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A Cab Driver Went Nuts When He Was Asked To Move For An Ambulance

All because he didn't want to move for an ambulance.

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This Capital Taxi driver is parked in front of the Rideau Centre, Ottawa's downtown shopping centre. A security guard asks him to move because an ambulance is on its way. The driver refuses to budge.

As people plead with him to move, the cab driver gets even more heated, shouting a string of profanity-laced insults out his window. It was caught on film and uploaded to YouTube.

The security guard reapproaches the car. That results in more insults from the driver, who is being held back by someone standing at his window.

The security guard asks the cab driver yet again to move for the ambulance. The driver calls the guard a "crackhead."

Hanif Patni, the head of Coventry Connections — the company that runs Capital Taxi — told Global News that the driver has been suspended until they figure out what to do with him. He said the whole thing was "very, very disturbing."

Patni said:

We're going to look into it, but obviously there is no way he's going to drive in the meantime and even after we've made our decision there's going to be tough decisions to make unfortunately and we know he could very well lose his livelihood.

According to CBC Ottawa, the city has also suspended the taxi driver's licence.

Watch the whole video.

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