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    7 Reasons To Totally Love Disney Channel's Rowan Blanchard

    Rowan Blanchard is even cooler than Girl Meet's World's Riley Matthews.

    1. She's only 13 and has some serious style!

    Rowan Blanchard / Via

    2. She gave this incredible speech on gender equality.....

    View this video on YouTube

    3. ....and after she danced to Beyonce. Truly one of us.

    4. She and Sabrina Carpenter (who plays Riley's BFF Maya) are real life BFFs too!

    5. She loves her fans!

    Via Twitter: @cabellossmile

    6. Her favorite Boy Meets World character is Mr. Feeny!

    "Obviously Cory and Topanga are the coolest people on earth, and Shawn's incredible, but my favorite characters are Mr. Feeny and Eric."

    7. She has the best tumblr, like, ever.


    Serious goals.

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