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The Auditor General’s Office Just Laid A Sick Burn On This Journalist


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Usually the auditor general's Twitter account is boring as hell.

The AG will be participating in a panel at the CPA Canada’s Public Sector Conference on October 7–8 at the Shaw Convention Centre in Ottawa.

Couldn't finish reading that tweet, too boring.

Then in July came some hint that sassier tweets might follow.

@alisonborealis We're expanding our use of social media and streamlining our process. More visibility for the CESD through the OAG account

"Expanding," eh?

Meanwhile, there's a journalist in Ottawa who likes to comment on Auditor General Michael Ferguson's ARF (angry resting face).

The Auditor General has arrived. He says he's happy to be here, but it looks like his angry face. #cdnpoli

*DJ Khaled voice*: Another one.

AG Michael Ferguson listens to reporters' questions. Angry resting face? #cdnpoli

Just relentless.

Then, on Tuesday, came another burn about Ferguson's face as he released his yearly report.

And here's the AG, angry resting face and all. #cdnpoli

The people running the AG's Twitter account had had enough.

@journo_dale As an Office with an environmental mandate, we appreciate your recycled tweets. Thank you for your interest in our reports.

Ohhhhhhhhh shit!


The Canadian Press / BuzzFeed Canada

In a totally exclusive interview with BuzzFeed Canada, Dale Smith said he wasn't hurt, but acknowledged it was a sick burn.

"That's practically some drag queen-level shade they're throwing," he said, laughing.

Despite getting absolutely destroyed by a government Twitter account, Smith said he might keep the joke going in the future.

But anyone thinking of making fun of Michael Ferguson's thick, menacing brows and stern gaze should proceed with caution: His office is savage AF on Twitter.

Auditor General of Canada / BuzzFeed Canada

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