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    26 Grown-Up Ice Lollies You Can Make Yourself

    Popsicle porn.

    1. Honey-Roasted Grapefruit Parfait Pops

    Melanie Makes / Via

    In the words of Donkey: Parfait's gotta be the most delicious thing on the whole damn planet. And you know what's even more delicious than parfait? PARFAIT ON A STICK. Recipe here.

    2. Rainbow Popsicles

    The First Year / Via

    Taste the rainbow, literally. Recipe here.

    3. Cookies and Coconut Cream Popsicles

    The View From Great Island / Via

    Coconut milk is not only delicious, it also doesn't freeze hard like milk or yogurt – it stays creamy! Get the recipe.

    4. Cherry Avocado Popsicles

    Borrowed Light / Via

    Infinitely better than the Kardashian avocado pudding. Get the recipe.

    5. Figs and Ricotta Cheesecake Popsicle

    Lady and Pups / Via

    Essentially delicious frozen cheesecake on a stick. Get the recipe.

    6. Pimms Ice Lolly


    Say goodbye to warm Pimms this summer. Recipe here.

    7. Chocolate Chip Mint Yogurt Popsicles

    Country Cleaver / Via

    Tastes like mint choc chip ice cream but is actually quite good for you. Recipe here.

    8. Chia Seed, Coconut, and Banana Pops

    The View From Great Island / Via

    Popsicles you can have for breakfast. I mean sure, technically you can have any popsicle for breakfast. But people will judge you less for giving your kids this one. Recipe here.

    9. Raspberry Lemonade and Yogurt Popsicles

    Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt / Via

    Tart and sweet and cold and just so good. Recipe here.

    10. Kiwi Coconut Chia Popsicles

    The Little Epicurean / Via

    Chia seed pudding decorated with vibrant slices of kiwi. Recipe here.

    11. Blackberry Ombre Popsicles

    Tutti Dolce / Via

    Getting the ombre effect is easier than you'd think: you just mix the blackberry puree with varying amounts of yogurt, then layer. Get the recipe.

    12. Fruity Iced Tea Popsicles

    My Fussy Eater / Via

    Ridiculously easy to make – you just brew tea and freeze it. Get the recipe.

    13. Strawberry Cream Pops

    Hungry Girl Por Vida / Via

    I defy you to find anything more perfect for the British summer (other than an umbrella). Get the recipe.

    14. Grapefruit Pink Lemonade Pops

    Paper & Stitch / Via

    Three ingredient pink and orange loveliness. Recipe here.

    15. Strawberry Mango Pops

    Dessert Now Dinner Later / Via

    This recipe uses electrolyte-rich coconut water, and will help re-hydrate you as well as cool you down this summer. Get the recipe.

    16. Gin Basil Lime Pops

    Hungry Girl Por Vida / Via

    Because what is a lime popsicle without gin? A travesty, that's what. Get the recipe.

    17. Salted Caramel Yogurt Popsicles

    Platings and Pairings / Via

    Ugh, just get in my mouth already. Get the recipe.

    18. Honey Lavender Popsicles

    Broma Bakery / Via

    So pretty, so refined. Recipe here.

    19. Berry Parfait Yogurt Popsicles

    Well Plated / Via

    You know these lollies are fancy because they're made with parfait, and you know parfait is just so fancy. Get the recipe.

    20. Honey Chamomile Popsicles

    Traci York / Via

    These ice pops are fragrant and delicately sweet. Bonus points if you use real chamomile flowers. Get the recipe.

    21. Blueberry Mojito Popsicles

    Broma Bakery / Via

    Fruity, boozy, rum-spiked wonderfulness. Get the recipe.

    22. Salted Caramel Flan Popsicles

    Lady and Pups / Via

    Salted caramel custard pops that literally sound like heaven on a stick. Get the recipe.

    23. Strawberry White Chocolate Popsicles

    Tutti Dolci / Via

    Best part of this recipe is getting all Jackson Pollock with your white chocolate. That and eating the ice lollies. Recipe here.

    24. Creamy Peach and Honey Ice Lollies

    Cookie + Kate / Via

    The trick to this is roasting the peaches beforehand so they're soft and sweet and sticky. Get the recipe.


    Jackson Pollock was an artist known for his drip painting technique. A previous version of this article called him Jason.

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