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    20 Vintage-Inspired Etsy Products Under $40

    Something old AND something new!

    1. This cool coffee maker made from pipe fittings that is sure to upgrade your kitchen.

    2. A USA sweatshirt just in time for a Fourth of July night...

    3. ...or celebrate with this Americana wood sign showing all the ways we might feel about the country right now.

    4. A set of 3 posters for an easy way to achieve a retro vibe.

    5. A Ford trucker hat for cruising around town, whether it's in a truck or not!

    6. Get nostalgic for your elementary school teacher rolling in a boxy TV with this Reading Rainbow tee.

    7. Or, if you want to be more subtle about your nostalgia, you can go for this enamel pin.

    8. Change up your space with this cute floral wallpaper!

    9. These adorable vinyl coasters that you can customize to have your favorite song and its Spotify code!

    10. This stoneware piece that could be used as a vase, bookend, statement piece, etc.

    11. A strawberry dad hat perfect for everything from foraging with friends or hiking in the hills.

    12. A Yosemite National Park crewneck to show off your love of vintage style AND nature.

    13. A vintage canon enamel pin for your backpack, jean jacket, or camera bag.

    14. A handmade fountain pen to channel your inner Jo March.

    15. A pretty pin-up girl perfect for any /cool/ bathroom.

    16. This Peaches Records shirt for a sunny day listening to vinyls with pals or pets.

    17. Show your guests your commitment to Save The Bees with this bee-utiful poster!

    18. A chic bohemian rug to lighten up any space.

    19. These Victorian chemist bottles make beautiful vases with their aqua glass and original labels.

    20. Finally, you can show off your love for the 70's, nature, and the female form with this groovy poster.