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A Magazine Once Named Mike Duffy One Of Canada's 10 Sexiest Men

Chatelaine said Duffy was a "guy who stands out like a sticky bun in a breadstick society.”

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When they hear the name Mike Duffy, most Canadians nowadays think of the Senate, its expense scandal, and a weird — but not criminal! — $90,000 cheque.


But back in ~the day~, the Ol' Duff was a prominent TV journalist.

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And... a babe?


Chatelaine thought so.

...Sept 1987 we chose Duffy as one of 🇨🇦's “10 Sexiest Guys”—hugely huggable "guy who stands out like a sticky bun in a breadstick society.”

"...a sticky bun in a breadstick society."

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Chatelaine dug up the old issue on Friday to correct the Toronto Star, which had wrongly reported that Duffy was one of the magazine's sexiest men of '91.

...It was “muckraker” journalist Michael Harris—not Duffy—who was Mr. November in our “Hot Hunks” package that year.

Oh, okay.

The Toronto Star made sure to correct the grave error immediately.

.@Chatelaine Thx for letting us know. Correction: 'Hugely huggable' Duffy was one of Chatelaine's sexiest men in '87

Then the magazine made us truly salivate.

...Hmm, suddenly feel like baking sticky buns. Caramel-pecan sticky buns!

Well played, Chatelaine, well played.

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