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Awesome New Nando's Menu Items Launching Next Week

Nando's love to ensure we always keep coming back for more. The new menu is no exception, with new burgers, sauces and salads you might be straying from your tried and tested order the next time you visit. I was invited to Nando's St Enoch centre, Glasgow to try out some of the new menu items ahead of official launch next week, here is what they had for us.

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Thigh Burger with Red Pepper Chutney

A soft toasted roll, two grilled chicken thighs basted in your favourite Nando's sauce, topped with cheese and drenched with red pepper chutney (think a cross between red pepper dip and chilli jam). Messy, but a delightful twist on your classic chicken burger.

Hummus with Everything

You can now order a scoop of hummus with your salad (and were hoping with everything else). Pictured here with the old staple Mediterranean salad, the hummus scoop comes sprinkled with seed mix, a great alternative to chicken for vegetarians, or in addition to your chicken.

Improved Prego Steak Roll

The prego steak roll is changing again, this time with the addition of a layer of spinach at the bottom to bring back some green. The steak itself is softer than ever before and delicious drenched in Nando's baste. Give it a try if you are looking for a cheeky change.

Thigh Salad

This salad packs an astounding 36g(est) of protein, and is a super filling, low-carb alternative to your traditional Nando's meal. The thighs have crispy skin but no bones, and have been incredibly popular since their introduction a few years ago.

The new menu will be available from Tuesday 18th October 2016 at Nando's stores nationwide. Now scroll back up and check out that oozing burger again. You know you want to.

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