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    24 Summer Products That Must Be Brilliant Because They Have An Average Rating Of 4.7 Stars Or Higher

    A super effective bug spray, a clever sunglasses holder, and a marble wine cooler that won't break the bank.

    1. These silicone ice lolly moulds that will easily peel off any homemade frozen creations.

    ice lolly moulds

    2. An insect repelling spray that is sweat resistant and super effective at scaring off any mosquitos or midges.

    insect repellant

    3. And a bite and sting cream for anyone who gets eaten alive by bugs every summer (no matter how much insect repellent is involved). It works by inhibiting histamine release, the main cause of pain from bug bites.

    bite and sting cream

    4. These cute terracotta-coloured watering spikes that will help keep plants hydrated even through summer heatwaves.

    5. These extra large ice sphere moulds, for making ice balls that will keep drinks cold but not watery.

    ice balls

    6. These blister plasters that will give instant pain relief to feet suffering from new summer sandals.

    7. This durable picnic blanket that folds down into an easy carry package, is water resistant, sand-proof, and extra comfortable to sit on thanks to sponge padding.

    picnic mat

    8. These high rise shorts that are a breezy summer replacement for leggings and have pockets!

    womens shorts

    9. This pretty and chic wine and champagne cooler bucket that's made from real marble, has a space-saving design, and will look great at summer dinner parties.

    marble wine cooler

    10. This fruity, floral sheet mask set that will address plenty of summer skin concerns, from hydration to brightening. Pop one in the fridge on warm days to enjoy a cooling effect!

    sheet mask set

    11. This insulated tumbler that will keep your drinks icy cold – it has a reusable straw, and a leakproof lid!

    insulated tumbler

    12. This fruity, refreshing body wash that promises to make shower time smell like paradise with juicy mandarin and mango extracts.

    fruity shower gel

    13. Or, for more sensitive skin, this gentle body wash that's clinically proven to help reduce skin dryness, contains prebiotic colloidal oatmeal and probiotic Greek yogurt, and is lightly fragranced with apricot and honey.

    sensitive body wash

    14. This picnic bag that can hold 24 cans, is leakproof, and is constructed with four layers of fabric for superior insulation, so drinks and food will stay cooler for longer.

    15. This body powder that will help stop chafing, and has been mildly medicated to help already irritated skin heal.

    16. This clever baseball cap that protects scalps from the sun, is adjustable, has an opening for ponytails or buns. It’s made with 100% cotton and even has buttons to hook your mask onto (to prevent uncomfortable ears)

    17. This surprisingly powerful handheld electric fan that will provide a cooling breeze anywhere this summer.

    18. This screw-on glasses holder that will keep sunglasses at close hand (to prevent being dazzled by sunlight while driving), and can be opened with one hand for safe access.

    sunglasses holder for cars

    19. This lightweight blanket that uses Japanese cooling fibres on one side that absorb heat and sweat. It also has a two-in-one design, with a 100% cotton side that is warmer during cooler months.

    lightweight coolng blanket

    20. This stylish wine cooler bag that holds two glasses and one bottle, and is perfect for outdoor drinks with friends.

    21. This water bottle for pets that will keep furry friends hydrated on summer walks, is made with BPA-free food grade plastic, and is leak-proof.

    dog water bottle

    22. A pair of durable, comfortable summer flip flops that work for both men and women and come in a huge range of colours.

    unisex flip flops

    23. This oil-free matte primer that blurs the appearance of pores, helps prevents makeup from melting off in the summer heat, and is safe for sensitive skin.

    oil-free primer

    24. A sprinkler mat that's marketed for children but, let's face it, is just as fun for adults, and will keep you cool.

    sprinkler mat