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    21 Ridiculously Pretty Makeup Looks To Try This Halloween

    Scarily pretty.

    2. This pretty AF scarecrow.

    3. This charming Minnie Mouse.

    4. This magical unicorn.

    5. This pretty kitty.

    7. This lovely mermaid.

    8. This doll-faced clown.

    9. This Tinkerbell-inspired look.

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    10. This creepy but pretty broken doll.

    11. This fierce pop art.

    12. This glam skull.

    13. This fairest-of-them-all Snow White.

    14. This Chanel from Scream Queens look.

    15. These angelic wings.

    16. This Wednesday Addams aesthetic.

    17. This pretty-as-a-picture white rabbit.

    18. This Dia de los Muertos makeup.

    19. This dragon queen.

    21. This bejewelled skull mask.