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23 Bloody Marys In London To Upgrade Your Brunch With

Brunch juice of champions.

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1. A Red Snapper at East London Liquor Company

Instagram: @eastlondonliquorcompany

East London Liquor Company is easily one of my favourite bars in London. A distillery with a bar attached, they make their own vodka, gin and rum, which are all ~delicious~. The bar is airy, full of comforting copper and wood tones, and serves cracking, carb-rich food. Basically, what I'm saying is that if you have a Sunday hangover, there's no other place you should be but here, sipping on a Red Snapper or Bloody Mary.

2. A Prairie Oyster, 69 Colebrooke Row

Instagram: @petite

This beautiful bar is a mecca of Italian Aperitivos, serving up the best negronis in London (yes, I stand by that statement. Tony Conigliaro is a Negroni genius). But alongside the traditional Italian sophistication is a streak of inventiveness that's evident in their Bloody Mary twist.

A hybrid between the Prairie Oyster and the Bloody Mary, this has a "yolk" of tomato consommé mixed with sherry, horseradish vodka, pepper sauce and celery salt. Shot it for a burst of Bloody Mary flavour – it'll kick start an evening (or morning) nicely.

4. A Bloody Mary at Heddon Street Kitchen

Heddon Street Kitchen

I mean, you could garnish your Bloody Mary with celery like a total pleb. OR YOU COULD GARNISH IT WITH BACON. Heddon Street garnishes their Bloody Mary with bacon. Heddon Street are clever. Be like Heddon Street.


5. A Something About Mary at Fifteen

Instagram: @jamiesfifteen

I'm on board with a lot of Jamie Oliver's ideas. The two that I feel most strongly about are that you can't ever have too much olive oil, and the take on a Bloody Mary at his restaurant, Fifteen. The Something About Mary is a Martini-Bloody Maria fusion, done with tequila, tomato consommé, togarashi and celery salt and it is divine.

6. A Bloody Mary Freakshake at Maxwell's


I love freakshakes and I love Bloody Marys, so this makes total sense to me. Vodka, tomato juice, roast chilli ice cream (yes you read that right), topped with garlic-infused whipped cream.

8. A Bloody Mary at Tramshed

Instagram: @tramshedshoreditch

Tramshed is part of the Hix group, and it's safe to say chef Mark Hix knows how to do a Bloody Mary. The best way to drink them is as follows: Go on a Saturday, prop yourself up next to the Damien Hirst cow, hand over £20 for the bottomless deal and drink as many as you can before they kick you out.


9. The Bloody Mary station at London House

London House

You know when you want to make a Bloody Mary yourself, but also you don't want to actually have to *make* it yourself? This is the answer. At this Bloody Mary station you can play Queen of Sheba, and I mean, ask the bartenders nicely to make you a tomato juice tipple to your exact specifications.

10. A Smokin' Mary at Drake & Morgan

Media Wisdom Photography Ltd - G / Giles Christopher - Media Wisdom Photography Ltd.

Sweet yet savoury tomato with spicy chilli vodka, laced with hickory smoke. That's a symphony right there. A goddamn symphony I tell you.

11. A Mary of the Month at Portobello Star

Instagram: @portobellostar

A different Bloody Mary twist every month, focused on a different country. This one was inspired by Greece, and is made up of gin, rosemary distillate, feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and red wine.

12. A Botanist Bloody Mary at The Botanist

The Botanist

Laced with pickle juice as well as vodka, this is a seriously swanky Bloody Mary in a seriously swanky Chelsea bar. Also pickle juice in cocktails is entirely underrated as a thing.


13. A Bloody Norah at Hawksmoor

Instagram: @eatlovepay

You can do far worse hangover-wise than a trip to Hawksmoor for a steak and a Bloody Mary. They do three kinds, but the Bloody Norah is the most interesting version. Made with tequila, smoky scotch, orange & spiced tomato juice, it's a special kind of breakfast juice.

14. A Bloody Caesar at Powder Keg Diplomacy

Instagram: @powderkegdiplomacy

SO MANY BLOODY MARY COMBOS. They have the classic; the Mary Queen of Scots with haggis infused monkey shoulder and Laphroaig instead of vodka; the Meaty Mary laced with beef jus; the Tequila Maria with avocado and mescal; the Bloody Marley with jerk-infused rum and stout reduction; and finally the Bloody Caesar. The latter would be my pick, because it's made with bacon-washed vodka, and if you don't choose the bacon option i'm pretty sure you've lost your joy.

15. A Bloody Mary at The Connaught

The Connaught

Literally the fanciest Bloody Mary you will ever have. It's not enough that The Connaught Bar is the prettiest, most elegant bar in London. They also had to come up with the prettiest, most elegant Bloody Mary too, topped with delicious celery air. Stop it guys, we get it, you're the Regina George of the bar world and everyone else can go home now.

16. An Oyster Shooter at Wright Brothers

Instagram: @wrightbrosldn

For amazing oysters you can't beat Wright Brothers. Their Bloody Mary comes topped with one, but I'm a girl that doesn't like to muck about, so I'd go straight for their Oyster Shooter instead. An oyster in a shot glass topped with vodka, spices, tomato juice and capers, it's only for hardcore Bloody Mary fans.


17. A House Bloody Mary at B&H Buildings

B&H Buildings is the stuff of all your brunch dreams. The House Bloody Mary is done to your exact specifications with vodka or gin (I'd choose gin), and the place itself is like the beautiful love child of a conservatory and your grandmother's garden house. But you know, your good grandmother. The fancy one who wears pearls. Not the one who yells at you about finding a husband while swigging from that hip flask she swears is just full of her "special tea".

18. A Brew's Bloody Mary at Brew

Instagram: @ava_wyatt

Antipodean cafe serving proper Aussie brunch, and proper Aussie Bloody Marys. i.e. Bloody Marys with a healthy dollop of vegemite mixed in.

19. A Mary Quite Contrary at Nightjar

Of course Nightjar, maker of all your wildest cocktail fever dreams, has done the opposite of a standard Bloody Mary. Done with vodka, gazpacho andaluz (because tomato juice is SO passe), purple carrot and turnip juice, cheese and caper foam, it's completely bonkers and utterly delicious.


21. A trio of Bloody Marys at Village East

Instagram: @samudebu

Village East do a standard "Village Mary" for traditionalists, but their unconventional Beetroot Mary and Cucumber Mary are both well worth trying. For the super sleuths out there, yes you guessed it right – they swapped cucumber juice for tomato juice in the Cucumber Mary, and beetroot juice for tomato juice in the Beetroot Mary.

22. A Bloody Mary at Roast

Instagram: @leonorakiss

This place serves hands down the best roast in London (it's in the name), and all its food has a full focus on the best of British ingredients. The Bloody Mary lives up to standards, and goes particularly well with the incredible scotch eggs.

23. A Bonnie Mary at Bonnie Gull

Instagram: @bonniegull

Oysters and Bloody Marys are the holiest of unions. Every time you have a Bloody Mary without an oyster, just know that somewhere, I am shedding a single tear for you. Please avoid this by having a Bonnie Mary at this wonderful seafood joint – each one comes with an oyster, just like God intended.