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46 Thoughts Every Girl Has While On The Wedding Section Of Pinterest

We all have that board

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1. Before I start homework I’m going to check Pinterest really quick..

2. That’s a cute wedding dress my friend just posted!

3. I better go look at what else she has pinned

4. She has 4,593 pins on her “events” board…

5. Girl we all know “Events” means wedding, you aren’t kidding anyone

6. But actually you have some cute ideas for your imaginary wedding

7. A hot apple cider bar is obviously needed

8. Maybe a fall wedding is the way to go

9. Oh man, that succulent bouquet is perfection itself

10. You would really be stupid not to put succulents in your bouquet

11. They are a hearty yet beautiful plant

12. Those things have some weight, my bouquet toss would be fantastic

13. Done. Succulent bouquet is happening.

14. Crap, I don’t have a wedding board yet

15. Am I going to get judged for creating one?

16. My last relationship was 6 months ago…

17. Nope, I’m going for it


19. Perhaps I should venture into the general wedding section

20. If I Re-Pin too many of my friends wedding ideas we could have a pre-wedding pre-engagement pre-relationship Bridezilla moment

21. Ok the wedding section

22. I have never thought of gifts for my parents!

23. My mom is going to need a hand stitched tissue with a heartfelt message

24. I need to learn to stitch first though

25. Ok pinning and I will worry about learning needlepoint later

26. Sweet Gallifrey there is a TARDIS on the bottom of that high heel

27. It’s official my something blue is going to be the TARDIS

28. And my mom said I would never find a classy way to put Doctor Who in my wedding


30. Pinterest has once again saved the day

31. Look at that ring!

32. It is perfection in silver

33. Sending to my BFF so when my future boyfriend asks her for advice on my ring she can pull this pin up and he can get this exact one

34. This plan is full proof

35. Aww how nice she sent me a pin of her the ring she want

36. This is perfect now we will both have our dream rings

37. Water dispensers for Jack and Coke for the reception?!

38. Pinterest has actually thought of everything

39. A spiral would be an interesting way of setting up a ceremony

40. Would it be awkward though?

41. Nah, it would be unique and intimate. Pinning.

42. Why does everyone say planning a wedding is so hard?

43. This is fun, I’ve pretty much done everything and it’s only been what? 20 minutes?

44. Just kidding, more like an hour and a half

45. Well, so much for the quick Pinterest browse

46. And look at that I already have 328 pins to my “Events” board.

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