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    16 Canadian Politicians Who Are Basically Pokémon

    Members of Parliament with uncanny resemblances to the original 151.

    1. Justin Trudeau: Vulpix

    Dat hair.

    2. Stephen Harper: Hitmonlee


    3. Rob Anders: Snorlax

    4. Tom Mulcair: Charizard

    So orange. So fiery.

    5. Marc Garneau: Ditto

    6. Steven Blaney: Mewtwo

    7. Greg Rickford: Lickitung

    8. Megan Leslie: Eevee

    9. Nathan Cullen: Ghastly

    10. Paul Dewar: Psyduck

    11. Eve Adams: Jynx

    12. James Bezan: Geodude

    13. Pierre Poilievre: Mankey

    14. Libby Davies: Clefable

    15. Tony Clement: Farfetch'd

    16. Gilles Duceppe: Wigglytuff