Here's Where Refugees Coming To Canada Are From — And Where They've Gone

    Until last year, very few refugees came from Syria.

    According to data provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, more than 23,000 refugees came to Canada last year.

    Canada's biggest year for taking in refugees over the past 25 years was in 1991, when Canada took in more than 54,000.

    So far this year, Toronto has been the top destination for refugees:

    As was the case in the United States, very few refugees came from Syria until last year.

    Instead, they mostly came from Iraq, Colombia, and Afghanistan.

    Syrian refugees have been admitted the most in 2015.

    The number of resettled Syrian refugees will continue to rise in the coming months as Canada takes in an additional 25,000.

    Already this month, 271 Syrian refugees have reportedly been resettled in Canada.

    The government said that the refugees are destined for 36 cities that have the necessary services and supports in place. The list of cities is expected to grow, though.