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    Updated on Dec 4, 2018. Posted on Jul 19, 2017

    19 Tattoos For Secret Mermaids

    Watery perfection.

    1. This underwater sidekick.

    2. This ode to your icon.

    3. This beautiful mermaid.

    4. This ocean buddy.

    5. This reminder of where you came from.

    6. This swimming hand.

    7. This stunning tail.

    8. These floating fishes.

    9. This accurate self-portrait.

    10. This wave to ride.

    11. These stellar shells.

    12. This favourite place.

    13. This sensual selfie.

    14. This shell-tastic design.

    15. This beautiful companion.

    16. This triangle of waves.

    17. This seahorse buddy.

    18. This perfect silhouette.

    19. These fish friends.

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