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33 Things Only People From Windsor-Essex Will Understand

The real Southwestern Ontario.

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2. You know someone who builds Chrysler minivans.

Instagram: @mitpool

Hi Dad!


4. You use Fahrenheit for warm temperatures and Celcius for cold temperatures.

Jet stream is blocking the cooler temps north and west of us through Saturday. #backchannel

THANKS, America.

7. But you also dread the arrival of fish flies.

Instagram: @msglightfoot

When they crunch under your car tires 😷😷😷


9. And on your way out, you've picked up one, or two…or 12 of their fresh doughnuts. πŸ‘…πŸ©

Instagram: @colasanti_farms

10. You've had to convince your cell phone company that those roaming charges were garbage because you never left Canada.

Lovely of Bell Canada to rob me - again! - by charging me $180 "roaming" fees for using my phone in Windsor #worstphoneserviceproviderever!


11. You know that sweet kicks are $29 or 2 for $50 at Mr. Alan's, but never actually shopped there.

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14. You've been hit with that yeasty smell in Walkerville.

#Prohibition bottle in the @cc_whisky archives: #Windsor Distilleries #Canadian #Rye #Malt #Whiskey So #gangster!

Just the sweet scent of booze-makin'.


21. You've seen some crazy thunderstorms roll through from Michigan.

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23. You and your friends ventured down to the end of Texas Road in Amherstburg on Hallowe'en. πŸ‘»πŸ’€

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25. And you like to brag about growing the most delicious sweet corn in the world, too.

Instagram: @mitpool


26. You've also been #blessed with American radio.

One thing I miss about Windsor is the radio stations in Detroit. Where's the gangster rap at Toronto?!

Suck it, CanCon βœ‹πŸΌ