'll not only help you organize your life a bit, but will give you the opportunity to make your favorite things part of the decor.