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    17 Unique Airbnb Locations Around The UK

    Including a room in a former Second World War air squadron control tower and a floating sphere in Dorset.

    While the lockdown may be lifting in the UK, we all still need to stay alert and make sure we're following the government's guidance. Please make sure to read up on the rules before booking any travel.

    1. Airship 2, Argyll and Bute, Scotland.

    Airship 2 / Via Airbnb

    A stay in this Roderick James-designed aluminium pod will give you unbelievable views across the Sound of Mull, to the island of Tobermory – made the most of by one side of the pod being done in floor to ceiling glass. And when you're not under a tartan blanket looking out at the view, there's four acres of Scottish land to explore.

    Price per night: £150. A special weekend rate of £400 for a 3 night stay on Friday, Saturday and Sunday is currently available.

    Sleeps: Two.

    2. Romany Caravan, Cornwall, England.

    Romany Caravan / Via Airbnb

    This Romany caravan may look traditional, but thankfully has been kitted out with a number of mod cons – namely an electric stove, television and tea making facilities (it's cruel to leave a guest without ready access to tea in the UK). There's also a separate bathroom with robes (fancy) and a day cabin looking out over the surrounding meadows, which are solely inhabited by woodland critters.

    Price per night: £68.

    Sleeps: Two.

    3. Old Smock Windmill, Kent, England

    Old Smock Windmill / Via Airbnb

    This four storey windmill has it all. Meticulously restored interiors! Rural Kentish views! A clawfoot bathtub! A basket of the owner's organic chicken eggs on arrival! The ground floor has also been recently opened up, so couples can bring another (....symptom-free) couple with them should they so choose.

    Price per night: £175.

    Sleeps: Four (two bedrooms).

    4. Rural Retreat, Antrim, Northern Ireland

    Rural Retreat / Via Airbnb

    This architectural residence is a newly rebuilt barn complex, with huge glass windows: all the better for looking out at the panoramic views of the Bann valley, the Sperrin mountains, and Lough Neagh. There's also high speed WiFi, so you could definitely work remotely here, just saying.

    Price per night: £85.

    Sleeps: Four (one double bed, one sofa bed).

    5. Floating Tree Sphere, Dorset, England

    Floating Tree Sphere / Via Airbnb

    Houses on the ground, so boring amiright? Sleep suspended in midair in this completely spherical wooden 'house' suspended from a tree. The sphere comes with hot and cold water, and outdoor bathroom, a firepit and, most importantly of all, total privacy.

    Price per night: £62.

    Sleeps: Two.

    6. Bubble Den, Antrim, Northern Ireland.

    Bubble Dome / Via Airbnb

    Wrap up in a duvet and spend the night stargazing in this futuristic bubble dome in County Antrim. Newly opened, the dome comes with an entrance hallway, bedroom, bathroom, breakfast hampers and sweeping views across the countryside. There's also an extra space age feel, thanks to a two door system being needed to keep the dome pressurised.

    Price per night: £165.

    Sleeps: Two.

    7. Boatel, Powys, Wales.

    Boatel / Via Airbnb

    The 'boatel' is a collection of structures, all located on a mountainside! Set in the beautiful Dyfi Valley Biosphere, there's a bed in a boat, a curios-filled boat-roofed shed living space, and a retro kitchen 'diner' in an animal trailer. It also won Shed of the Year in 2013, so, you know, it's pretty famous.

    Price per night: £45.

    Sleeps: Two.

    8. Bryn Eglur, Carmarthenshire, Wales.

    Bryn Eglur / Via Airbnb

    This rustic cottage in the Welsh countryside was described by Alain de Botton (host of Channel 4's, ‘The Perfect Home’) as "a meticulous recreation of an ancient farmhouse cottage, and ideal for anyone who wants to return to a vision of rural simplicity and rustic charm.| Basically, feel free to turn up in full Jane Austen wear and run around calling yourself Marianne. I know I would.

    Price per night: £78.

    Sleeps: Four (two bedrooms).

