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We Tried Flavoured Lube And This Is What Happened

Our parents will be so proud.

Lube! It's awesome, sexy stuff. We recently unravelled its mysteries, but left out one key niche: flavoured lube.


Does anyone actually use flavoured lube? Is that still a thing? If the range of flavours is anything to go by, the answer's a resounding yes.

We decided to get to the bottom of flavoured lube, and figure out the appeal. We wanted answers. Should you go fruity or sweet? Do they actually taste good? And most importantly, does cookie dough flavour actually taste like cookie dough?!

Six brave BuzzFeeders volunteered to find out. We chose only water-based lubes so all of these are safe to use wherever you want. Here's what happened.

Raunchy Raspberry

Lynzy Billing/BuzzFeed

Alex: This was actually kind of nice! It basically tasted like raspberry jelly, and you could probably mix it in with, like, porridge or something and it wouldn’t be totally horrendous. It also made me wonder if you could use raspberry jelly as lube, and then very quickly realise that no, no you cannot.

Remee: Yes this tastes pretty much like raspberry jelly, which was nice, but then it sort of made me feel nostalgic for my childhood, WHICH IS LIKE WTF BECAUSE I AM TASTING LUBE RIGHT NOW. Would I smother this on a gentleman’s penis though? Probably. Would also probably eat as a snack.

FLAVOUR NOTES: Jam and nostalgia.

Tutti Frutti

Lynzy Billing/BuzzFeed

Flo: I thought this was palatable, but didn’t taste any better than genitals. Tastes like sweets, but bad. Just sugar and chemicals, but slimey.

Chelsey: This tasted like bubblegum, which I don’t find nice, and also reminded me of being a small child, so not great.

FLAVOUR NOTES: Childhood memories and sweetshops.

Cheeky Cherry

Lynzy Billing/BuzzFeed

Ben: This tasted…actually OK! A bit too much like medicine. I wouldn’t want to over-indulge.

Emma: After the initial consistency shock wore off, this was actually really tasty! Should have known Durex would come through on the goods. I got a bit excited and over-lubed my spoon, and couldn't finish all of it. So this is delicious in small quantities, but wouldn't recommend attempting a whole mouthful.

FLAVOUR NOTES: Cough syrup and cherry lip balm.

Vanilla Cream

Lynzy Billing/BuzzFeed

Remee: This was terrible terrible terrible. It tasted plasticky-sweet, like Play-Doh (why does this shit keep taking me back to my childhood, what is wrong with me?). DO NOT use. I’m sure regular lube tastes better than this shit, so just use that, or better – use ice cream! (the coldness is an added bonus!)

Alex: This was fucking horrid. It did taste kind of vanilla-y, but it also tasted a lot like chemicals and I felt a bit like it was burning my insides. Only use this in the bedroom if you want your bits to taste like oven cleaner.

FLAVOUR NOTES: Synthetic vanilla and Play-Doh.

Chocolate Delight

Lynzy Billing/BuzzFeed

Ben: Chocolate was actually pretty good, if you’re into chocolate-flavoured things, which I’m not. Reminded me of a chocolate milkshake but the consistency soon reminded me it was lube and I felt a bit sick afterwards.

Emma: This reminded me of those £1 flavoured shots you'd get at uni, it was that kind of chocolate flavour. It was quite good really, despite the consistency.

FLAVOUR NOTES: Cheap nights out.

Chocolate and Tangerine

Lynzy Billing/BuzzFeed

Emma: "Oooh, you can mix them! Let's make a chocolate orange lube shot!" Not one of the brightest ideas I've ever had. Mixing the two lubes was really hard, because first it was too chocolaty, then it was too orangey, and before you know it you have a bellyful of lube and regret.

Ben: I was really hoping this was going to taste like a chocolate orange but I was very, very disappointed. The lube didn’t mix, so it was just a layer of orange on top of a layer of chocolate and it just wasn’t nice. In future, I would save myself the hassle and tummy ache and just buy myself a chocolate orange, which is actually meant for eating.

FLAVOUR NOTES: Cacao beans, orange zest, and bad decisions.

Cool Mint

Lynzy Billing/BuzzFeed

Flo: This was actually very nice. Not too sweet, very minty, almost tingly. Like the slimiest gum you’ve ever had. Nice for the person tasting but I imagine it might be overly cool and tingly on the lube recipient.

Chelsey: Definitely not bad. It wasn’t nearly as sweet as the tutti frutti, so the mint flavour was quite pure and is bound to keep everything ~fresh~.

FLAVOUR NOTES: Fresh breath and excessive tingling.

Cookie Dough

Lynzy Billing/BuzzFeed

**Cookie dough flavour caused quite a kerfuffle in the office, so we all decided to try it.**

Flo: This again just tasted sweet to me. It didn’t make me gag, but also didn’t taste any better than any of the genitals I’ve tasted. And it definitely tasted worse than all cookie dough I’ve tasted.

Emma: I was SO excited for this. And then I put it in my mouth and realised what a horrible mistake I'd made. This tasted like plastic with echoes of cookie dough, like if someone had just eaten some and was taunting you about it by breathing in your face.

Chelsey: I didn’t think this was disgusting but I would also never put it in my mouth ever again. Cookie-dough-flavoured things should not be clear, and they should not have such an unpleasant aftertaste.

Alex: The worst cookie-dough-flavoured thing I’ve ever tasted, but then all the other cookie dough things I’ve tasted have been foods, not jelly meant for rubbing on your cock. It still wasn’t terrible though, but very sweet and a bit oily.

Remee: This was genuinely upsetting. Like why get me all excited with a flavour like cookie dough and then have it taste like pure shite. It was like disappointing sex, so if you want to feel like you’ve had disappointing sex and also just actually have disappointing sex, then yes, by all means buy this and spread it on your loved one’s genitals!

Ben: Nope. Just no. Never again will I be able to pick out a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and eat it without remembering that monstrosity. It’s just not what I imagined covering your partner in cookie dough would be like.

FLAVOUR NOTES: Unanimous disgust with a cookie dough aftertaste.

Flavoured Condoms

Lynzy Billing/BuzzFeed

We bought a variety of Skyn's flavoured condoms to try because we're nothing if not thorough. But the decision was universal. None of the condoms tasted of any kind of flavour other than rubber and grease. We don't want to talk about how we tasted the condoms. Please don't ask us.

FLAVOUR NOTES: Rubber and disappointment.

Final Thoughts

Lynzy Billing/BuzzFeed

The best flavours were the simpler ones – cherry, mint, and raspberry. So basically, if you're going to experiment with flavoured lube, don't experiment *too* hard. Also, Emma had a cough during this taste test, and by the end it was SO MUCH BETTER. So the biggest lesson learnt was that a spoonful of lube is great for a sore throat. You're welcome.

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