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    29 Pieces Of Jewellery Every Mermaid Needs

    You want thingamabobs? I got plenty.

    1. This pastel shell that tells it like it is.

    2. This shell-tastic ring.

    3. This charming mermaid's tail necklace.

    4. This simple copper band that speaks to your soul.

    5. This seashell-filled necklace.

    6. This teeny-tiny mermaid tail.

    7. This intricate silk wrap bracelet.

    8. This mermaid-worthy statement ring.

    9. This gadget and gizmo–holding charm bracelet.

    10. This shimmering shell.

    11. This single mermaid teardrop.

    12. These cute AF starfish studs.

    13. This mesmerising abalone shell ring.

    14. This gorgeous personalised pearl necklace.

    15. This sea glass necklace that symbolises the ocean.

    16. These eye-catching shell earrings.

    17. This white coral and sea snail necklace.

    18. These delicate little studs.

    19. This exact representation of you.

    20. This sea glass–laced chain.

    21. This darling shell pendant.

    22. This antique sea glass ear cuff.

    23. This exquisite shell and pearl bracelet.

    24. This perfect adornment for your land legs.

    25. This locket to store your favourite whosits and whatsits in.

    26. These simple yet chic mermaid tail earrings.

    27. This shell button bracelet.

    28. This wonderful invitation.

    29. This fit-for-an-Atlantica-princess pendant.