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    33 Things Only People From Windsor-Essex Will Understand

    The real Southwestern Ontario.

    1. You were literally born and raised in South (of) Detroit.

    Google Maps / Via

    And you're always belting out that line with your friends when Journey comes on.

    2. You know someone who builds Chrysler minivans.

    3. And you turn workplaces into possessive pronouns all the time.

    Rebecca Cook / Reuters

    "I work at Chrysler's."

    4. You use Fahrenheit for warm temperatures and Celcius for cold temperatures.

    Jet stream is blocking the cooler temps north and west of us through Saturday. #backchannel

    THANKS, America.

    5. On road trips, you know you're close to home when everything gets flat and windmills start popping up in the fields.

    Wikimedia Commons / Via

    6. You know that Dairy Freez opening in the spring is everything.

    Emma Loop

    7. But you also dread the arrival of fish flies.

    8. You've bought cactuses at Colasanti's...and probably let them die a month later.

    Emma Loop

    9. And on your way out, you've picked up one, or two…or 12 of their fresh doughnuts. πŸ‘…πŸ©

    10. You've had to convince your cell phone company that those roaming charges were garbage because you never left Canada.

    Lovely of Bell Canada to rob me - again! - by charging me $180 "roaming" fees for using my phone in Windsor #worstphoneserviceproviderever!


    11. You know that sweet kicks are $29 or 2 for $50 at Mr. Alan's, but never actually shopped there.

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    12. You probably mispronounce French road names.

    Google Maps
    Google Maps

    "Pee-air-ee" and "Oh-let" avenues.

    13. And pronounce your A's a little differently, too.

    CSIRO/Wikimedia Commons / Via

    You pronounce it "paw-sta" instead of "pass-ta."

    14. You've been hit with that yeasty smell in Walkerville.

    #Prohibition bottle in the @cc_whisky archives: #Windsor Distilleries #Canadian #Rye #Malt #Whiskey So #gangster!

    Just the sweet scent of booze-makin'.

    15. And you've gotten stuck behind truckloads of sharp-smelling tomatoes in August.

    Wikimedia Commons / Via

    Long-live Essex County tomatoes!

    16. You've picked a fresh bouquet of tiger lilies from a ditch.

    Ulf Eliasson/Wikimedia Commons / Via

    17. You've gone to Point Pelee in the fall to see the monarch butterflies coat the trees on their way to Mexico.

    Parks Canada / Via

    18. You recognize the joy that is Penalty Box's chicken delight. 😍

    TripAdvisor / Via

    19. You've partied all day on Crystal Bay.

    Emma Loop

    And, if your boat is small enough, you've swam in the ~ secret place ~ known as Hidden Lake.

    20. Your parents took you to Jack Miner's to feed the geese, and it made you think geese were nice.

    Facebook: JackMinerMigratoryBirdSanctuary

    ...until they pecked you.

    21. You've seen some crazy thunderstorms roll through from Michigan.

    22. You love that Windsor real estate is so cheap.

    Remax / Via

    In Toronto, $200,000 gets you a shed.

    23. You and your friends ventured down to the end of Texas Road in Amherstburg on Hallowe'en. πŸ‘»πŸ’€

    View this video on YouTube

    24. You've had to convince people that Windsor literally has some of the best pizza in the world.

    And you will never stop bragging about it.

    25. And you like to brag about growing the most delicious sweet corn in the world, too.

    26. You've also been #blessed with American radio.

    One thing I miss about Windsor is the radio stations in Detroit. Where's the gangster rap at Toronto?!

    Suck it, CanCon βœ‹πŸΌ

    27. Unlike most of the country, you get your groceries at Zehrs β€” not Loblaws.

    Nate Enyedi/Wikimedia Commons / Via

    28. You either think the Windsor Hum is a silly myth or know it's real and that you're not being told the whole story.

    Wikimedia Commons / Via

    Is it really Zug Island or is it, like, aliens?

    29. You've actually crossed the border to pick up mail or packages just to avoid the crazy Canadian shipping fees.

    30. You celebrate Fat Tuesday with pΔ…czkis (pronounced poonch-skis).

    Wikimedia Commons / Via

    31. And you drink Vernors, not Canada Dry.

    Beth J. Harpaz / The Associated Press

    Pair it with a Detroit Coney dog and you're golden. πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

    32. You've sat on a blanket for hours along the river in June just to get a good spot to watch the most badass fireworks show.


    33. And, like a lot of people, you might have had to move away for work and still miss home like crazy.

    Emma Loop

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