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Someone At Canada's Defence Department Apparently Isn't A Fan Of The Military Police

The editor changed the police force's motto to "Harassing."

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Someone at Canada's defence department isn't a fan of the Military Police, apparently.

On Wednesday, a Wikipedia editor using a Department of National Defence computer changed the motto on the police force's page from "Securitas" (Security) to "Harassates" (Harassing).

Yes, the editor even tried to maintain the Latin format.

The change came from an Internet Protocol address registered to the Department of National Defence.

Canadian Forces Military Police Wikipedia article edited anonymously from Canadian Department of National Defence

The same IP address changed it back about 20 minutes later.

The IP address, likely shared by multiple computers, has been scolded by other Wikipedia users for page vandalism more than a dozen times in recent years.


"These changes are truly unfortunate and, obviously, do not represent the views of the institution," DND spokesperson Dan Le Bouthillier said in an email. "Such actions are ill-advised and we are looking into this matter."

The Military Police investigate crimes within the Canadian Armed Forces and defence department, so it isn't hard to imagine why someone there might not fully appreciate the police force's work.

Wikipedia vandalism is nothing new in the federal public service. In September, someone using a DND computer wrote that Syrian refugee families have “extra large dildos.”

At the time, a DND spokesperson said the edits were "unequivocally reprehensible” and that management was investigating.

The federal government and the military both have rules that prohibit using workplace computers to engage in inappropriate activity.

Last year, Military Police arrested and interviewed a member of the military in Nova Scotia as part of an investigation into online comments about the late Rehtaeh Parsons.

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