16 Pictures Of Rainbow Latte Art That Will Blow Your Mind

    Brightly coloured caffeine.

    1. This delightful cup of colours.

    2. This intricate artwork.

    3. These cups of joy.

    4. This lovely matcha butterfly.

    5. These swirls of vibrant blue and green.

    6. These multi-coloured sprinkles.

    7. These two little squiggles of rainbow.

    8. These beautiful blue design.

    9. These two matching flowers.

    10. This coffee and pastry delight.

    11. This vivid cup of latte.

    12. This power trio.

    13. This perfect feathering effect.

    14. This spoonful of goodness.

    15. This trio of treats.

    16. This colourful circle of wonder.