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18 London Drinks To Order When You're Not Drinking

Fancy drinking without the hangover.

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1. A Beet-O-Tini at Redemption Bar

Instagram: @ashdinesh

Redemption is London's first completely non-alcoholic bar. This may have many a hardened drinker running a mile, but the cocktails here are so good they're well worth a try – teetotaller or not. The Beet-O-Tini is my current favourite: a blend of lime, orange, coconut water and beetroot, it's the opposite to terrible fruit juice 'n' syrup mocktails.

2. A lassi at Dishoom

Instagram: @marthadillon

Dishoom is just perfect in every way. They do breakfast really well (the most important meal of the day), and the drinks, oy vey, but the drinks are good. Their cocktails are phenomenal, and the non-alcoholic options on a par with the alcoholic.

There are interesting soft drinks like Thums Up (an Indian cola), and they have a whole range of lassis and coolers. The Rose and Cardamom Lassi is great, but I'd start with the Bhang Lassi, a traditional Holi drink of ginger, grenadine, candied fennel sprinkles, almond syrup and yoghurt.

3. A non-alcoholic G&T at City Social

City Social

Being on the wagon is no reason to give up your precious G&Ts. Seedlip is the first "non-alcoholic spirit" that mimics the taste of a botanical spirit, and it's an excellent dupe for gin. City Social's mock G&T is made with Seedlip, tonic and a dash of juniper essence.

4. A Pen & Ink at Merchant House

Merchant House

Merchant House has just launched a new pop-up menu that celebrates all things Hemingway. Hemingway didn't drink while writing (probably the only time he wasn't drinking), so they thought it appropriate to come up with a non-alcoholic drinks section. You should definitely go get inspired with this blend of old brew coffee, house hazelnut orgeat and orange blossom.


5. A Garden Spritz at Duck & Waffle

Instagram: @duckandwaffle

Duck and Waffle are currently running a veggie-themed cocktail menu, and champs that they are, they've made sure there's a really decent non-alcoholic version too. Made with roasted red pepper, wild elderflower, verjus and soda, the Garden Spritz is tart and savoury and floral and fizzy and all things good.

6. A Shirley Temple at Mark's Bar

Instagram: @shark4chipdrink

Hey, you can't beat a classic right? Especially when it's done as well as this. Mark's Bar at Hix is a renowned cocktail bar that actually has a really decent alcohol-free section. You can go for a virgin Mary (the "Bloody Shame"), a Lime Rickey or a Shirley Temple made with Luscombe ginger beer, house-made grenadine and lime.

7. A No-Tai Mai Tai at Trader Vic's

Instagram: @tradervicsldn

Trader Vic's do the best Mai Tai in London, and unsuprisingly, the best virgin Mai Tai too.


9. A Ginger Piña at Barrio Soho

Instagram: @gwright7

Barrio is a great little Latin-themed cocktail bar in central London. Their cocktail menu is full of all the best things in life: rum, coladas, tongue-in-cheek names, and a healthy non-alcoholic section.

Their virgin version of the classic colada is my favourite, as it's twisted with gingerbread, and gingerbread is delicious.

10. A Bradsell at Dandelyan


Sometimes I drink booze. Sometimes I don't drink booze. Either way though, I want whatever I'm sipping on to be top notch. Which is why I hang out at Dandelyan. They're easily one of the best bars in the world (they won Best New International Cocktail Bar last year) and they refuse to let their virgin cocktails be any lesser in quality than their alcoholic drinks.

11. A Lingonberry Thyme at Company Below

Company Below

A speakeasy-style bar hidden under a restaurant in Soho, there's three really lovely mocktails on the menu for anyone on the wagon. All three combine fruit and herb flavour combinations, but the Lingonberry Thyme is the standout winner.

12. A Passionate Pomme at Be At One

Be At One

Be At One has one of the most extensive cocktail menus around, and one of the most extensive non-alcoholic ones too. Start with the Passionate Pomme, a mix of passionfruit, pomegranate, pollen syrup and coconut water, and work your way through.


13. A Bees Buzz at Beaufort Bar

Beaufort is a sexy, sexy cocktail bar, that makes sexy, sexy drinks. So lame mocktails are definitely not allowed on the menu. Which is why they have this subtle, oh-so-sexy honey and almond virgin cocktail instead.

14. A house soda at Caravan


Caravan's house-made sodas are bomb AF. They come in flavours like blood orange and fennel seed; cardamom cream; and earl grey, lavender and lemon thyme. Cola just can't measure up to that.

16. Tea at Opium Chinatown

Instagram: @laurentyczynska

This isn't just any tea though. Secret cocktail bar, Opium does a range of the fanciest teas ever, called things like "Antique Rose" (Fujian tea leaves layered with roses overnight) and "Iron Goddess Of Mercy" (how sweet of them to name a tea after me).

17. A Square Root Soda at The King & Co

Instagram: @thekingandco

As excited as I get by gin, I also get just as excited by fancy soft drinks. The inner child is strong in me. And Square Root Soda do enough unusual flavours to keep said inner child high on sugar all night.

I can highly recommend the Rhubarb soda – it's got rose in there as well, and tastes like British summer.

18. A Bojitas Martini at Ceviche


A Peruvian foodie spot, this place is loaded with all-things Pisco to wash down the delicious tapas with. But there's also a fair few non-alcoholic options too. This alternative martini is made with Seedlip (these guys are *everywhere*) infused with bojita shrub (a blend of sugar, olives and rice vinegar).