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The White House Is Trying Way Too Hard To Impress Canada

~friendship flowers and sugary mountains~

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So the two bros decided to have a big fancy dinner at Obama's place.

And let's just say the folks at the White House are trying REALLY HARD.

The Obama's breaking out the best China for official State visit of PM Justin Trudeau

There are flowers that represent ~friendship~.

White House florist says yellow has been used because it's "first colour of spring and the colour of friendship."

And 22 goddamn little sets of sugary trees "inspired by the splendor of the Rocky Mountains."

Did you notice the little bear and deer? They are made out of sugar too. The pastry chef made 22 of these plates

K but where is the dessert depicting the splendour of Ottawa's urine-stained Rideau Street?

"Keeping with the dinner theme, the dessert course reflects the memory of winter..."

Dessert will feature a sugar sculpture, I'm at the White House now, about to get a look, but no tasting :(


The White House is so eager to impress Canada that it's even SLAYING BELOVED CHILDREN'S PUPPETS FROM THE 90s for the meal.

Guys the main course at the Trudeau #statedinner is baby lamb chops. #PMJTinDC

"The White House Chef speaks of a progressive, healthy menu in the image of JT and his wife."

La chef de la MB parle d'un menu progressif, santé à l'image de JT et de son épouse #polcan #PMDC

Tame that thirst, White House.

Oh, and *of course* there's poutine...

Don't worry guys: one of the canapés tomorrow is a take on a duck Poutine. #PMJTinDC

...That actually sounds delicious.

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