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    21 Ways To Forget About Your Ex For Good

    Leave that chump in 2016's dust.

    1. Quit stalking.

    2. Throw yourself into your work.

    3. Take off the rose-tinted spectacles.

    4. No more "accidentally" bumping into them.

    5. Stop comparing yourself.

    6. If you're still having sex with them, stop it.

    7. Work out how much you're saving now that you're single.

    8. Properly grieve.

    9. But know when it's time to stop talking about it.

    10. Read voraciously.

    11. If they're not your friend, stop trying to be friends.

    12. Feng shui your bedroom.

    13. Appreciate the joys of being single.

    14. Remember who you are.

    15. Volunteer for something.

    16. Plan a trip.

    17. Take (some) responsibility.

    18. Forgive yourself.

    19. Realise that love doesn't always happen like in the movies.

    20. Accept that breakups are part of life.

    21. Just do you.