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19 Whisky Cocktails You Must Drink This Burns Night

Scotchy scotch scotch. Subtext: Burns Night is coming.

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2. A FaLaLa & Co at East London Liquor Company

Instagram: @lapetiteblondine

What's in this drink that makes it so special? PEAR AND LAVENDAR JAM MY FRIENDS. This is actual pear and lavender jam shaken with whisky and fino sherry, before they go ahead and stick some pine in it too for good measure. Robbie would approve.

3. When a Scotch Punched a Swede at Milroy's


Milroy's is an amazing whisky shop that's just launched a secret downstairs whisky bar. And in that secret downstairs whisky bar there is many a whisky cocktail to be had. This one is my favourite though: it's 10 year old Ardbeg whisky (cos I'm fancy), Flaganspunch (no, I don't know what that is either), vermouth and orange bitters.

4. A Quinine Essence at Whistling Shop

Whistling Shop

Single malt, quinine syrup, chilled cassia (basically cinnamon) and smoked paprika, that's then set on fire. It's like if a Scottish Willie Wonka got into cocktails. Or a pyromaniac.


6. A Tartan From Salvatore's Bar

Paul Griffiths

The most Scottish drink ever. Cocktail of Lairds and Highland kings. Created by the "World's Best Bartender", Salvatore Calabrese and filled with Drambuie, dandelion bitters and heather and lavender soda. To be honest, I'd take a glass of the latter all on it's own.

7. A Long Islay Ice Tea at Blind Pig

Instagram: @lapetiteblondine

Yes, this is whisky and coke (with malted juniper for good measure). But WAIT, hear me out. This isn't just any whisky and coke. For some reason, when you add a peaty whisky (like the Laphroaig in this) to cola, MAGIC HAPPENS. It just tastes so freaking good. So, it's not really sacrilege pouring coke over your good whisky, as long as it's peaty.

8. A Mac Daddy at Cocktail Trading Company

Cocktail Trading Company

This is a special Burns Night cocktail created by cocktail Trading Company for R&B Distillers – a new Scottish whisky brand – available on Burns Night. So make sure you drink it while you still can, because it is loaded with ginger wine, golden syrup and whisky and is therefore delicious. You even get a brandy snap on top.


9. Dram-a On The Northern Line at Cahoots


What-ho old chap! Of course underground 40's-themed Cahoots has got a good strong scotch drink on the menu. This is like a chocolate-cherry whisky bonbon, thanks to chocolate and cherry wine liqueurs.

10. A Forager at Mac & Wild

Roy Moussa

Can you bottle happiness? Quite possibly, if this Mac & Wild cocktail is anything to go by. They've launched a new range of ready-to-drink Scottish cocktails that are full of nostalgic highland flavours, like whisky, whisky and more whisky.

The Forager has pine tincture and heather honey in it, which sounds amazing, but tbh they all sound amazing, so maybe just drink all of them.

11. A Betty Careless at the Ivy Market Grill

Ivy Market Grill

1. I LOVE the name of this drink. 2. This has lavendar-infused agave in it, and i'm so into that 3. It also has 12 year old Chivas Regal whisky in it, and I'm pretty damn into that too 4. It ALSO has Ardbeg Uigeadail in it. That's ANOTHER WHISKY. This is a DOUBLE whisky drink. In summary: drink this, for it is good.


13. A Sâm Banh at Sexy Fish

Paul Winch-Furness

This is a sexy, sexy whisky drink. This is the Megan Fox of whisky drinks. Look at that glass. So streamlined. So fancy. And inside? 21 year old whisky, preserved lemon and champagne. BOOM. *mic drop*

14. A Bobby Burns at Boisdale


If you want a little taste of Scotland down in London, Boisdale is what you want. They're like the kings of the Scottish bar. This is a proper Burns Night-appropriate cocktail (check the name), and has Monkey Shoulder whisky , vermouth and benedictine. No mucking about here.


19. An Old Fashioned at Le Caprice

Le Caprice

You cannot beat an Old Fashioned, and Le Caprice does theirs notoriously well. Plus the restaurant is blimmin' stunning, so this is a great way to sneak in and enjoy the surroundings if all you can afford is a cocktail.