Is Boo Just A Pomeranian With a Haircut?


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Boo is the world's. cutest. dog. He has 16 million likes on Facebook, which is 5% of the population in the US. He has two books, his own stuffed animal, and a Wikipedia page.

But have you ever really thought about Boo?

Is Boo really that special?

What if Boo is an asshole?

Or worse, what if Boo is just a Pomeranian with a really good haircut?

Buddy is Boo's photobombing sidekick, and he's got a full blow-out.

It turns out that Boo and Buddy are Pomeranians. The dogs have the same coloring, the same eyes, and even the same smile.

If you gave Buddy a haircut, would he look like Boo?


So, I began my hunt for a Pomeranian dog parent, in the hopes that they'd be willing to offer up their pup for the cause.

seeking pomeranian pet owners in boston for an article on boo, the world's cutest dog

Meet Butters, dog of Chicago. Butters was energetic with a sweet smile. He looked exactly like Buddy.

Would Butters look like Boo?

"Boo is special because of his haircut," said Rachel, our groomer. "People come in with their Pomeranians and request the 'Boo haircut' all the time."

"But do you think Butters will look like Boo?," I asked.

"Butters has the same type of hair as Boo, and is the same size," she said. "I think we can do it."

Honestly, I was really sad. I'd wanted to know the answer for so long, and deep down I thought it would be possible to create a dog like Boo.

Special thanks to Bark Bark Club in Chicago and Trina Palmer, Butters' Mom

Photos by Rena Naltsas

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