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    22 Useful Little Products That Just Really Want To Make Your Life A Bit Easier

    Iced up windshield? Over-frosted freezer? Mask that's too loose? These guys have got you covered.

    1. A few sprays of this super concentrated, water-free formula will de-ice your windshield on frosty mornings so you don't have to faff around with carting out boiling kettles of water.

    2. While this de-icing spray will make defrosting your freezer so much easier and quicker than just leaving it to melt.

    3. Always struggling to find places to charge your devices? Not only does this clever plug have two USB outlets, it automatically detects your device type and adjusts the voltage to the optimal amount.

    4. Save your drawers and cupboards from spills and keep your dry goods fresh with these heavy duty clips. They're soft and non-slip, so won't damage anything you use them on!

    5. You'll always have perfect winged liner with this eyeliner stamp. It creates crisp, dramatic eyeliner in seconds.

    6. Fix loose masks with these silicone toggles that will let you adjust the elastic to the exact size you need.

    7. This headache stick gives instant relief to sore heads by providing cooling relief and helping to relax tense muscles!

    8. This gel eye mask for allergy or hayfever sufferers uses self cooling technology to make itchy, puffy eyes feel immediately better.

    9. This miraculous conditioner transforms damaged hair in just eight seconds. It's ultra lightweight, and leaves hair up to eight times smoother in one use!

    10. Tackle all kinds of motion sickness and nausea with these elasticated wristbands that use acupressure to help you feel less queasy.

    11. These reusable chalkboard stickers let you organise all your bits without having to stress about peeling them off if you need your jar or container for something else!

    12. This small but mighty clothes steamer will fit into your suitcase – or even a handbag – and heats up in just 70 seconds so you can look freshly laundered anywhere.

    13. If you love gel polish but don't have the patience to spend ages soaking it off, this remover dissolves it in as little as three minutes without harming your nails.

    14. If you want to be kinder to the environment without giving up your micellar water, these reusable makeup remover pads are made with a natural cotton and bamboo blend. Each one can be used up to 1,000 times!

    15. Or, you can wipe off your makeup using just water with these magic remover cloths. They don't require any product to work and are fully washable and reusable!

    16. Everyone deserves perfectly cooked poached eggs, and these poaching cups are here to make that happen. They work in boiling water or in the microwave!

    17. These blue light blocking glasses will protect screen addicts from getting sore eyes and headaches after a bit too much time on your phone or computer.

    18. Tie up your hair without putting any annoying kinks in your tresses with these spiral hair bands. They also won't snag or pull your hair!

    19. You can also clip your hair back from your face without putting any dents in your style with these no-crease hair clips.

    20. And this weightless 'no oil' oil will smooth flyaways, add shine, and even add volume at the roots, all without making your hair feel greasy or heavy in any way.

    21. Never have to worry about forgetting to water your plants, or leaving them to dry out on holiday, with these genius watering bulbs!

    22. Your car windows suddenly fogging up can be so stressful, but this moisture absorbing silica pack will help prevent any sudden condensation.