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17 Cocktails In London That Are Better Than Dessert

Drinkable desserts!

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2. A Cream Tea at Wringer & Mangle

Wringer and Mangle / Via

The best afternoon-tea cocktail ever. A teacup comes filled with "drunken" strawberries (hint: They've been soaked in booze) and you assemble your own drink by pouring the "tea" (hello breakfast tea and strawberry vodka) over them, before stirring in clotted cream and jam coulis.

3. Netflix and Chill at The Jam Tree

The Jam Tree / Via

Next time someone asks you to Netflix and chill, make sure it's with one of these. Loaded with vanilla vodka, caramel, and butterscotch and topped with popcorn, it's 1000x better than the real deal.

4. A Cream Top at Cahoots

Cahoots / Via

What-ho, this milk bottle comes from London's secret underground Blitz bar. It's slightly different to the ones your mum used to give you though, as it's loaded with whisky (along with Irish cream and coffee liqueur). You still get a cookie though, and that's what's important.


5. A Sweet Sue at Salvatore's Bar

Salvatore's Bar / Via

Not only is this cocktail delicious, it's ridiculously sweet too. Sweet in that the man who invented it dedicated it to his wife (three guesses what her name is) and sweet in that it's filled to the brim with Kahlua and Frangelico.

6. A Banoffee and Cashew Crème at Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini / Via

Drinkable banoffee pie! DRINKABLE. BANOFFEE. PIE. This is not a drill. There's cashew nuts, double cream (because screw single cream), caramel syrup, and marshmallows in this and we're pretty sure that drinking banoffee pie instead of eating it = no consequences*.


7. A Strawberry Daiquiri at The Ivy

The Ivy / Via

Sweet and fruity, this daiquiri is made with rum, strawberry, and lime, and served over a scoop of sorbet. Plus, ordering one of these is a crafty way to enjoy the ultra swanky Ivy restaurant without breaking the bank.

8. A Salted Caramel Espresso Martini at The Ivy Market Grill

The Ivy Cafe / Via

Sure, espresso martinis are great. But what if you could have a HOT CROSS BUN espresso martini? Or a SALTED CARAMEL espresso martini?! If you aren't drooling now, there's something wrong with you. The Ivy Market Grill and The Ivy Café are serving sweet variations on their espresso martinis and we are running there like, right now.


9. A Polpo Flip at Molé

Molé / Via

Careful, this cocktail has bite. Rum is shaken with chilli syrup and dark chocolate for an Aztec-inspired drink with a kick. If you like your puddings dark and spicy, this is your guy.

10. The Ratification at The Beaufort Bar

Beaufort Bar / Via

Mmm, sweet, smoky tequila. This cocktail is made with mezcal, strawberry, and coffee, with a chocolate cone to seal the deal – sweet-talk the bartender and maybe they'll give you extra.

11. An Ebony at Salvatore's Bar

Salvatore's Bar / Via

Why order this cocktail? Because they serve it with a big ole scoop of carob ice cream and pour Marula liqueur over it. It will feed both your inner child and your sophisticated adult self at the same time.


13. A Chocolate Flip at Cocktail Trading Company

Cocktail Trading Company / Via

Essentially an alcoholic chocolate milkshake with a little more pizazz. Pistachio ice cream is shaken with 8-year-old (translation: fancy) rum, cacao (translation: chocolate), Chartreuse, and port.

14. A Gingerbread Colada at Barrio Soho

Barrio Soho / Via

Because Pina Coladas are a year-round drink, dammit. Barrio Soho have crumbled gingerbread men on top of theirs and that means it's now TOTALLY FINE TO DRINK IN WINTER *orders all the gingerbread coladas*.

15. An Espresso Tini at The Alchemist

Facebook / Via Facebook: TheAlchemistLondon

Think of the Alchemist as a Willy Wonka's factory for grown-ups. While most of their other cocktails bubble and fizz and smoke, this one is magic just because it's Chantilly cream on top of espresso martini. Caffeine and cream are both magic and should always be together, fact.