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We Tried Flavoured Lube And This Is What Happened

Our parents will be so proud.

Lube! It's awesome, sexy stuff. We recently unravelled its mysteries, but left out one key niche: flavoured lube.

Does anyone actually use flavoured lube? Is that still a thing? If the range of flavours is anything to go by, the answer's a resounding yes.

We decided to get to the bottom of flavoured lube, and figure out the appeal. We wanted answers. Should you go fruity or sweet? Do they actually taste good? And most importantly, does cookie dough flavour actually taste like cookie dough?!

Six brave BuzzFeeders volunteered to find out. We chose only water-based lubes so all of these are safe to use wherever you want. Here's what happened.

Raunchy Raspberry

Tutti Frutti

Cheeky Cherry

Vanilla Cream

Chocolate Delight

Chocolate and Tangerine

Cool Mint

Cookie Dough

Flavoured Condoms

Final Thoughts