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    27 Brilliant Songs You Need In Your November Playlist

    Let's get our November aesthetic on.

    1. "Forget" by Pogo

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    Tbh, I could listen to everything Pogo's ever made on repeat from September through to February, but I reckon "Forget" is his most November song. It's dreamy, wistful and interspersed heavily with Disney which is how I like my November thank you very much.

    2. "Cotton Eye Joe" by The Sweeplings

    The Sweeplings

    Let this cover by The Sweeplings give you the biggest paradigm shift of your life. "Cotton Eye Joe", I did not know you could sound like this.

    3. Bonnie and Clyde by Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg

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    My November aesthetic summed up: berets, sexy French and trying to copy Brigitte's hairdos.

    This song also sits nicely between autumn and winter vibes which is fitting for November, because everyone has strong opinions on which season November is part of. For the record, it's autumn. Winter starts in December. Don't @ me.

    4. "Dog Years" by Maggie Rogers

    "I spend my time daydreaming". Same, Maggie, same.

    5. "Nightride" by Tinashe

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    This album is a new vibe from Tinashe, and I hope she carries on with it because I bloody love it. SO November.

    6. "You Should Be Here" by Kehlani

    Twitter: @kehlani,

    Kehlani's voice feels like being wrapped up in a blanket and being handed a mug of tea while sitting in front of a fire.

    7. "TT" by Twice

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    Trippy electronic beats, plus a video perfect for anyone not ready to let go of Halloween yet.

    8. "Got It Good" by Kaytranada

    I got it good for this song. SEE WHAT I DID THERE? DID YOU SEE? ...never mind, just play the song.

    9. "Boyfriend" by Confidence Man

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    Everyone's coupling up for the holiday season and I'm just over here singing this song over and over while I eat takeout in my underwear.

    10. "Small Bill$" by Regina Spektor

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    It's about damn time Regina Spektor released some new music – especially now it's the end of the year because Regina Spektor's music is meant for listening to when it's cold and I won't be told otherwise. Listen to her latest single and get that "la la la le la la la lah lah" refrain stuck in your head for the rest of the year.

    11. "Stonecold" by Machineheart


    The lyrics are fitting – it's cold as hell over here. That aside, the song itself is beautiful, and just the right amount of autumnally wistful.

    12. "Find Me" by Sigma ft. Birdy

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    Sigma's electronic beats combined with Birdy's mournful voice. Basically, they got together and made the perfect November music baby.

    13. "Fires" by Mat Hunsley

    This song is bonfires and sparklers and the smell of smoke on the air.

    14. "Solo Dancing" by Indiana

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    The inclusion of this is a direct reaction to ALL THE PEOPLE GETTING TOGETHER JUST BECAUSE IT'S COLD OUT. Seriously guys, just get a hot water bottle.

    15. "Atic" by Astrid S

    November is the month I slip from 40 - 60% synth and just dive head first into floaty electronica.

    16. "Holy War" by Alicia Keys

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    Wait for the drop. The drop is so damn good.

    17. "Gold" by Bondax

    I've been obsessed with this song since 2013 and I ain't stopping now.

    18. "Shelter" by Porter Robinson & Madeon

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    I could have just put the song on the list, but the music video-cum-short film A-1 Pictures made for this single is just too beautiful to not include. It will put you in the most melancholy of moods for at least the rest of the day. Watch it then immediately drape yourself in blankets and let a single beautiful tear slide down your cheek.

    19. "Deeper" by Tayá

    Instagram: @taya

    Dark and moody beats lightened up just enough by the sweetly soft voice of Tayá.

    20. "Work Song" by Hozier

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    If there was ever an artist made for November, it was Hozier.

    21. "Sleeping Sickness" by City and Colour

    November is the last month, in my opinion that you can listen to music guaranteed to make you feel masochistically tragic. December is too festive for it, and to listen to music this mournful in January and February is just reckless – they're depressing months already.

    For peak November melancholia, listen to the entirety of City and Colour's Bring Me Your Love album. But if you can only handle one song, make it "Sleeping Sickness".

    22. "Russian Roulette" by Red Velvet

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    When your November playlist gets too heavy, Red Velvet are always right here to rescue you. This song is just the right amount of perky, while still having an autumn/winter feel to it.

    23. "Silver Lining" by First Aid Kit

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    It was very hard to pick just one First Aid Kit song for November, as their whole vibe is autumn personified. But Silver Lining is the song that started my love affair with them, so here's hoping it'll be yours too.

    24. "Leaves In The River" by Sea Wolf

    This is the soundtrack to every autumn nap I've ever taken.

    25. "Pendulum" by FKA Twigs

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    Pendulum is my November bliss.

    26. "Sandman" by Trudy and the Romance

    Liverpudlian rock 'n' roll with a pop edge. Sign me up.

    27. "Kerala" by Bonobo

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    Fuck it, if you have to get together with someone, at least do me a favour and make sure you're snuggling to Bonobo, AKA the theme music for every autumn make out session.

    Listen to the full playlist here:

    This is a monthly series. Let me know what you think should be in my December playlist in the comments or tweet me.

    Want more? October's playlist is here!

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