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18 Mac 'N' Cheese You Must Eat In London Right Now

Sweet cheesus.

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1. Dirty Bones

Hi, yes, that is a mac 'n' cheese burger. You can have a pot of the mac and cheese by itself if you want. But why the fuck would you want that when you can have it drizzled ON A BURGER. I need to sit down because this picture is giving me palpitations just looking at it.

2. Spuntino

Instagram: @lapetiteblondine

In 2015, I went on an extended mac 'n' cheese crawl. One night. Four mac 'n' cheeses. At least a year knocked off my life (it was worth it). The hit list was Joe's Kitchen, the Blind Pig, Jackson + Rye, and Spuntino. All great mac 'n' cheeses in different ways, but Spuntino's was the all-round classic of the bunch. Just a solid crust, tender macaroni and oozing liquid cheese. Can't ask for more than that.

3. The Mac Factory

Instagram: @webefeasting

Lovely little mac 'n' cheese place in Camden Lock. They make it all in front of you, and do some really nice flavour combos, like "The Big Smoke": home smoked chicken, fire roasted peppers and apple wood smoked cheddar.

4. Joe's Southern Kitchen

Instagram: @lapetiteblondine

Our first stop on the great mac 'n' cheese crawl of 2015, Joe's has been a favourite of mine for years. I used to work opposite them and though I miss them, it's probably for the best we've put some distance between us. The amount of fried chicken I was regularly consuming for lunch was alarming.

Their fullsize mac 'n' cheese is £12, but honestly, you only need the £4 side dish version (pictured). It's got a thick crust, is rich with four different cheeses and will leave you the perfect level of satisfied.


5. 34 Restaurant

Twitter / Via Twitter: @34_restaurant

Painfully pricey mac 'n' cheese but so bloody good you will cry tears of both joy and heartache when you eat it. 34 Mayfair is a swanky New York-style restaurant that does a £32 lobster and shaved black truffle macaroni. I'm pretty sure it's the most expensive in London, but it's worth saving up and having it just once, because it turns out £30 macaroni and cheese tastes like happiness and baby's laughter.

Actually maybe it's better not to know what it tastes like, because I had it once and now I still dream about it and weep because I will never be able to afford it again.

6. Hawksmoor

Instagram: @hawksmoorrestaurants

People tend to go to Hawksmoor for their excellent steaks, and don't get me wrong, I bloody love a steak, but dammit their mac 'n' cheese is something else. It's full of lobster (standard) and is just. so. cheesy. It's also listed as a side dish, so you can have your steak and eat your mac 'n' cheese too.

7. Anna Mae's

Instagram: @gastronomyexplorer

"The original purveyor of pimped up mac 'n' cheese cooked on the street," Anna Mae is a regular at festivals all over the place, both street food-themed and otherwise. Check their website to find out where she'll next be, and go for either the classic, or the Kanye Western (hotdog, crispy onions and bbq sauce) – it's almost as good as the real Kanye thinks he is.

8. The Diner

Instagram: @thedineruk

I'm obsessed with diner food, and IMO The Diner does some of the best in London. You know exactly what you're getting at all of their branches, and it's great for a quick fix if you're dying for something greasy. I'm currently obsessed with their tomato soup and grilled cheese combo, but their mac 'n' cheese is seriously good too.


9. Evans & Peel

TripAdvisor / Via

A top secret detective agency in Earl's Court, I can tell you two things about this place, and two things only: you must have a story to get in (they know me there as the cat burglar who burgled the wrong cat), and they do excellent mac 'n' cheese.

10. Pizza East

Instagram: @emwhyman

Known primarily for their cracking pizza, these guys also do really good mac 'n' cheese. I like pizza, and I like mac 'n' cheese, and I like to eat them both at the same time, so this really works for me.

11. Bob Bob Ricard

Instagram: @bobbobricard

Bob Bob Ricard is mad. Absolutely bonkers. Imagine The Great Gatsby reimagined by Russian oligarchs and you come close to what it's like. Eating there is like eating inside a Fabergé egg. Do you remember when that "press for champagne" button picture did the rounds on Instagram a while back? That was Bob Bob Ricard. They have actual "press for champagne" buttons at every table.

Anyway, their mac 'n' cheese is pumped full of lobster, and comes in at £25. Which is actually £7 cheaper than 34 Mayfair's. BARGAIN AMIRIGHT? Seriously though, if you do want to splurge on some fancy mac 'n' cheese, but feel morally unable to pay more than £30 for what is essentially cheese and pasta, this is the place to go.

12. The Blind Pig

Instagram: @lapetiteblondine

HANDS DOWN THE BEST MAC 'N' CHEESE IN LONDON. I don't care what anyone else says. This is the best. Blind Pig is technically a bar that serves fancy cocktails, but it's on top of Jason Atherton's Soho restaurant, which means their bar food is in-fucking-credible. Their mac 'n' cheese is, I *think* about £6 (they keep putting the price up cos people are cottoning onto how good it is), and it's a glorious symphony of melty cheese sauce, crunchy topping and mushroom. I don't even like mushrooms, but I like them in this.

Sometimes, I go to the bar and just order the mac 'n' cheese, sit in a corner to eat it by myself, then scuttle away into the night.


13. Balthazar

Instagram: @theblackholex / Via Facebook: BalthazarRestaurantLondon

Restaurant-ception, Balthazar is a New York take on a French Brasserie that has opened a carbon copy in London. If it all gets a bit much thinking about it, just take refuge in their glorious mac 'n' cheese. It's a cross between America and France, done "au gratin", with a serious parmesan kick.

14. Ma Plucker

Ma Plucker

What's better than mac 'n' cheese? DEEP FRIED MAC 'N CHEESE. Ma Plucker do amazing southern fried chicken, and they also had the genius idea to do "crack 'n' cheese", which is a lump of deep fried mac 'n' cheese. Deep frying cheese unlocks its final form. Fact.

15. Tom's Kitchen

Instagram: @laurenpz

Tom's Kitchen is where all good mac 'n' cheese lovers go to roost. The ultimate classic, it's simple, but done to perfection, with gruyere, parmesan and cream. You can also get a truffled version for an extra quid, that is the original cooked on a black truffle base, with white truffle oil.

16. Riding House Cafe

Instagram: @ridinghousecafe

I couldn't find a picture of this that had the insides oozing out, so you need to trust me when I say this is far, far more than it looks. Riding House Cafe do a mac 'n' cheese fritter, which is basically fried mac 'n' cheese. Spoiler alert: everything is better fried.

17. Jackson + Rye

Instagram: @lapetiteblondine

Jackson and Rye do a mac 'n' cheese that is topped with kale, and by my reckoning, that means it is a health food. If you are concerned by the amount of mac 'n' cheese you are consuming, then consider switching to Jackson and Rye's super charged kale version. It's like dieting, but 100x better.

18. Melt Room

Melt Room

Cheese toastie or mac 'n' cheese? That's the eternal question. Luckily, you don't have to make the choice anymore, because Melt Room does a mac 'n' cheese toastie. Thank you Melt Room. Thank you.