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    19 Places You Must Drink Tea Before You Die

    *sips tea*

    1. Candella

    2. Opium Chinatown

    Facebook: OpiumChinaTown

    Done up like an exotic tea parlour, Opium is a hidden bar in Chinatown that serves both tea and tea cocktails. If you're on the wagon, go for a cup of Iron Goddess of Mercy tea, aka my alter ego (yes I have made that joke before). But if you're off the wagon, you must have a smoking Opium #6 cocktail, done with tequila, cactus, ginger, oolong tea, and MAGIC.

    3. Tombo

    4. Yauatcha


    Yauatcha does the best dim sum in London, and I've just realised they have some of the best tea in the city too. They do a ton of beautifully fancy blends from the East, but the one you absolutely must try is the blue tea. It is sweet and light and floral and easily some of the best tea I've ever had, ever.

    5. Yumchaa

    Facebook: yumchaatea

    I always get a bit overwhelmed when I go to Yumchaa because there's just so much tea choice, but that doesn't stop it from being my go-to tea spot. They have all their teas in little jugs by the side of the till, so you can do what I do: Hold up the queue for a good 15 minutes while you smell each tea, get increasingly panicked, then order the same tea you always do (caramel sweetheart).

    You can have any tea you choose either hot or iced, and there is also now a new range of frozen tea slushies because ~summer~.

    6. Orange Pekoe


    A really lovely little cafe out in Barnes, Orange Pekoe isn't terribly big, but its range of loose-leaf teas is extensive – over 50 different blends, I believe. It's bright yet cosy at the same time, and definitely worth a visit.

    7. Drink, Shop & Do

    8. Dishoom

    9. Fortnum & Mason

    10. Camellia's Tea House

    This teahouse is just off Regent's Street, so it's close to all the action of central but still far enough away to maintain an air of calm. The tea itself is blended by the shop's founders, and many include homeopathic qualities. You'll find antiviral tea and beautiful skin tea among their wide range of exotic flavours.

    11. Teanamu

    12. Good & Proper Tea

    Facebook: goodandpropertea

    These guys used to serve their tea out of a 1974 Citroën-H van at various food festivals. Understandably, they got terribly popular and now have their own permanent space in Old Street. Their blends are lovely and expertly chosen, but there are also a few wilder things on the menu, like their thoroughly exciting iced tea and the matcha coconut latte.

    13. Twinings on the Strand

    14. Amanzi Tea

    Facebook: amanzitealondon

    The name of the game here is variety. Not only do they have over 100 different blends of tea, you'll also find tea frappes, tea cocktails, and a variety of chais and bubble teas on the menu. There are also cakes, which always helps.

    15. Betty Blythe Vintage Tea Rooms

    16. Bubbleology

    Facebook: bubbleology

    If you're looking to get into bubble tea, Bubbleology should be your gateway drug. I don't know if it's as ~authentic~ as some of the bubble tea spots you'll find in Chinatown, but it's fun and the menu layout helps make choosing your tea a lot easier. (Forewarning you now, there is a LOT of bubble tea choice. My favourite is taro milk tea if it helps.)

    17. Le Chandelier

    18. Urban Tea Rooms

    19. The Ritz

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