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    18 Mac 'N' Cheese You Must Eat In London Right Now

    Sweet cheesus.

    1. Dirty Bones

    Hi, yes, that is a mac 'n' cheese burger. You can have a pot of the mac and cheese by itself if you want. But why the fuck would you want that when you can have it drizzled ON A BURGER. I need to sit down because this picture is giving me palpitations just looking at it.

    2. Spuntino

    3. The Mac Factory

    4. Joe's Southern Kitchen

    5. 34 Restaurant

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @34_restaurant

    Painfully pricey mac 'n' cheese but so bloody good you will cry tears of both joy and heartache when you eat it. 34 Mayfair is a swanky New York-style restaurant that does a £32 lobster and shaved black truffle macaroni. I'm pretty sure it's the most expensive in London, but it's worth saving up and having it just once, because it turns out £30 macaroni and cheese tastes like happiness and baby's laughter.

    Actually maybe it's better not to know what it tastes like, because I had it once and now I still dream about it and weep because I will never be able to afford it again.

    6. Hawksmoor

    7. Anna Mae's

    8. The Diner

    9. Evans & Peel

    TripAdvisor / Via

    A top secret detective agency in Earl's Court, I can tell you two things about this place, and two things only: you must have a story to get in (they know me there as the cat burglar who burgled the wrong cat), and they do excellent mac 'n' cheese.

    10. Pizza East

    11. Bob Bob Ricard

    12. The Blind Pig

    13. Balthazar

    14. Ma Plucker

    Ma Plucker

    What's better than mac 'n' cheese? DEEP FRIED MAC 'N CHEESE. Ma Plucker do amazing southern fried chicken, and they also had the genius idea to do "crack 'n' cheese", which is a lump of deep fried mac 'n' cheese. Deep frying cheese unlocks its final form. Fact.

    15. Tom's Kitchen

    16. Riding House Cafe

    17. Jackson + Rye

    18. Melt Room

    Melt Room

    Cheese toastie or mac 'n' cheese? That's the eternal question. Luckily, you don't have to make the choice anymore, because Melt Room does a mac 'n' cheese toastie. Thank you Melt Room. Thank you.

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