    9. Lawrenny Glamping, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

    Lawrenny Glamping / Via Airbnb

    This dome is set in the private walled garden of a B&B, and gives you all the comfort of a hotel stay, without having to be around other hotel guests. Bliss. The garden also has a fire pit and private hot tub, and inside the dome there's a double bed and wood burner. The nearby stables have been converted into a shower room, complete with infrared sauna.

    Price per night: £140.

    Sleeps: Six (one queen bed, two sofa beds, two floor mattresses).

    10. Riverside Cabin, Cornwall, England.

    Riverside Cabin / Via Airbnb

    Stay in this magical hand-built cabin to get back to nature. There's a burbling river nearby, outdoor fires and a seriously pretty loo. Be careful though – if you stay here long enough, Gandalf will turn up and ask you to go on a quest with him.

    Price per night: £125.

    Sleeps: Four (One double, two bunk beds).

    11. Hoots Treehouse, East Sussex, England.

    Hoots Treehouse / Via Airbnb

    Treehouses are great, and this one out in Mayfield is a particularly fine specimen. Despite being way up in the trees (and in the middle of a forest), its surprisingly luxurious, with proper beds, a wood-burning stove, and a dining table. You can bring children, but this is really an ideal romantic retreat, with outdoor decking to sit and admire the view from.

    Price per night: £220.

    Sleeps: Four (one bedroom, but can add two additional single beds for children in loft area).

    12. Bancran School, Derry, Northern Ireland.

    Bancran School / Via Airbnb

    Located in The Sperrins – a stunning mountain range in Northern Ireland – Bancran School isn't technically a school, though it does give a good lesson in luxury stays. It's got two properties available to guests: The Pod and The Black Shack. The former is a teeny tiny wooden hut with high quality interiors and ensuite, and the latter is a tiny house. Both have access to the communal 'Gin Tin', a BBQ, bar and dining space, and a hot tub.

    Price per night: £50-£60.

    Sleeps: Two at The Pod. Four at The Black Shack.

    13. The Den, Cumbria, England.

    The Den / Via Aibnb

    Get out into the Lake District to stay in this beautiful Scandi-style cabin. The property is eight minutes by car from Lake Windemere, so you can gaze soulfully out across the waters before you head back from an indoor BBQ dinner. FYI, there's no shower but there is a toilet and sink with hot and cold water.

    Price per night: £68.

    Sleeps: Two.

    14. The Jet Star, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

    The Jet Star / Via Airbnb

    The Jet Star is a private jet that would have once carried up to nine passengers – now it's "crash landed" in Wales and can sleep up to four. A nice double bedroom is attached, there's a loo in the plane, and you can play Xbox games inside the cockpit.

    Price per night: £149.

    Sleeps: Four (one double bed, one sofa bed)

    15. Rockaway Park, North Somerset, England.

    Rockaway Park / Via Airbnb

    A little slice of California in Somerset, this eco house looks more like something from the US's West Coast than a British bolthole. Set in around six acres of land, there's all sorts of treats hidden around the private grounds, like a a therapy suite where you can get acupuncture and hypnotherapy etc, woodwork workshops, recording and rehearsal studios, and a part time vegan cafe.

    Price per night: £45.

    Sleeps: Two.

    16. Brent Cove, Down, Northern Ireland.

    Brent Cove / Via Airbnb

    If you don't come here to write a novel, then shame on you. This place was made for novel writing. The sea views! The secluded beach walks! The Scandi-style studio! Get a camera crew in here and you could be in a BBC fever dream about Virginia Woolf's 2020 writing retreat. There's also a small kitchenette, bathroom and television in this Strangford Lough cabin, so you can hole up for as long as you want.

    Price per night: £86.

    Sleeps: Two guests.

    17. St. Benedict's Abbey, Inverness, Scotland.

    St Benedict's Abbey / Via Airbnb

    Guests can stay in The Scriptorium (the secret 'writing room' of the monastery) of this ancient abbey-turned-country-club, which is now a charming one bed apartment. Though the flat has everything you need: kitchen, lounge, giant brass bed. You'll also get access to all the facilities of the club, including a ridiculously atmospheric swimming pool.

    Price per night: £137.

    Sleeps: Two.

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